Assessment Test

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1. When being towed by one tug, the towing bridle should be connected to towing __________.


2. When hip towing, a line led from the stern of the towboat forward to the barge provides the towing pull when __________.


3. In towing, chocks are used to __________.


4. It is NOT advisable to use nylon for alongside towing because it __________.


5. Where are the towing bitts best placed for towing purposes?


6. When being towed, a fairlead is a __________.


7. Your vessel is being towed and you are using a tripping rope. A tripping rope of fiber or wire is used to __________.


8. Fittings used for towing must be __________.


9. C9 - Bow thrusters are essential propulsion device to make a vessel more maneuverable. However, the disadvantage is:


10. C9 - At sea you sight a tug displaying a black square flag below a black ball on its mast. You should:


11. C9 - What will you do if you are helmsman and the OOW (officer on watch) gives you the order: "Starboard ten"


12. C9 - Your vessel is to turn in a narrow canal by use of one tug (turn to port with the bow). In which position and how would you use the tug? (Vessels engine will be used as well).


13. C9 - When a vessel is using one anchor her bow and stern line to the "L" Jetty she said to be:


14. C9 - What is the CORRECT way to do when making way in heavy seas and you notice that your vessel's screw is being lifted clear of the water and racing?


15. C9 - When your ship is going full speed ahead with no wind and no current, where do you think the "pivot point" is located?


16. C9 - Vessels as far as possible should avoid anchoring:


17. C9 - Do you think there is any reduction in the rudder lift force if the propeller is stopped?


18. C9 - Does a vessel's trim has any influence on steering abilities?


19. C9 - Your ship is making sternway of about 1.5 knots, with rudder hard to starboard. Will this rudder position have any effect on the ship's behavior? Choose the most complete answer.


20. C9 - You are in charge of a twin-screw vessel going ahead with rudders amidships. If suddenly the port screw stops turning, the bow will:


21. C9 - A passenger vessel must have an emergency squad when:


22. C9 - A vessel will ""squat"" when it proceeds underway:


23. C9 - Chafing gear is used to:


24. C9 - What is the diameter of a circle called which traversed by a vessel after running through 360 degrees and maintaining the same speed and rudder angle?


25. C9 - The best line for towing small vessels is:


26. C9 - The purpose of establishing emergency towing arrangement onboard tankers is to facilitate salvage and towing operations and:


27. C9 - What will you do if you are helmsman and the OOW (officer on watch) gives you the order: "Hard starboard" and after a while the order: "Meet her"


28. C9 - What will you do if you are helmsman and the OOW (officer on watch) gives you the order: "Port 20" and after a while the order: "Ease your helm"


29. C9 - What maneuver will return your vessel in the shortest possible time to a person who has fallen overboard?


30. C9 - A rudder with a fixed butt is the:


31. C9 - These propeller are in turning but the shaft revolves always in the same direction the astern power being obtained by reversing the pitch of the screws:


32. C9 - The propeller stopped with the rudder in hard over position. The vessel is turning slowly. In order to make her turn faster without increasing forward speed, give:


33. C9 - How will you define "squat"?


34. C9 - The anchor's holding capability is determined primarily by which of the following?


35. C9 - This term means the distance that a vessel travels from the time the engines were ordered and placed on full astern until the vessel is dead in the water.


36. C9 - If the helmsman changes from right rudder to left rudder, or vice versa, in equal number of degrees. What is the helm command?


37. C9 - A motion of a ship in waves about the ship transverse axis.


38. C9 - Heave is the motion of a vessel along the:


39. C9 - Horizontal fore or aft motion of a vessel is known as:


40. C9 - Horizontal transverse motion of a vessel is known as:


41. C9 - The oscillating of a vessel on her longitudinal axis is termed as:


42. C9 - A synchronous rolling motion will occur when the encounter wave period is nearly equal to ship's:


43. C9 - Motion of a vessel in waves about the vessel's vertical axis.


44. C9 - As a general rule, a ULCC should not have a speed in any direction greater than what speed when touching berth?


45. C9 - How do we define the location of “pivot point ?


46. C9 - Which type of rudder may lose its effectiveness at angles of 10 or more degrees? 


47. C9 - The holding power of anchors under ordinary conditions in good holding grounds its “hook” will withstand the pull of:


48. C9 - You are the Master on a single screw vessel, docking port side with no tug assist. You decide to drop the offshore anchor to help in docking. The amount chain you must pay-out is:


49. C9 - When the period of beam seas equals the natural rolling period of a vessel, what will most likely occur? 


50. C9 - Your vessel is a large twin-screw ship. You are stopped at the pilot station with no way upon your vessel. You must come around 180deg. to board your Pilot. How must you use the engines and rudder to turn the ship fastest in the least amount of space?


51. C9 - In relation to the turning circle of a ship, the term “kick” means the distance:


52. C9 - In shiphandling in heavy weather, you notice your vessel's screw is being lifted clear of the water and racing. One way to correct this would be to:


53. A disabled vessel is in danger of grounding. The Master agrees to salvage services in accordance with Lloyds Standard Form of Salvage Agreement. Which of the following is true?


54. A hurricane moving northeast out of the Gulf passes west of your position. You could expect all of the following EXCEPT the what?


