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1. With an increase in temperature the volume of flammable and combustible liquids __________.


2. A chemical additive to LPG gives it a characteristic __________.


3. Most liquified gas cargoes are flammable, and are carried at or close to their boiling point. What will happen if they are released into the atmosphere?


4. What is NOT a responsibility of the tankerman in charge of loading an unmanned tank barge?


5. You have orders to drop off a barge loaded with propylene oxide at a fleet. In doing so, you must ensure that __________.


6. Your tow includes a barge carrying chlorine. Which special requirements must be observed?


7. On a hydrocarbon flammability chart the line which extends from 0% to 21.8% oxygen, lying tangent to the flammability range, is called the __________.


8. You have water washed your cargo tanks using the fixed machines. What should you do before using portable machines to clean areas screened from the wash of the fixed machine by structural members?


9. Which topic is NOT required to be discussed at the pre-transfer conference?


10. How should cargo tank hatches be protected when the ullage opening is open and the tank NOT gas free?


11. You are berthed at a cargo facility where you have just completed discharging a dangerous cargo. You must complete topside repairs involving hot work before sailing. Which of the following statements is TRUE?


12. Which step is NOT generally taken when gas-freeing a tank?


13. Which statement about entry into a space that has been sealed for a long time is TRUE?


14. The sign used to caution persons approaching the gangway of a tank barge during cargo transfer should state which of the following?


15. The flame screens installed on tank vents that may contain combustible gases, are designed to prevent explosions by which of the following?


16. In order to reduce the accumulation of static electricity while loading petroleum products, you should __________.


17. What is the primary function of a flame screen on a tank vessel?


18. Which of the following is the primary function of the screens that are fitted to the Fuel oil tank vents?


19. What is the minimum temperature required to ignite gas or vapor without a spark or flame being present called?


20. What would likely happen if you were exposed to a 100% methane atmosphere for more than 15 minutes?


21. The life jackets on all vessels shall be __________.


22. The life jackets on all vessels shall be __________.


23. Gasoline fuel tanks on small passenger vessels must be installed __________.


24. Coast Guard approved buoyant work vests __________.


25. The Master or person-in-charge of an OSV shall insure that each deck from which rescue boats are launched is __________.


26. Each buoyant work vest on an OSV must be __________.


27. The patrolman, while on duty on a passenger vessel, must have in his possession a(n) __________.


28. Limit switches are located on the survival craft winch systems for OSVs to __________.


29. Which of these approved lifesaving devices must a small passenger vessel carrying passengers for hire carry for each person on board? (small passenger vessel regulations)


30. When a lifeline is required to be attached to a ring life buoy it must be at least __________.


31. When instructing a crew member concerning the right way to lift a weight, you would instruct him to __________.


32. When chipping rust on a vessel, the MOST important piece of safety gear is __________.


33. A large metallic device, mounted directly in the piping (usually located at the dock near the point where the vapor hose is attached), designed to prevent the passage of a rapidly moving flame through the piping is called a __________.


34. Which of the following items should all MODU personnel be familiar with?


35. What is the maximum concentration of H2S to which workers may be regularly exposed without adverse effects?


36. Which type of respiratory protection is preferable for repair/investigation personnel on a MODU in a hydrogen sulfide (H2S) environment?


37. Accumulations of H2S gas on a MODU can be dangerous. It is imperative that personnel know that H2S gas possesses which of the listed characteristics?


38. Your vessel is required to have a slop chest. Which of the following articles is NOT required by law to be carried in the slop chest?


39. A holder of a credential as Master of towing vessels may work each 24 hours for a period not to exceed __________.


40. The probability of sulfide stress cracking in the presence of hydrogen sulfide is greatest for which of the following materials?


41. Individuals who have consumed alcohol within 24 hours prior to exposure to H2S can tolerate which of the following?


42. What danger is presented if a waterspout passes over a MODU?


43. On offshore drilling units, each storage battery for emergency lighting and power systems must be tested every six months under actual connected load for a period of at least __________.


44. How must each storage tank for helicopter fuel on a MODU be marked?


45. On offshore drilling units, emergency lighting and each emergency power system must be tested at least once a __________.


46. The Master or person in charge of a MODU is required to submit a casualty report of an intentional grounding under what condition?


47. A pumproom is suspected of accumulating gases after a ventilation machinery breakdown. Where should the combustible gas indicator case be placed when testing the pumproom atmosphere for combustible gases?


