Assessment Test

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1. A squeeze-grip type carbon dioxide portable fire extinguisher has been partially discharged. It should be __________.


2. You are having a Coast Guard inspection. All carbon dioxide fire extinguishers aboard will be __________.


3. Why is carbon dioxide (CO2) better than dry chemical for fighting a class "C" fire?


4. To operate a portable CO2 extinguisher continuously in the discharge mode __________.


5. Dry chemical extinguishers extinguish class B fires to the greatest extent by __________.


6. When must a dry chemical fire extinguisher be recharged?


7. Which advantage does dry chemical have over carbon dioxide (CO2) in firefighting?


8. In addition to weighing the cartridge, which other maintenance is required for a cartridge-operated dry chemical extinguisher?


9. The most effective extinguishing action of dry chemical is __________.


10. As compared to carbon dioxide, dry chemical has which advantage?


11. An advantage of a dry chemical over a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is its __________.


12. A stored-pressure water extinguisher is most effective against fires of class __________.


13. On a bulk chemical carrier, water should NOT be used as an extinguishing agent to fight a fire if the water may come into contact with the chemical called __________.


14. The primary method by which water spray puts out fires is by __________.


15. When using a high-velocity fog stream in a passageway, the possibility of a blow back must be guarded against. Blow back is most likely to occur when __________.


16. What is the BEST conductor of electricity?


17. Fire hose should be washed with __________.


18. To lubricate the swivel or remove corrosion from a fire hose coupling, you should use __________.


19. A double male coupling is one that __________.


20. To remedy a leaking fire hose connection at the hydrant, secure the valve and __________.


21. Which of the following statements is FALSE concerning the proper procedure in handling a fire hose?


22. The spray of water in low-velocity fog will have __________.


23. One advantage of the "all-purpose nozzle" is that it __________.


24. On the all-purpose nozzle, the position of the valve when the handle is all the way forward is __________.


25. When the handle of an all-purpose nozzle is in the vertical position and without an applicator, the all-purpose nozzle will __________.


26. The high-velocity fog tip used with the all-purpose fire fighting nozzle should always be __________.


27. To safely enter a compartment where CO2 has been released from a fixed extinguishing system, you should __________.


28. After putting on a self-contained breathing apparatus, you open the air supply and hear a continuous ringing of a bell. What does this mean?


29. When the bypass valve of a self-contained breathing device is opened, the air flows __________.


30. The bypass valve on a self-contained breathing device should be opened if __________.


31. The rated operating time of a self-contained breathing device may be reduced in actual use because of __________.


32. You are tending the lifeline of a person who has entered a compartment wearing a breathing apparatus. How many tugs of the lifeline mean "Are you all right"?


33. You are wearing a breathing apparatus inside a tank. How many tugs on the lifeline indicate that you are all right?


34. The vessel's fire control plan is laid out on which of the following type of plan?


35. Which of the following is NOT required to be part of a vessel's Fire Control Plan?


36. Which of the following is not required to be included on Fire Control Plans?


37. Which fire extinguishing agent can NOT be used on an ethylenediamine?


38. How many fire axes should be carried by a 700 GT cargo vessel, navigating the Great Lakes?


39. What is considered to be a B-II portable fire extinguisher?


40. The galley on your cargo vessel has an area of 2,500 square feet. What would fulfill the minimum requirements for fire protection?


41. The required number and type of hand portable fire extinguishers for staterooms on cargo vessels is __________.


42. Carbon dioxide cylinders which protect machinery spaces, paint lockers and tanks may be located within those spaces when the amount of carbon dioxide does not exceed __________.


43. Which extinguishing agent is effective in combating an isoprene fire?


44. A B-II fire extinguisher has a minimum capacity of __________.


45. What is the preferable way to extinguish an Liquefied Gas fire?


46. Where would be the most likely location for a liquid cargo fire to occur on a tanker?


47. What would be an example of a B-I extinguisher? (small passenger vessel regulations)


48. According to uninspected vessel regulations, what is the minimum number of portable fire extinguishers required on board a 45-foot motorboat having a fixed fire system on board?


49. A 98 GT uninspected towing vessel with a 1500 B.H.P. engine capability would be required to carry how many type B-II hand portable fire extinguishers on board?


50. What is the minimum number of portable fire extinguishers required on board a 45-foot uninspected towing vessel having a fixed fire system on board?


