Assessment Test

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1. Special survey is conducted every how many years?


2. Intermediate survey is conducted every how many years?


3. Annual survey is conducted every how many years?


4. Bottom survey is conducted every how many years?


5. Boiler survey is conducted every how many years? Boiler survey is conducted every how many years?


6. Propeller shaft and stern tube survey is conducted every how many years?


7. Which of the following survey is conducted to ensure that an issued certificate can remain in force effective? It is applicable to all ships and is generally conducted halfway through the certification period (+ / - 6 months) for the hull and watertight integrity?


8. Which of the following survey is an alternative to a special survey and is a continual testing and survey operation of all relevant parts and equipment conducted in rotation over a five (5) year period between consecutive examinations?


9. Major classification society undertakes a broad range of activities under strict quality standards to insure the protection of life, property and the environment at sea. Ships sailing on international routes must be classified by a society is a requirement of which of the following?


10. A classification society requires compliance with Statutory Regulations and the Statutory Regulations require structural strength, machinery and which of the following?


11. There is no similar structure with a formal interrelationship between statute and classification society and as the International Conventions are not specifically applicable to to which of the following vessels?


12. To verify that they have been endorsed for all received surveys during the intervals mandated by the various conventions or class requirements, surveyors, auditors and inspectors routinely review the vessel’s ________.


13. During the period of validity of a certificate, ensuring that the ship continues to comply with the rules or standards required by the certificate and should notify the issuing classification society or administration compliance is in question is the responsibility of which of the following?


14. The findings include damage and deterioration, including items such as distorted bulbous bow plating and side shell plating deformations is included in the _______.


15. The ship must be able to carry out its intended functions economically and be available when needed is called ________.


16. Limits are set on expenditure in various categories and control kept on actual expenditures in an attempt to keep this within the planned limits is called ________.


17. Methods of storing, extracting and displaying information for the maintenance system is called _________.


18. The program normally based on the survey cycle length required by the classification societies and would detail the minor overhaul, major overhaul and survey jobs to be carried out during the cycle, with their corresponding data is called ________.


19. To avoid excessive pressures in the fuel oil filing system during bunkering, you should ___________..


20. Theoretically propellers are either right hand or left hand depending on their rotation when viewed from _____.


21. Main air compressor is use for starting of main engine at pressure of ____________ bar.


22. The potable water piping systems in ships must be ____________.


23. Ejectors are simple, reliable, inexpensive, effective and ______________.


24. Which of the following is used for bilge systems, evaporators and gas freeing systems on tanks?


25. A pneumatic pressure tank is installed in a sanitary system to _____________.


26. The feedwater in an auxiliary boiler should be chemically tested daily for alkalinity and __________.


27. Improper fireside water washing of a steam boiler can cause _____________.


28. Steam boiler tube failures can result from ___________


29. As part of a safe and effective maintenance onboard, the first valve to be opened after completing the assembly of a newly ovehauled and clean big luboil cooler is __________.


30. Oil consumption, engine wear and friction in a diesel engine are directly related to _____________ of the oil.


31. Heavy soot accumulations in an auxiliary boiler could be caused by ______.


32. If a metal can be easily drawn, stamped, or hammered out thin, it is said ____.


33. Phenolphthalein indicator is used to test boiler water for _________.


34. Phosphates are used in the chemical treatment of boiler water to _____.


35. The speed of the ship's propeller through the water is 12.5 knots, however due to slip, the sip covers a distance of only 287 nautical miles in 24 hours. Calculate what percentage of the propeller speed does the slip represent?


36. Which statement is TRUE about mechanical seals?


37. A ship travelling at 15 knots can complete a certain voyage in 18 days. At a speed of 17.5 knots, how long would the ship sail to do the same voyage?


38. A ship travel 5472 miles in 26 days 12 hours and 24 minutes. Find the average speed for the entire voyage.


39. A ship covers 242.6 actual miles in a day. Find the pitch of the propeller if efficiency is 87% and speed is 98 RPM.


40. A stopper is inserted into the spout of a closed container which contain water heated to a temperature of 100 degreesIf additional thermal energy is imparted, what changes will occur to the pressure and temperature inside the container?


41. The location of a vessel’s frame stations may be obtained from which of the listed drawings?


42. Any unusual, or new vibration in the hull or propeller shafting can be an indication of ____________.


43. Helical gears are preferred over spur gears for reduction gear units due to the fact that they _______.


44. A special grade steelwith an "H" marking is used by the classification societies to denote __________.


45. Which of the following limit of an angle from which the rudder angle should not exceed?


46. The curvature of the deck in a longitudinal direction measured between the deck height at midships and the particular point on the deck is called ___________.


