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1. C10 - An adverse effects due to free surface?


2. C10 - Adverse effects due to free surface will become apparent when:


3. C10 - How should coal cargoes be ventilated?


4. C10 - used on the stowage of deck cargo.


5. C10 - A vessel subject to sagging has what condition?


6. C10 - The unused volume between the surface of the liquid and the tank top of any cargo tank is ________?


7. C10 - All of the following steps are taken in starting a centrifugal pump, EXCEPT to:


8. C10 - How would you ventilate your cargo holds when sailing from cold climate to hot climate?


9. C10 - In what kind of atmosphere should tank washing be carried out when no inert gas plant is in operation?


10. C10 - A term use onboard ship meaning, the process of replacing foul air in any of the ship's compartment with pure air.


11. C10 - A volume multiplied by a distance cannot exert a force but, a volume of space divided by the Stowage Factor of the commodity which fills that space, equals a:


12. C10 - What is the meaning of "Slop Tank" as per MARPOL?


13. C10 -Sawn timber not less than 50 mm thick and 230 mm or 250 mm wide. A Petrograd "Standard Deal" is 1 piece, 75 mm x 280 mm x 1,830 mm. A "Slit-deal" is 30 mm thick. A "Whole deal" is 15 mm thick. A "Hundred deals" = 120 pieces, 150 mm x 75 mm x 280 mm x 165 cu.ft.


14. C10 - After loading operation, what is done to ensure the watertightness of the hatch cover during closing?


15. C10 - After you have washed the arrival ballast tanks, what is extremely important to do properly before arrival ballast is pumped into the arrival ballast tanks?


16. C10 - Air gap' is the vertical distance between the bottom of the hull and the:


17. C10 - One ton per cubic meter refers to which of the following?


18. C10 - A vessel's bottom will be subjected to tension when weight is concentrated:


19. C10 - In Container Identification System, the Equipment Category Identifier represented by Capital letter "Z" in Latin Alphabet means:


20. C10 - After it is filled with bulk grain, ship officers should check every cargo to ensure:


21. C10 - A shipboard oil pollution emergency plan (SOPEP) is required to which of the following?


22. C10 - A colorless gas with high carbon content, lighter than air with chemical formula of C2H2.


23. C10 - A tackle is "two blocked" when the blocks are:


24. C10 - Sawn timber 50 mm thick and under, any width. Above 150 mm stow at 230/240 cu. Ft per Standard and 250/260 cu. Ft below 150 mm thick.


25. C10 - When fumigation with sulfur is performed, what will be the minimum time required allotted for preparing the materials before fumigating?


26. C10 - A spreader bar is used in handling cargoes in container to ______.


27. C10 - How do you arrange a suitable system of ventilation for cargoes of copra assuming that the vessel is not fitted with a mechanical ventilation system ?


28. C10 - Which of the two systems used in cargo handling considers the prevention of damage to cargo from heat, fire and water damage? I. Cargo Securing II. Cargo Stowage


29. C10 - You have a quantity of bagged cargo to stow in a block in #3 UTD. Which stow will provide the maximum block stability:


30. C10 - With respect to "Cargo Securing", which type of cargo is subject to the sea motion of roll, pitch and heave? I. Standardized Cargo II. Non-Standardized Cargo


31. C10 - On the fully containerized ship, approximately one third or more of the cargo is on deck above the rolling center. Top stowed containers are subject to.


32. C10 - A high cube container is designed specifically to _________.


33. C10 - Cargo holds is to be washed down after all cargo residue were put on deck. Likewise, holds floorings and bilges should be dried. A cloth is place around the bilges cover for protection to other cargoes to be loaded.


34. C10 - A vessel is proceeding along the English Coast when it sprang a leak on the hull below the waterline. Efforts to patch her proved futile. It was added to ditch her to the nearest shoal. This is termed as:


35. C10 - Which of the following STATEMENTS regarding fumigation is NOT TRUE? I. Personnel employed in opening hatches should wear respirators II. The area should be checked for gas concentration with reading recorded in the log.


36. C10 - In stowing carboys of acid which are not completely boxed, what is the maximum tiers permitted?


37. C10 - You are to load a bagged cargo in the lower hold of a ship equipped with drain walls in the after end of the hold. The first layer of dunnage should be laid down;


38. C10 - A cargo of refrigerated fruit is packed in crates with transverse members dividing the crate in two equal parts. Which of the following is TRUE?


39. C10 - What purpose does a bridge fitting serve when lashing containers?


40. C10 - On a vessel proceeding from a very cold to a warm climate with a cargo of a non-hygroscopic nature in the holds, which is TRUE?


41. C10 - The Master should be provided with sufficient information on any heavy cargo offered for shipment. The information should at least include the following EXCEPT:


42. C10 - The timber deck cargo should be secured throughout independent lashing spaced not more than _____ apart.


43. C10 - Some coals may be liable to react with water and produce acids which may cause corrosion. An odorless gas much lighter than air and has flammable limit in air of 4percent to 75 percent by volume has bcause this reaction.


44. C10 - Cargo transport units, including freight containers shall be loaded, stowed and secured throughout the voyage in accordance with the cargo securing manual approved by the ______.


