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1. The characteristic of an electronic component or circuit where current that passes through it decreases as the voltage across it increases or vice versa is called ______________.


2. Unlike the bipolar transistor that has two junctions and provide amplification, the SCR has three junctions and is used as a/an ________________.


3. As many as 300 ICs can be simultaneously formed on a circular semiconductor called a/an ____________.


4. The entire visible region of the light spectrum is from 300 ghz to 300 million ghz. Above this region light waves cannot be seen. The light wave which falls within this region, is called __________.


5. In general, zener diodes can dissipate more power if its leads are _________________.


6. A solid -state component that is capable of converting light energy into electrical energy or electrical energy into a light energy is called a/ an _________.


7. Bipolar transistors may be classified as ______________.


8. Which of the following will happen to an alternator frequency if the load is removed from a turbo generator, whose governor has a 3% speed droop?


9. Electrically charged atoms are also called __________.


10. Operational amplifiers, used primarily in analog circuits, are characterized by ___________.


11. Below are list of motors onboard. Which one is fitted with instantaneous overload relay?


12. Which of the AWG wire sizes listed below would have the smallest diameter?


13. When a zener diode is operating in its zener breakdown region, a large change in zener current will produce ______________.


14. The type of feature afforded auxiliaries vital to the operation of propelling equipment, where automatic restart after voltage failure would not create a hazard, is termed as ________.


15. The emitter lead of a PNP transistor may be identified by a _____________.


16. Which of the following types of motors is often designed for use in correcting power factor?


17. It was the fabrication of this component that finally made it possible to construct extremely small but highly efficient electronic circuits ___________.


18. Incandescent lamp and neon lamps do not possess longer life expectancy as compared to semiconductor device that produces light. This device is called __________.


19. Which of these types of transducers convert the input to output which is a function of time?


20. When used in an oscillator circuit, the tunnel diode is biased to operate within its ______________.


21. The most apparent advantage of an IC over other electronic components is it’s ___________.


22. A semiconductor component that can replace an entire electronic circuit is called ___________.


23. If the air supply is shut off to a directly actuated solenoid air valve, the response of the valve is _________.


24. Which of the following is the most common symbol system used to show information regarding component and circuit operation?


25. Which type of flux should be used when soldering electrical wire connections and electronic components?


26. The two most difficult components that can be constructed in an IC are __________.


27. Which one of the following valves is used to signal the position of a linear actuator?


28. Which type of proximity sensor is used for non-contact metallic sensing for both ferrous and non ferrous metals?


29. If the cross-sectional area of a magnetic field increases, but the flux remains the same, what will happen to the flux density?


30. A diode that is used to convert AC into DC is called a __________.


31. You have a light-dimmer circuit using an SCR. In testing the circuit, you find that IG = 0 mA and the light is still on. You conclude that the trouble may be one of the following?


32. One diode of a full wave rectifier has burned out in a shorted condition. Therefore, the output will be _________.


33. One of the outstanding characteristics of a zener diode is that, even if its zener current changes widely, its voltage _____________.


34. Which of the devices below are used to form a standard integrated circuit?


35. V-Belts transmit power to/from pulleys _______.


36. To ensure that diodes are not operated beyond design limits, they are manufactured to specific reverse voltage. This maximum voltage is called __________.


37. It was the fabrication of this component that finally made it possible to construct extremely small but highly efficient electronic circuits which is called _________.


38. There is less chance of making a mistake during assembly of an IC because __________.


39. The disadvantage of an IC over vacuum tubes is __________.


40. The two easiest components that can be constructed in an IC are __________.


41. Quantum theory acknowledges that light has wave-like characteristics and these tiny particles represents a packet of energy called __________.


42. A light-sensitive resistor whose internal resistance changes as the light shining on it changes in intensity is called __________.


43. LED that emits infrared lights may be used in intrusion detection system because the light __________.


44. Photometric system is used to measure __________.


45. Which of the listed transformer uses a single winding to produce voltage transformation?


46. Which of the following statements represents an application of a silicon-controlled rectifier?


47. A shore power circuit breaker should be closed only __________.


48. A diesel driven emergency generator is prevented from being paralleled with the ship service generators by _____________.


