Assessment Test

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1. According to international Regulations, oil transfer should not be carried out unless _________.


2. Oil pollution regulations require any transfer, or discharge of oil or oily water should be recorded in ________.


3. What would youdo if you see large quantity of oil on the water near your vessel ?


4. Under the ISM Code, what is an identifiable deviation that poses a serious threat to the safety of personnel or a serious risk to the environment that requires immediate corrective action and includes the lack of effective and systematic implementation?


5. What is the objective evaluation of all facts, opinions, statements, physical evedince and related information, as well as defined action steps to reduce the possibility of recurrence?


6. The purging point on some compressors inlow pressure refrigeration systems is connected to the ________.


7. What instrument is used to measure the calorific value of any fuel?


8. Progressive flooding on a MODU is controlled by securing watertight boundaries and _____________.


9. When changing a lube oil purifier from a separator to a clarifier, you ______________.


10. What kind of instrument is used to determine the specific gravity of oil?


11. Why is an upper limit switch used when handling lifeboat equipment?


12. How portable fire extinguisher is placed on operation?


13. Which among the life saving apparatus listed below is created to carry all crew during abandon ship?


14. When combating a class C fire, what danger may be present?


15. Once the daily ration of drinking water in a survival situation has been established, the drinking routine needs to include __________.


16. If there are a number of survivors in the water after abandoning a vessel, they need to __________.


17. If you continue to wear extra clothing upon entering the water after abandoning your vessel, it will _______.


18. Immediately after abandoning a vessel, lookouts have to be posted aboard liferafts to look for __________.


19. What is the proper way to do if more than one liferaft is manned after a vessel has been abandoned?


20. Which of the equipment listed will prevent an inflated liferaft from being pulled under by a vessel which sinks in water over 100 feet deep?


21. To extinguish an electrical fire, you need to use __________.


22. What is the purpose of jettisoning of topside weight from your ship?


23. What is the primary purpose of a flue gas type inert gas system?


24. After a fire has been extinguished in a closed space, personnel may safely enter the space during ______.


25. When required to work in an area where explosive gases may accumulate, you need to use hand tools which are __________.


26. If you hear a non-stop blast of the whistle for a period vof not less than 10 seconds, supplemented by a continuous ringing of the general alarm bells for not less than 10 seconds, you should go to your ________.


27. Before making any welded repairs to the internals of a vessel's fuel tank in a U.S. port, the tank must be tested by __________.


28. If there has been a fire in a closed unventilated compartment it may be dangerous to enter because of ________.


29. What will take effect when ships tanks are ballasted?


30. What is the first action to do when using a portable CO2 fire extinguisher?


31. What is the lowest point of time that the air supply for a self-contained breathing apparatus is required to last?


32. The best tool to use for removing the carbon ridge at the top of an engine cylinder, prior to removing the piston, is_____________.


33. Bunker "C" fuel oil is heated prior to atomization to __________.


34. Copper piping is used in R-12 systems because __________.


35. Which of the following is the best in-place cleaning medium for turbine compressor?


36. If the intercooler of a low-pressure air compressor becomes fouled either internally or externally, the _______________.


37. If a fire occurs in the boiler room as a result of a leaking fuel line, you should FIRST ____________.


38. The lube oil temperature leaving the lube oil coolers is regulated by throttling the_____________.


39. Why are strainers installed in boiler fuel oil service lines?


40. Maintaining the lowest possible scavenging air temperatureat all times in a marine diesel engine is not recommended due to the possibility of the __________.


41. To prevent vibration damage to the fuel supply line of a diesel engine, you may use __________.


42. The purpose of the relief valve in a fuel oil service system is to __________.


43. Relief valves in the fuel oil service system discharge to either the service pump suction or the __________.


44. What is the purpose why a fuel oil is first transferred to the settling tanks from storage tank?


45. The main reason for having a low suction line on the fuel oil service or settling tanks is to __________.


46. With reference to bunkering operation the first step in avoiding oil spill going overboard is to _________.


47. When you are transferring fuel oil to the storage tanks, precaution to be observed includes _____________.


48. Which of the followingis the correct answer concerning the lubrication system for a high power turbine flexible coupling?


49. The lap of a steam valve of reciprocating steam engine is measured when the valve is in the _______.


50. When turbine rotor shafts extend through the casing, sealing steam is used in conjuction with labyrinth packing to _________.


51. Which of the devices listed is used to engage the main engine turning gear to the high pressure turbine high-speed pinion?