45. C10 - After loading or discharging cargoes, ventilation of the cargo space may be necessary except:


46. C10 - The certificate of loading required by each vessel carrying grain in bulk is issued by the ____.


47. C10 - The most accurate account of cargo will be found in the _______.


48. C10 - A survey of refrigerated cargo, to certify that proper methods of stowage were utilized, can be conducted by the ________.


49. C10 - Which can be prevented only by segregating two lots of cargo into separate holds?


50. C10 - Rice cargo emits what form of gas?


51. C10 - The process of removing cargo residues in preparation for the next cargo.


52. C10 - Measurement for tonnage and issue of an International tonnage certificate is the responsibility of:


53. C10 - When transporting heavy lift cargoes at the time of loading, certain conditions must be required except:


54. C10 - The principal hazards associated with coal which are of importance when shipping the commodity except:


55. C10 - When pre-cooling the holds in preparation to receiving refrigerated cargoes, the hold temperature must be:


56. C10 - Some of the material listed in BC Code also appear in IMDG Code. The material may at times reduce oxygen content of a cargo space or are prone to self heating and one of these cargo is:


57. C10 - A grain filled cargo compartment has a permeability of about _________.


58. C10 - Where should you pay particular attention to be able to maintain adequate stability in loading deck cargo?


59. C10 - Which of the following is FALSE regarding the carriage of containers on ships not designed to carry containers?


60. C10 - The main advantage of a unitized cargo system such as pre-sling, palletization, or containerization is:


61. C10 - What action would you not take in case of a coal gas fire or explosion occurs?


62. C10 - How long is the standard container used to measure equivalent units?


63. C10 - The damage caused by insects, mice or rats is:


64. C10 - How should grain cargoes be ventilated?


65. C10 - It is a close container with doors at one end and others with doors in one end and sides, sometimes ventilated but not insulated.


66. C10 - It is the movement of moisture contained in materials by settling and consolidation of the materials due to vibration and ship's motion.


67. C10 - It means a log which is "slab-cut" or ripped lengthwise so that the resulting thick pieces have two opposing, parallel flat sides.


68. C10 - A "Heterogeneous cargo" refer to: I.  A bulk carrier loaded with steel II. A bulk carrier loaded with heavy ore


69. C10 - What is the term used when a cargo of the same density throughout?


70. C10 - Ship's officers should check every cargo compartment after it is filled with bulk grain to ensure ______.


71. C10 - A high cube container is often used to stow which of the following?


72. C10 - A cargo compartment filled with grain has a permeability of about:


73. C10 - This type of container is used transporting large, shapeless, or break bulk cargoes such as large machinery, pipes, vehicles etc.


74. C10 - Materials which at least contain some fine particles and some moisture, usually water,although they need not be visibly wet in appearance are called:


75. C10 - In containerization, what is meant by "Stuffing"?


76. C10 - What type of a bulk carrier that has high freeboard and equipped with its own unloading equipments?


77. C10 - It means a vehicle, container, flat, pallet, portable tank, packaged unit, or any other entity:


78. C10 - The term use to denote a quality of change in some cargoes which damages the commodity itself is known as ______.


79. C10 -How many emergency towing arrangement is required for tankers not less than 20000 tonnes deadweight?


80. C10 - Intermediate bulk container means a rigid, semi rigid or flexible portable bulk container packaging of not more than _______ cubic meter?


81. C10 - The angle of heel due to shift of the grain shall not be greater than:


82. C10 - All lashings and components used for securing should possess a breaking strength of not less than:


83. C10 - All lashings used for the securing of timber shall be tested by a competent person to determine whether they, in the case of flexible steel wire ropes, are at least ________ in diameter.


84. C10 - The fresh water allowance being 6" for vessel M/V "DENSAN". What is the increase of draft allowed in water of 1010-oz density?


85. C10 - What is the measurement of a standard shipping container that are specified by the International Standards Organization(ISO)?


86. C10 - How many emergency towing arrangement is required for tankers not less than 20000 tonnes deadweight?


87. C10 - About how many degrees does the optimum lashing angle against tipping it?


88. C10 - Light poles of varying length:


89. C10 - In a fixed hopper type of chip unloading equipment, what is the part in the system that conveys the wood chips to the main conveyor?


90. C10 - The stripping bell mouth on a tanker is usually placed:


91. C10 - This type of container is used for bulk liquid, and compressed gas.


92. C10 - A ship designed to carry either oil or solid cargoes in bulk is known as:


93. C10 - What is meant by the term "topping the boom"?


94. C10 - Designed to deliver water under high water pressure in rotating stream which are through every possible angle.


95. C10 - These valves are normally situated near the bottom shell and are use to control intake and discharge of ballast water.


96. C10 - A vessel's stability is greatly reduced by liquid free surface. Which of the listed conditions would develop the greatest adverse effect?


97. C10 - What is the volume of a tank which can hold 1000 kilograms of fresh water?


98. C10 - A vessel loaded with steel coils is coming from Panama to Vancouver. On passing North California, the holds were ventilated. What happens under these circumstances?


99. C10 - A vessel continually lists to one side and has a normal rolling period. Which statement is TRUE?


100. C10 - Name the three most common energy forms.


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