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1. One method of testing for a reversed shunt field coil in a DC generator of motor is by connecting the field to a direct current source at reduced field rated voltage and test for polarity using a/an ______________.


2. The insulation resistance of electric equipment and machinery should be tested for lowest normal insulation valves _________________.


3. An adjustable resistor whose resistance can be changed without opening the circuit in which it is connected is called a ____________.


4. Before testing insulation with a megohmmeter, the winding of large machines should be grounded for about 15 minutes just prior to the test because the _____________.


5. In the pointer fails to return to “0” when a megger is disconnected, the _______________.


6. The purpose of a main switch board circuit breakers’ reverse power trip is to _______________.


7. Violent gassing from a lead-acid battery while it is being charged indicates that the _______________.


8. Normally, the FIRST step in troubleshooting a transistor circuit card is to _______________.


9. If the blackout occurs while the motor is running, it will automatically stop due to the loss of power supply. When power is restored, the motor will start again even without pressing the start push button because of this device ____________.


10. One factor that determines the frequency of an alternator is the _______________.


11. If a three-phase induction motor malfunctions and drops to a single-phase (one supply line open), _____________


12. Which of the listed groups of electrical insulation materials is best suited for the highest operating temperature?


13. The ground indicating light on the main electrical switchboard is indicating a ground. The best procedure for locating grounded circuit is to __________.


14. A testing device called a "growler" is being used to locate a shorted coil in the stator of an AC electrical machine. When the "feeler" is moved over a slot containing the shorted coil _________.


15. Which of the following temperatures represent the maximum allowable temperature for the electrolyte of a lead-acid battery?


16. Which of the following conditions indicates a short circuited capacitor when checking its condition with an ohmmeter?


17. A standard procedure for maintaining the charge in an emergency diesel starting battery is to trickle charge the battery ____________.


18. The full torque electric brake on an electric cargo winch functions to __________.


19. The timer element found in a reverse power relay obtains its operating torque via __________.


20. The conversion of a throttle command voltage to the signal necessary to achieve the desire shaft RPM is accomplished by ______________.


21. When choosing a battery for a particular application, major consideration should be given to the battery’s ________.


22. On a switchboard, if all these round detection lamps remain burning at half intensity when the test buttons depressed, which of the listed condition is indicated?


23. The timer element of a reverse power relay cannot be energized unless _____________.


24. The freezing point of electrolyte in a fully charged lead-acid battery will be ___________.


25. The proper way to apply plastic electrical tape to an electric cable splice is to _____________.


26. When charging lead-acid batteries, you should reduce the charging rate as the battery nears its full charge capacity to _____________.


27. An insulation resistance is performed on a particular piece of electric equipment. In addition to resistance readings, what information listed below should be entered in the electrical log?


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