51. What is the minimum number of portable B-II fire extinguishers required in the machinery space of a 199 GT uninspected motor towing vessel of 8000 B.H.P.?


52. On uninspected vessels where shall controls for a fixed carbon dioxide system be mounted?


53. You are the operator of a 295 GRT uninspected towing vessel. Which type of fire extinguishing system is required on your vessel, if its construction was contracted for before August 27, 2003?


54. Either one approved B-V semi-portable fire-extinguishing system or a fixed fire-extinguishing system is required to protect the engine room on uninspected towing vessels whose construction was contracted for before what date?


55. What is the minimum required number of fire axes that must be carried on a mobile offshore drilling unit?


56. The person in charge of a mobile offshore drilling unit must insure that __________.


57. In the event of fire in a machinery space, __________.


58. When fighting a fire in a space containing an IMO class 1 hazardous cargo, the most effective fire fighting procedure is to __________.


59. If you have a fire in the engine room, your FIRST act should be to __________.


60. When possible, what is the FIRST step in fighting an engine fuel-pump fire which results from a broken fuel line?


61. A high-velocity fog stream can be used in fire fighting situations to drive heat and smoke ahead of the fire fighters in a passageway. This technique should only be used when __________.


62. What is meant by the term "overhaul" in firefighting?


63. A large fire, involving class "A" material, has developed in the ship's galley. In combating this fire, you should __________.


64. Which of the following would be of immediate concern after discovering a large fire in the ship's galley?


65. A galley grease fire on the stove may be extinguished using_______.


66. A fire in the galley ALWAYS poses the additional threat of __________.


67. Which toxic gas is a product of incomplete combustion, and is often present when a fire burns in a closed compartment?


68. The midships house of your break bulk ship is constructed with an interior stair tower from the main deck to the bridge. Under what circumstances may the doors from each deck to the stair tower be kept open when underway?


69. Convection spreads a fire by __________.


70. The atmosphere in a tank is too lean if it is __________.


71. Small quantities of flammable liquids needed at a work site should be __________.


72. The flammable limit of methyl ethyl ketone is from __________.


73. Spontaneous combustion is caused by __________.


74. Spontaneous ignition can result from __________.


75. When flammable liquids are handled in a compartment on a vessel, the ventilation for that area should be __________.


76. The ventilation system of your ship has fire dampers restrained by fusible links. Which statement is TRUE?


77. Blocking open or removing fire dampers can cause __________.


78. A fire in a pile of canvas is classified as class __________.


79. A fire in a pile of dunnage would be classified as class __________.


80. A fire in trash and paper waste is classified as class __________.


81. Burning wood is which class of fire?


82. A fire in a pile of linen is a class __________.


83. If ignited, which material would be a class B fire?


84. A fire in electrical equipment should be extinguished by using __________.


85. Fire extinguishing agents used on Class C fires must be __________.


86. Which fire detection system is actuated by sensing a heat rise in a compartment?


87. Some spaces protected by fixed carbon dioxide systems are required to have audible alarms that begin sounding prior to the discharge of CO2. This time delay must be at least __________.


88. Which danger exists to people when CO2 is discharged into a small enclosed space?


89. A safety outlet is provided on the CO2 discharge piping to prevent __________.


90. Fixed CO2 systems would not be used on crew's quarters or __________.


91. The carbon dioxide cylinders of a fixed fire extinguishing system may be located inside the protected space, if the quantity of CO2 required to protect that space is not more than __________.


92. In a fixed CO2 fire extinguishing system where pressure from pilot cylinders is used to release the CO2 from the main bank of cylinders, the number of required pilot cylinders shall be at least __________.


93. Which of the following statements is FALSE, concerning the regulations pertaining to the cylinder room of a fixed CO2 fire extinguishing system?


94. Firefighting foam is only effective when the foam __________.


95. Portable-foam fire extinguishers are designed for use on what classes of fires?


96. When water pressure of 100 psi is used in conjunction with an inline proportioner for the production of the mechanical foam, a 5-gallon can of liquid foam will last __________.


97. Production of mechanical foam by a portable in-line foam proportioner __________.


98. One gallon of low expansion foam solution will produce about __________.


99. When compared to low-expansion foam, a high-expansion foam will __________.


100. How do you operate a portable CO2 fire extinguisher?


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