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1. To effectively clean a commutator in good physical condition, you should use __________.


2. The main difference between a motor control circuit containing low voltage release and low voltage protection is that the latter contains __________.


3. Which of the following statements correctly applies to transistors?


4. The basic measuring unit of inductance is the __________.


5. An insulation resistance test is performed on a particular piece of electric equipment. In addition to the resistance reading, what information listed below should be entered in the electrical log?


6. The reason some electric cables are formed of stranded wire is to __________.


7. A device which prints out a permanent record of the plant operating conditions is known as the __________.


8. To remove air from the casing of a centrifugal pump during starting operation, you should __________.


9. The volute centrifugal pump primary function is to __________.


10. The command signal input to the steering gear has initiated rudder movement for 20 degrees right rudder, therefore, the follow-up mechanism at the beginning of the rudder movement will __________.


11. After the repair or installing a new hydraulic pump in a system, what special attention should be given to the pump and hydraulic system?


12. If you noticed that the driving belt of an air compressor is squealing during start-up operation, your first impression is to __________.


13. If you noticed that a hydraulic pump sound like it is pumping rocks during its operation, most likely the problem is __________.


14. Cavitation in hydraulic pump is the compression and collapse of vapor bubbles in the __________.


15. The premature failure of a pumps mechanical shaft seal is caused by __________.


16. One of the disadvantages of mechanical shaft seal in contrast to mechanical packing is __________.


17. What will happen if you will replace a fuse with one of a higher rating than the original?


18. If the wear of the commutator surface on DC propulsion motor is uneven, one of the common caused is __________.


19. The main purpose and usage of megohmmeter is to __________.


20. While inspecting the DC motor you found out that it is hot, the cause may be __________.


21. When welding galvanized materials or materials surface treated with substance containing zinc, gives off fumes which contain __________.


22. Hand tools used to extract broken bolts or stud bolts is called __________.


23. Hand tools used to measure the correct pitch of the thread is called __________.


24. Hand tools used to make inner threads on holes or pipe is called __________.


25. Driver of positive or negative screw bolts that need to be hammered in order to slacken or tighten the screw bolts is called __________.


26. A hardened steel and pointed tempered hand tools used for measuring outside diameter or thickness is called __________.


27. A hand tools with suitable shaped point to work in threads and used for outside measurement of threads is called __________.


28. A hand tools used for measuring inside diameter of equipment which has rims etc. and will be hard to measure with ordinary caliper is called __________.


29. A hardened steel and pointed tempered hand tools used for measuring inside diameter is called __________.


30. A hand tools suitably shaped point to work in threads is called __________.


31. A hand tools used for measuring outside diameter of equipment which has rims and will be hard to measure with ordinary caliper is called __________.


32. A hand tools made from hardened steel and points are extra tough tempered for circle scribing on iron plates is called __________.


33. A hand tools with fine and tough spring with quick acting screw and made from hardened steel and points are extra tempered for scribing on iron surface is called __________.


34. A hand tools with a numerical counter indicates figures on the counter simultaneously when measuring with a graduation of 0.01 mm and 25 mm increment up to 500 mm is standard but up to 1,000 mm available on request is called __________.


35. A single rod type micrometer made from strong but light tubing, the measuring anvil are ground to a radius to be used on either flat or curved surface and its graduation in 0,01 mm is called __________.


36. A hand tools where each micrometer is equipped with a series of easily interchangeable anvils, each anvil marked to show capacity and is fitted with an adjusting collar which compensate for wear and its graduation in 0.01mm is called __________.


37. A device for cleaning holes of welding torch nozzles is called __________.


38. A semi-flexible belt made of asbestos fabric, plain or wire reinforced, impregnated with synthetic resin and press molded is called __________.


39. This packing is built of alternate layers of anti-friction metal and asbestos cloth placed diagonally and boned with heat resisting rubber compound is called __________.


40. This packing is plaited from a special white asbestos yarn to which is added a unique surface treatment of PTFE and lubricant is called __________.


41. Galvanized copper made shoes for connecting cable wires by clamping tools is called __________.


42. A tools used to tightened and loosen round nuts with notches is called _________.


43. A handy tool kit used to tighten and loosen hexagonal head cap screws is called __________.


44. A hand tool that will fit to object of any size, such as round, square, hexagonal, etc., and can be used in close quarters where it would be difficult to use ordinary pipe wrench is called __________.


45. A tool for pressing cable shoes on electric cables is called __________.


46. A tool used to strips the outer vinyl cover from electric wire without damaging the copper wire underneath is called __________.


47. A hand tool with sharp hardened edges used to cut heavy wire with little effort is known as __________.


48. A hand tool used to insert and remove external and internal snap ring is called __________.


49. A tool designed for bending rigid conduit pipes, steel pipes, etc., and capable of making a full bend of up to 90 degree is known as __________.