55. A seaman is reported missing in the morning and was last seen after coming off the midwatch. Which type of turn would you use to return to the trackline steamed during the night?


56. A ship is having a slow speed, by using the backing maneuver, when does the ship is considered to be dead on the water?


57. A towing vessel becomes tripped while towing on a hawser astern. What factor is MOST important when assessing the risk of capsizing?


58. A tropical storm is building strength some distance from your ship. Waves are coming from the east,with periods increasing from 5 seconds to 15 seconds. The swell is from the east. Where was the storm when these new swells were generated?


59. After an explosion, when should repair of machinery and services be accomplished?


60. An ocean tow is sinking in deep water. Attempts to sever the towing hawser are unsuccessful. Which action should now be taken?


61. As the propeller turns, voids are formed on the trailing and leading edges of the propeller blades causing a loss of propulsive efficiency, pitting of the blades, and vibration. How these voids are known?


62. Assuming that your vessel is in a damaged condition and you have just beached the ship. What would be your immediate actions?


63. Attempts to sever the towing hawser are unsuccessful. Which action should now be taken?


64. Chapter IV of the International Conference on Salvage (1989) is about Salvage Claims and Actions. What is NOT a condition for a salvage claim?


65. During SAR operations the CIC must monitor SAR and distress communication radio frequencies, what is the recommend actions besides appropriate search areas and procedures to the Bridge?


66. During the voyage she encountered boisterous winds and heavy weather during which time what the vessel acted heavily and to such an extent that at times it was necessary to change course?


67. Especially in adverse weather, risk of collision with an offshore supply vessel increases when the vessel is moored to what side of the unit?


68. How does an icebreaker normally free a ship which has become beset while navigating independently?


69. When a tug is pulling on a hawser at right angles to the ship, on the ships engine, care must be taken that the pilot __________.


70. When making way in heavy seas you notice that your vessels screw is being lifted clear of the water and racing. What would be the one way to correct this?


71. Which flight pattern indicates that the pilot needs assistance or that the aircrafts transmitter has failed but its receiver still operates?


72. You are docking a ship with a singlescrew tug assisting on your starboard bow. How should the tug be tied up if you are anticipating that she will have to hold your bow off while you stem the current?


73. You are docking an oceangoing singlescrew vessel under normal circumstances with a single tug. When do you usually use the tug?


74. You are going astern (singlescrew, righthanded propeller) with the anchor down at a scope of twice the depth of the water. What should you expect as the anchor dredges?


75. You are landing a singlescrew vessel with a lefthanded propeller, starboard side to the dock. As you approach the dock you back your engine with your rudder amidships. What should you expect the vessel?


76. You are landing a singlescrew vessel, with a righthand propeller, starboard side to the dock. When you have approached the berth and back the engine, what wouldyou expect the vessel to?


77. You are the Master of a 500gross ton passenger vessel operating on rivers. Your vessel accidentally runs aground. Under the regulations for passenger vessels, whom you must notify?


78. You are standing the wheelwatch when you hear the cry, "Man overboard, starboard side". You should instinctively __________.


79. When making a Scharnow turn, the __________.


80. It is a particular professional knowledge regarding own ship various methods available and how to change over to secondary from primary methods. It is the knowledge on __________.


81. When going astern in a right-handed propeller ship and need to maintain the ship's heading, the rudder would be place at__________.


82. the distance of the ship to its final berth is about 200 meters. Approximately how many minutes will it take the ship to be in position if the ship's speed is two knots?


83. In docking, when approaching the quay at 1 knot, how many meters is ship's advance in 1 minute


84. This type of screw is principally used by fast coastal craft and some classes of aircraft carriers. The propeller revolve in the same direction, so as to facilitate engine installation. This propeller is __________.


85. It is a propeller which is almost invariably right-handed. When the ship is driven ahead, the propeller revolves in a clockwise direction, when viewed from astern. To go astern the rotation os the propeller is reversed. It is __________.


86. This propeller consist of the screws that are out-turning, are right-handed on the starboard side and left-handed on the port side, this type of propeller is __________.


87. Which line would NOT be used in handling a mainsail?


88. Every different type of sailing rig can be dangerous in certain circumstances. Which situation would most likely be dangerous?


89. When experiencing heavy winds, you should reef sails to __________.


90. Sideways movement of the mast is resisted by the __________.


91. You are running before a strong wind in a sloop. The most dangerous thing to do is __________.


92. The old sailors admonition "Beware the lee shore" warns of the danger due to __________.


93. You are running before the wind in a fresh breeze. The boom may be prevented from accidentally jibing by using a(n) __________.


94. You can slow or stop a sailing vessel by __________.


95. When a sail is reefed, the sail area is _______ .


96. Which towing method maintains the most control over the tow?


97. You attach a line to a stationary barge lying off your starboard beam in order to maneuver it into position to make up tow. The line used to do this is a __________.


98. The measurement of the amount of force a towing vessel is capable of applying to a motionless tow is called __________.


99. When towing astern, you notice that another vessel is about to pass between the towing vessel and the tow. You should immediately __________.


100. When towing another vessel, the length of the towing line should be __________.


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