Assessment Test

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1. An allowance may be made for expansion and contraction in piping with the use of expansion joints or__


2. To properly drill an oil hole in a bushing in a lathe machine, you would mount the crotch center in the __


3. How is the proper storage of oxygen and acetylene cylinders should be considered?


4. Before boring a blind tapered hole, a good shop practice to follow is to _____.


5. For the prevention of distortion or springing of the work fastened to the Shaper’s table, an important consideration is to tighten the clamp bolts holding the work __


6. When using a chisel, you should _____.


7. What type of gasket is used on high pressure steam flange joints?


8. Using a file without a handle may result in _____.


9. A compound Bourdon tube type pressure gauge is capable of measuring _


10. A hand hacksaw blade is normally installed in the saw frame with the teeth pointing away from the saw handle, because _____.


11. Before power to a lathe is turned on, it is a good shop practice to first hand feed the carriage to ensure _


12. For cutting thin tubing or sheet metal, the proper hacksaw blade should have _____.


13. Which angle are you looking for when center gage is used?


14. Why is the acetylene working pressure being kept below 15 psig when making gas welding or burning?


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