49. Which of the listed devices is used to measure pressure and convert it to an electrical signal?


50. Which of the listed conditions describes the effect on intrinsic semiconductor operation as a result of a temperature increase?


51. The function of auto transformers used with the starters of large AC motors is to provide ______________


52. Reduced voltage applied to a motor during the starting period will _______________


53. What is an electrical device that is normally used to prevent an action from occurring until the required conditions are met?


54. Electric strip heaters are used in motor controllers to ____________.


55. During its operation, loud buzzing and resultant welding of contacts of magnetic relays maybe caused by ________________.


56. In a standard motor starter circuit, what device is used to stop the overloaded motor?


57. A fuse will blow if _____________________.


58. A fuse will blow as per below EXCEPT ________________.


59. Which of the listed groups of electrical insulation materials is best suited for the highest operating temperature?


60. Excessive humming of AC contactors may be caused by _______________.


61. When changing tubular fuses, always use a ___________________.


62. A delayed-action fuse is most frequently used in ________________.


63. In addition to short circuits and sustained overloads, fuses are likely to blow due to __________________.


64. During the charging process of storage batteries, the charging rooms should be well ventilated because ________.


65. What happens if the reverse bias exceeds the avalanche voltage in a P-N junction?


66. The pitting of controller contacts can be caused by ____________.


67. If a periodic pulse waveform has a pulse width and the time between each pulses is equal to or greater than five times the constant, the capacitor will _________.


68. Before reassembling any electrical equipment, you should ___________.


69. The freezing point of electrolyte in a fully charged lead-acid battery will be ____________.


70. On a switchboard, if all these round detection lamps remain burning at half intensity when the test buttons depressed, which of the listed condition is indicated?


71. To repair a small electric motor that has been submerged in a salt water, you should ___________.


72. A hydrometer indicates specific gravity by comparing the _______________.


73. Why is it a poor practice to use a high wattage soldering iron when soldering or desoldering components on a printed circuit board?


74. Which type of fuse having only straight length of wire or metal strips inside?


75. In order to check the performance of a transistor removed from its circuit, the instrument to be used should be a/an _____________.


76. Magnetic controller contacts may become welded together curing operation due to _______________.


77. Which of the following physical characteristics does a wound-rotor induction motor possess that a squirrel-cage motor does not?


78. When a transformer is used as a stepdown votage, the low voltage winding is ____________________.


79. A device which points out a permanent record of the plant operation condition is known as _______.


80. The conversion of the throttle command voltage to the signal necessary to obtain the desired shaft RPM is accomplished by the ____________.


81. A lead-acid battery is considered fully charged when the ____________.


82. You have installed a Zene diode in parallel with a load. While measuring the voltage across the Zener diode, it is found that it does not change as the current although the load increases. This means that the Zener diode _____________.


83. Which of the methods listed is used to maintain equal load sharing between two compound wound DC generators operating in parallel?


84. USCG Regulation 46 CFR require automatic shutdown of an emergency diesel generator if the __________


85. When a console indicating lamp burns out, attempts to renew it should not be made while maneuvering because ____________.


86. Which of the following does not affect the junction capacitance of a diode?


87. A tubular fuse should always be removed from a fuse holder with __________________.


88. The process whereby electron emission occurs by the induction of heat is called __________.


89. When a forward and reverse resistance of a transistor is getting opposite reading, it indicates the transistor is _________.


90. Which of the following parameters are usually provided by the manufacturer on the specification sheet for Silicon Controlled Rectifier ( SCR)? I. Turn-on time II. Turn-off time III. Expiration time


91. On tank vessel with an electrically driven capstan, the motor should be meggered periodically to test ___________.


92. Which of the following statements represent the main difference between a relay and a contactor?


93. Which of the formulae listed is correct for determining power?


94. Which of the listed conditions is an advantage of a diode over vacuum tube?


95. Light emitting devices convert electrical energy into __________.


96. The collector lead of a PNP transistor may be identified by a ______________.


97. What is the most widely used FET circuit arrangement?


98. The FET circuit arrangement that has the highest voltage gain is the _______________.


99. LEDs that are arranged in a pattern so that they will create a number that is called __________.


100. If a three-phase induction type motor experienced an open circuit in one phase, what device will prevent the machine from getting damage?


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