Assessment Test

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1. What is the normal designed CO2 storage tank temperature and pressure associated with a ships lowpressure CO2 fixed fire extinguishing system?


2. What is the length of time on cargo vessels, the discharge of the required quantity of carbon dioxide into any tight space shall be completed?


3. What would be the maximum interval onboard training in the davitlaunched liferafts that should take place?


4. What is the minimum period of time that the air supply for a selfcontained breathing apparatus is required to last?


5. Instructions for Preparation for welding or hot work in cargo tanks is laid down by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate. Which of the following requirements regarding welding or hot work corresponds to these instructions?


6. What is the reason behind the difference in water spray pattern between the highvelocity tip and lowvelocity applicator used with the allpurpose nozzle?


7. Where should the portion of the system on an exposed deck of a cutoff valve in the firemain system of a MODU may be closed to protect from?


8. A large fire, involving class A material, has developed in the ships galley. What should you do in combating this fire?


9. Where may be used to is Water fog from an allpurpose nozzle?


10. C17 - A pan on the galley stove containing oil catches fire, which of the following should NOT be used on this type of fire?


11. C17 - The lifeboat releasing gear lever should be marked with the words __________.


12. 17 - A man has suffered a burn on the arm. There is extensive damage to the skin with charring present. How is this injury classified using standard medical terminology?


13. C17 - How could a large oil fire on the deck of a ship can be fought most effectively with?


14. C17 - The longer an oil fire is permitted to burn, the:


15. C17 - What is the danger to people when CO2 is discharged in a small enclosed space?


16. C17 - Any act or activity undertaken to assist a vessel or any other property in danger in any navigable water is considered as___________________.


17. C17 - Where should a rescuer check the pulse that can most easily determine whether or not an adult victim has a pulse?


18. C17 - What are the main objects a leader of fire fighting must take consideration of?


19. C17 - What would you used to extinguish a galley grease fire on the stove?


20. C17 - Which type of portable fire extinguisher is best suited for putting out a Class D fire?


21. C17 - On the all-purpose nozzle, the position of the valve when the handle is all the way forward is __________.


22. C17 - The sea painter of a lifeboat should be led __________.


23. C17 - Your vessel has lifeboats on both sides. Lifeboat No. 2 is located __________.


24. C17 - The number 2 lifeboat on a tanker would be __________.


25. Thermal protective aids are required for what percentage of the persons survival craft is equipped to carry?


26. What is the total number of approved lowvelocity spray (waterfog) applicators required aboard a tankship?


27. Motorpropelled lifeboats are required to have sufficient fuel to operate continuously at 6 knots for how many hours?


28. Why should only dry powder known to be foam compatible be used in conjunction with foam to extinguish gas fires?


29. All lifeboats, rescue boats, and rigidtype liferafts shall be stripped, cleaned, and thoroughly overhauled at least once every what?


30. What is an emergency lifesaving procedure that consists of recognizing and correcting failure of the respiratory or cardiovascular systems?


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