47. Which one is fitted between oil tanks and other compartments and must be at least 760mm. wide?


48. Which of the following authority to be consulted on draught of vessel and trim required before getting into the drydock?


49. The stability of a ship is the same as that of a solid object and the influence on the center of gravity of the ship depends upon its position relative to that point is called ___________.


50. Which of the following areas should be locked up before entering the drydock?


51. What do you call this plan carried on board the vessel during drydocking which shows the recommended positions for the keel blocks and shores?


52. The purpose of the propeller fair water cone is to _______________.


53. A vessel whose fuel tanks are half full is subject to ___________


54. You may improve a vessel’s stability by________


55. How is the wear of a lower main bearing on a large low-speed propulsion diesel engine usually measured?


56. If there is a change in the degree of fuel atomization in a diesel engine, what could be greatly affected in the combustion process?


57. For a continuous operation of diesel engine, why is it that the use of a duplex filter unit would be the best arrangement?


58. Oil mist detector takes a succession of air samples from all the compartments within the crankcase. When is the oil mist detector alarm activates?


59. Immediately after any diesel engine is started, the engineer should check the ______________.


60. Which of the following conditions could contribute to the cracking of a diesel engine cylinder head?


61. Prior to starting, the purpose of turning over a main propulsion diesel engine with the cylinder test cocks open is to ________________.


62. How often should the compressor side of the turbo charger be washed?


63. The probable cause of scavenge space deposit or flammable mixture usually comes from ___________.


64. On modern vessels, which of the listed valve types below is most commonly used in conjunction with hydraulically actuated controls?


65. If an operating bilge pump is developing good vaccum, but it is unable to discharge any water. Which of the following problems listed below is the most probable cause?


66. What control procedures must be done before putting into operation a steam driven cargo pumps?


67. When making entries in the Oil Record Book, all quantities should be _____ .


68. Which of the equipment listed is most effective in processing bilge slops for overboard discharge?


69. Which of the following statutory law must be followed onboard?I - Safety of vessel and crew II - Protection against pollutionIII - Crew employment conditions


70. Which of the following source/s is/are implemented onboard ships?


71. Which of the following crewmember should be knowledgeable with the laws of flag state? I – Master II - Chief Officer III - Chief engineer


72. Which of the following should a watchman needs to check


73. In case of malfunction of the electro-hydraulic steering control, the rudder can still be operated by means of _________ .


74. Which of the following times is appropriate for taking M/E deflections?


75. When taking out the fuel injector from cylinder head, which of the following is the most advisable to do?


76. On oil tankers with manually operatd tank valves, which of the following is commonly used?


77. What is the best way of checking heat cracks?


78. When the maintenance is undertaken at sea, the engine personnel shall precaution to _______ .


79. Before doing any work on a hydraulic system equipped with accumulators, you should ________ .


80. Before welding is permitted on a fuel tank, what must be certified or declared?


81. What would be requirement for safe welding practice?


82. When using a portable droplight, you should always insure that ______ .


83. What should you do before starting a reciprocating steam driven pump that has been idled for a period of time?


84. Which valve should be kept open when securing a steam reciprocating pump?


85. What is the purpose of wear rings in centrifugal pump?


86. During fueling operations, which of the listed precautions should be take when topping off fuel tanks?


87. O maintain the design discharge pressure of a centrifugal pump, the design clearance is critical between the


88. When stuffing box of a centrifugal pump has been completely repacked with new packing, the packing gland nuts are tightened seating of the packing and should then be _________ .


89. What should you do if you discover localized scoring in a pump shaft leeve during a routine maintenance inspection?


90. The rubber bladder or separator bag installed in a hydraulic accumulator should only be filled with _______ .


91. Which of the following determines the size of the gravity disc to be used in a centrigugal purifier?


92. The requirements for potable and non-potable water system aboard ship is that they ________ .


93. The purpose of an evaporator's three-way solenoid valve is to ______ .


94. The letters NC in 1/4 - 20 NC mean that the bolt is _________ .


95. What is the suitable to use where it is mportant that a nut will not work itself loose due to vibration?


96. In general, a ships dry-docking and repair shall be carried out once every _____ .


97. Prior to intended dry-docking the technical superintendent or its equivalent shall inform the master an approximate date and place for dry-docking in not less than ________ .


98. During dry-docking and repair period, which of the following individual will handle and attend the survey and repairs?


99. The factor which may influence the decision to computerize planned maintenace control, would be made up to ___________ .


100. The kind of survey is an independent, thorough and very extensive survey condition of the hull structure, machinery plant and level of maintenance is called _______ .


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