52. The valve opening sequence for bar-lift nozzle control valves in a marine steam turbine is determined by __________.


53. Reduction gears for main propulsion turbines are lubricated by __________.


54. An increase in clearance between reaction blade tips and the turbine casing will result in __________.


55. One of the precautions that should be observed prior to starting a turbine driven cargo pump is ______.


56. Stack type air heaters are bypassed when a vessel is in port in order to prevent _____________.


57. Labyrinth seals used to reduce leakage around a turbine shaft are constructed of __________.


58. The steam coils in a high pressure contaminated evaporator used in a steam plant should be descaled with __________.


59. When replacing a steam pressure reducing valve, what information is required for the selection?


60. Steam traps should be installed at the lowest outlet pointof the heat exchanger in a horizontal run of pipe and that ____________.


61. Steam supply for the operation of the low pressure evaporators may be obtained directly from the __________.


62. Short cycling of a refrigeration compressor refers to__________.


63. When liquid reaches the compressor of a refrigeration system through the suction line, the condition is called __________.


64. The pressure range between the system cut-in and cut-out pressures in a refrigeration unit is known as __________.


65. To reduce pulsations in pipe lines, the discharge side of a steam reciprocating feed pump is equipped with a/an __________.


66. Which of the following conditions could cause the feed pump for an auxiliary boiler to lose suction?


67. The correct procedure in order to prevent inadequate discharge of a reciprocating bilge pump is___________.


68. If an operating horizontal centrifugal pump becomes air bound, you should vent it at the____________.


69. Lantern rings are provided on centrifugal pumps in order to _________.


70. The most probable cause why centrifugal types of pumps fail to discharge liquid is_______________.


71. Which of the following is used to reduce cargo pump leakage to the pump room bilge of most tanker vessels?


72. Which of the following could be the reason why centrifugal pump may fail to deliver water whenstarted?


73. Which of the statement is true regarding the starting of centrifugal pump?


74. The main function of wearing ring in the centrifugal pump is to _________.


75. When re-assembling the bowl of a disc-type centrifuge, the bowl locking ring is rotated __________.


76. Which of the listed substances can be satisfactorily removed from diesel fuel by centrifuging?


77. Whether using a centrifuge or a simple filter, oil cleaning and filtration will be the most effective when the oil is at a __________.


78. Every time a tanker vessel will commence transferring petroleum cargoes which of the following should be carried out?


79. Those reports that are to be submitted by the master and the agent are considered as_____________


80. The process of killing the ineffective bacteria from the water so as to make it safe for drinking is called ____________.


81. Which of these areas is considered an enclosed space?


82. The most important of all UN treaties dealing maritime safety is the ____________.


83. MARPOL 73/78 covers not only accidental and operational oil pollution but NOT pollution by _________.


84. The purpose of GMDSS is to ensure that no matter where the ship is it can_________.


85. The important duties and responsibilities to be known by all crew as far as SOLAS is concern are __________. I - kind of fire and how to extinguish II - valve and scupper opening mechanism III - launching of lifeboat and craft


86. What are the respective duties and responsibilities that all crews must be able to familiarize during emergency situations? I - Muster situation II - Muster list III - Muster card


87. What is the most ideal time interval in conducting fire and boat drill on every vessels?


88. Which of the following machineries do Chief engineer considers as a solely responsible for the maintenance and repair? I - Emergency generator II - Steering gear III - Anchor wind glass


89. Which of the following is/are the basic consideration/s in promoting a crew to a higher position on board? I - Know the job well II - Decision are generally correct III - Accepted by those whom he work with


90. What does onboard leader needs to possess an important qualities so he will be respected well by his subordinates? I - Honest and fair in all matters II - Treating all crew in equal basis III - Avoid cause of disappointment


91. What does onboard leader needs to possess an important qualities so he will be respected well by his subordinates? I - Honest and fair in all matters II - Treating all crew in equal basis III - Avoid cause of disappointment


92. What is a significant economic effect of automation of ships?


93. Who is responsible to the Operation Manager for the technical aspects and seaworthiness of the ships, except for the engineering spaces and personnel?


94. As per the ISM Code, in matters of safety and pollution prevention, whose commitment, competence, attitudes and motivation determines the end result?


95. Who shall provide evidence of its commitment to the development and implementation of the QMS and continually improving its effectiveness?


96. Which of the following machineries have emergency stop outside of engine rooms? I. Bilge pump II. Ballast pump III. Fuel purifier


97. Which of the following document is used to verify lowest number of crew that can safely run a vessel?


98. This/These situation/s should be reported to proper authorities if observed near or within the vicinity of your vessel is /are __________. I - dangerous derelicts II - high succeeding waves III - oil sheen


99. Closing mechanism of water tight doors must be tested of its effective operation every __________.


100. Which of the following items listed below should be tested and recorded weekly of a power operated water tight sliding door for bulkhead?


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