48. Which instrument is suitable for determining the presence of explosive concentrations of fuel oil vapors in tanks?


49. An oxygen indicator can be used to determine if there is __________.


50. The oxygen indicator is an instrument that measures the __________.


51. What could result in an incorrect oxygen concentration reading on the oxygen indicator?


52. What can cause a lack of oxygen in a chain locker?


53. Normally Before taking drinking water on board in the U.S. or its possessions, the responsible person from the vessel should determine that the source __________.


54. You are using an automatic tension winch by yourself. If you get caught in the turns of the line as they lead into the gypsyhead __________.


55. What should you use when hooking up a cargo hose to your vessel manifold?


56. In case of a LNG leak from a liquid header flanged connection, what is the first precautionary action to take?


57. Which statement is TRUE concerning buoyant work vests aboard tank vessels?


58. What characteristic does a chemical additive to LPG give it?


59. In an inert gas system, high pressure alarms are set in the main vapor collection line to cause an audible and visual alarm if the pressure reaches a certain level. What is the percentage of the lowest relief valve setting at which the alarm must sound?


60. You are on an inerted tankship. A low pressure alarm must be set to cause an audible and visual alarm if the pressure in the tanks cannot be maintained at more than __________.


61. The maximum allowable oxygen content within the ship's cargo tanks, inert gas piping and the vapor recovery system is __________.


62. The complete details of a crude oil washing system aboard your vessel, including the operating sequences and procedures, design characteristics, a description of the system, and required personnel will be found in the __________.


63. Asphyxia is generally limited to enclosed spaces, and the deficiency of breathable air in an enclosed space can occur with any of the following conditions. Indicate the condition that will NOT cause asphyxia.


64. Which of the following does not require cargo transfer operations on a tank vessel to be stopped?


65. What is the maximum allowable oxygen content within the ships cargo tanks, inert gas piping and the vapor recovery system?


66. Protective clothing must be worn while sampling hazardous cargo on a tankship. This clothing includes which of the following at a minimum?


67. Combustion can occur inside a piping system such as a vapor collection header in a marine emission control system. Which of the following will not aid in this combustion process?


68. Compared to air, the weight of liquefied petroleum gas vapors are which of the following?


69. Painters fitted to life floats and buoyant apparatus with a capacity of 49 or less persons must __________.


70. What should be readily available on deck while seamen are working over the side on a stage?


71. The Emergency Position Indicating Radio beacon on an OSV vessel must be stowed __________.


72. Which type EPIRB must each ocean-going OSV carry?


73. Of the required ring life buoys for an OSV, how many must be equipped with a waterlight?


74. You are rigging a stage over the vessel's side and are securing the downhaul with lowering turns at your end of the stage. When finished, the remainder of the line should be __________.


75. Lifesaving equipment shall be stowed so that it will be __________.


76. You should NOT use a power tool if __________.


77. When using a pneumatic chipping tool all of the following are TRUE except?


78. The disadvantage of using three strand nylon line for towing is its __________.


79. A MODU must have on board a first-aid kit that is approved by the __________.


80. When underway with a tow, you are required to notify the Coast Guard in which casualty situation?


81. If H2S exposure is anticipated, fixed monitoring devices aboard a MODU should have a low level concentration alarm to alert personnel. at what consentration level will the alarm activate?


82. Which of the following conditions would be the worst for the dispersion of H2S?


83. What is the effect of high concentrations of H2S gas on personnel?


84. If, during helicopter refueling operations, fuel is spilled on clothing, the person should first __________.


85. Each hose in the fuel transfer system for helicopter refueling must have a __________.


86. On a MODU, a door that is required to be marked "KEEP CLOSED" is designed to __________.


87. Each emergency light must be marked with __________.


88. It is the responsibility of the Master or person in charge of a MODU to ensure that __________.


89. What is the best instrument for establishing a safe working area before welding in a confined space?


90. Normally, potable water systems are connected directly to the __________.


91. During transfer operations, a quantity of propylamine spills on deck. According to the Chemical Data Guide, what is the correct reaction?


92. Severe exposure to chlorine gas can be fatal. Chlorine gas is primarily a __________.


93. What is a major health hazard of the product tert-butylamine?


94. What is the primary hazard of liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas?


95. The flame screens installed on tank vents that may contain combustible gases, are designed to prevent explosions by which of the following?


96. How does an inert gas system on a tanker function to prevent explosions in cargo tanks?


97. Insulating flanges minimize the dangers arising from which of the following?


98. When loading a tanker, you should __________.


99. Which statement about entry into a water ballast tank that has been sealed for a long time is TRUE?


100. Which of the following describes the requirement for ventilation spaces of a gas safe space within the cargo area?


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