50. An extremely flexible galvanized steel and stainless steel sealed by gear drive principle that gives perfect circumference contact even on irregular surface and assure a leak proof seal is called __________.


51. A very useful clamp for connecting pipes easily and quickly without using pipe fittings or doing welding work is called __________.


52. A clamp for the quick repair of pit holes, punctures or splits in steel pipe usually used to repairs leaks on water, gas, oil, and steam pressure is called __________.


53. A hand tool designed for dressing the round grinding stone is called __________.


54. A tool designed for moving hard to pull gears, bearings or pulleys which are stuck from rust or over friction is called __________.


55. The purpose of the a vessels "inclining experiment" is to __________.


56. To safeguard the operator and other personnel working on or near a hoisting operation, which of the following precautions should be observed?


57. Which of the devices listed must be used in conjunction with the portable in-line foam proportioner to produce foam?


58. Which of the following is not a recommended safe practice?


59. Which of the following must be eliminated to prevent accidents?


60. Hand portable phase sequence indicator is used when preparing to make __________.


61. Before touching or disconnecting small capacitor connected to a de-energized circuit or even one that is completely disconnected, you should __________.


62. What determine the division of kilowatt load between two paralleled alternators?


63. The reverse power relay timer element cannot be energized unless __________.


64. Before maintenance work is carried out or replacement of electrical parts of an electric cargo winch master switch or controller, you should __________.


65. In an electrical conductor copper is often used for one reason that it is __________.


66. In an automated vessel which is bridge control, when can engine room control retake the throttle control from the bridge?


67. The common protective covering used on electrical conductors is __________.


68. As frequently used with transistors, the purpose of heat sink is __________.


69. If a generator has been exposed to water or moisture and you wanted to run toward safe operation, it is necessary to __________.


70. When a megger pointer failed to return to zero when megger is disconnected, the megger is __________.


71. The electrolyte being used in nickel-cadmium battery is distilled water and __________.


72. A path of low resistance that allows the passage of abnormal amount of current is known as/a ___________.


73. The methods that are used to produce electron emission in most vacuum tubes is known as/a __________.


74. When troubleshooting electronic equipment, high impedance multi-meter is used so as not to load down the circuit and __________.


75. A tubular fuse is always removed from the fuse panel using __________.


76. A device made of P.V.C. tube with rubber bulb and used for refilling battery solution is called __________.


77. A device used in liquid line in refrigeration and air conditioning plant for fluorinated refrigerant and effective protection against moisture and acid in the refrigeration plant is called __________.


78. A device that contains a single pole change over switch, the positive of the contact depend on the set scale value and the temperature of the sensor is called __________.


79. A device used for starting and stopping refrigeration compressor and condenser fan and are used as protection against too low suction pressure or too high discharge pressure on compressor for refrigeration and air conditioning plant is called __________.


80. A device necessary in obtaining economical combustion data of a diesel engine, mounted direct to the cylinder cover with sleeve packing and are designed to withstand high pressure gases is called __________.


81. A device that employs a gear type rotor for small volume flow of low viscosity oil in heat control application and it is used without modification to measure kerosene, light or heavy oil with a measuring accuracy of ± 0.05 per cent is called __________.


82. A hand tools designed for continuous use and easy service, compact and lightweight for increased maneuverability and operated by a battery is known as __________.


83. When troubleshooting most electronic circuits, 'loading effect' can be minimized by using a voltmeter with a/an __________.


84. Which of the following statements represents the main difference between a relay and a contactor?


85. When troubleshooting electronic equipment, you should use a high impedance multi-meter __________.


86. The device that most commonly utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction is the __________.


87. The variable resistance placed in the rotor circuit of a wound rotor induction motor provides for __________.


88. Which of the motors for the devices listed below is fitted with an instantaneous overload relay?


89. The number of cells in a 12 volt lead-acid battery is __________.


90. The Wheatstone bridge is a precision measuring instrument utilizing the principle of changes in __________.


91. The frequency output of an operating alternator is controlled by the __________.


92. The current at which a magnetic-type overload relay tends to trip may be decreased by raising the plunger further into the magnetic circuit of the relay. This action __________.


93. An electrical device which prevents an action from occurring until all other required conditions are met is called a/an __________.


94. As a general rule, the first troubleshooting action to be taken in checking faulty electric control devices is to __________.


95. The state of charge of a lead acid storage battery is best indicated by the __________.


96. The freezing point of the electrolyte in a fully charged lead-acid battery will be __________.


97. In a cartridge-type fuse, the metal element is contained in a __________.


98. In process control terminology, continuously variable values which change without distinct increments, such as temperature, pressure, or level are called __________.


99. The proper way to apply plastic electrical tape to an electric cable splice is to __________.


100. The part of a fuse that melts and opens an electrical circuit is typically made of __________.


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