Assessment Test

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1. These should be secured, since it is desirable that the vessel should be in the same condition of trim, and zero list, both when entering and finally leaving the dock is called _______.


2. The Ship Maintenance Division Manager or its equivalent shall offer the dry-docking work specification to several shipyards before dry-docking taking into account the dry-docking work specifications at least ________ before the actual dry-docking.


3. A program that has been created out of a wish from the serious ship owners to documents the quality of their vessels beyond the scope of classification is called the _______.


4. In a running test of mechanical units, the machine should be run under steady conditions at maximum load (minimum 80%) during performance measurement. Alarms and shut down functions will also be tested in which of the following machine or equipment?


5. As with the certificate of class, statutory certificates for cargo vessels are generally valid for how many years?


6. The greatest decrease in the temperature of the refrigerant in the system happens in the_________


7. What kind of fuel oil is to be used to avoid fuel knock caused by slow ignition in a diesel engine?


8. What cause stresses in the machinery?


9. The refrigeration system low pressure cutout switch is actuated by____________.


10. How is corrosion on dismantled part of refrigeration compressor be avoided?


11. The first step in fighting an engine room fire resulting from rapture fuel oil service line is to _________


12. Sticking of the piston ring would eventually lead to _____________.


13. A piston is said to be at top dead center when it is _______.


14. Cylinder lubrication oil for low speed propulsion diesel engine is admitted to each cylinder during ___________.


15. “Loop unit flow” “cross flow” and “return flow” are terms used to described various types of ____________.


16. A substantial increase in crankcase pressure could be an indication of a /an _____________.


17. An increase in crankcase pressure generally indicates _________.


18. At what condition could cause cylinder relief valves on a large diesel engine to lift?


19. The possible cause why a marine diesel engine will have poor combustion could be _________.


20. Proper lubrication of cylinder liner is indicated on its wall by a ______________.


21. Which of the following could be the direct cause of crankcase explosion in a diesel engine?


22. What procedure must be done for the piston rings before installing it on a diesel piston?


23. Which of the following may cause piston seizure?


24. The purpose why the diameter of a piston is usually less at the crown than at the skirt is to _____________.


25. If a cylinder relief valve on a diesel engine lifts frequently while the engine is running, what could be the possible cause ?


26. Which of the following causes a cylinder liner to crack?


27. According to practice, lube oil temperature from the lube oil coolers is regulated by throttling the ______________.


28. Which of the following operating conditions should be checked first after starting diesel engine?


29. The most important physical property of an engine oil affecting engine performance __________.


30. Which of the following determines the size of the ring dam to be used in a centrifugal purifier?


31. The filtering of lube oil cannot be done efficiently if the _______________.


32. Which of the following could result if there is late fuel injection in a diesel engine?


33. What will happen if fuel is injected too early in the injection cycle?


34. What could be the possible cause if there is an increase of fuel injection pump discharge pressure?


35. During the maintenance and repair on your engine, fuel injection pump was reinstalled with uneven bolt tightening which could result in ________.


36. During maintenance inspection, fuel injection pump plunger or barrel was found have damaged. What would be the best remedy to rectify the defect?


37. What will happen if the fuel injection pump of your engine was improperly adjusted and as a result the fuel injection timing was greatly retarded?


38. What is the possible cause why an air temperature is above normal in the intake manifold of a four-stroke cycle turbo-charged diesel engine?


39. An auxiliary diesel engine turbocharger failure would probably result in _________.


40. Which of the following maybe the possible caused for a fouled turbocharger compressor inlet screen on filter?


41. What could be the possible cause why a diesel generator engine freely turns over but fails to ignite properly?


42. The purpose of turning the diesel engine by turning gear with indicator cooks open before starting is ____________.


43. What part in a large slow speed main propulsion diesel engine is under tension when the engine is running?


44. What is the purpose of thrust bearing in a propulsion diesel engine?


45. In a modern controllable pitch propeller, the force required to vary the pitch of the blades is provided by means of ______________.


46. Which of the following reduces variations in the crankshaft rotating speed during the engine cycle?


47. When a diesel engine emits blue exhaust smoke, this is due to ___________


48. If a diesel engine runs roughly, what system is most likely to be at fault ?.


49. The purpose of delivery check value in a jerk pump fuel injection system is to ____________.


50. To control balance for wear resulting from impeller rotation and abrasion in the liquid handled, a centrifugal pump is usually fitted with _______________.


51. Which of the following would prevent a steam reciprocating pump from delivering its rated capacity?


52. When there is a cracking noise coming from a centrifugal pump housing, this is an indication of ______________.


53. Which statement is true regarding a positive displacement rotary pump?


54. The capacity of the rotary pump will decrease with an increase in the pump____ _______.


55. The reason why the positive displacement helical gear pumps are well suited for pumping oil is because ________________.


56. The possible cause why the lube oil pump fails to build up discharge pressure could be that the _____________.


57. Constant pressure is maintained in the potable water system of many ships by using _______________.


58. In order to compensate for wear resulting from rotation and abrasives in the liquid handled , a centrifugal pump is fitted with ____________.


59. If a bilge pump pulls a vacuum but will not pump, you should check ____________.


60. What type of seal is used for pumps handling toxic on highly flammable liquid that cannot be permitted to escape into atmosphere?


61. The engine speed variation from no load to full load is called ____________.


62. A heat control valve used in cooling system which controls the flow of coolant in relation to the temperature is _______________.


63. What procedure should you do before blowing tubes in a boiler equipped with steam soot blowers


64. In order to have an efficient operation of boiler, what factors should be taken into consideration?


65. A boiler safety valve must be capable of _______________.


66. Which of the following causes boiler safety valve to leak?


67. It is necessary to have proper bracing and support of boiler safety valve escape piping to _________.


68. A program, which organizes schedules and coordinates all the maintenance activities of your vessel, automatically updating stock lists, tasks, order planning, and reporting relevant functions is called _________.


69. The particular ship requirement, which covers a wide range of issues forming essentially specification that include detail as selection of standard safe case analysis is the _____.


70. It aims to collate the best available data so as to provide management with statistics on relative advantages and disadvantages of all potential courses of action to allow efficient decision making is called ______.


71. The management of the system involves continuous review of the system and practice employed to improve the way jobs are carried out, and to improve maintenance control so that the ship performance is also improve, it is called ________.


72. A great deal of attention is paid to the well being of the ships by national and international regulation and during design and operation for the sake of ________.


73. Within 12 hours before departure. which of the following should be checked and tested by the ship crew?


74. Operational experience has shown that excessive high piston ring and liner wear is caused by which of the following?


75. Improper maintenance of fuel oil burner in an auxiliary boiler could result in___________.


76. The recommended procedure for auxiliary boiler having high boiler water salinity is by _______________.


77. What automatic boiler control should you test prior to lighting the auxiliary boiler?


78. A light brown haze from the boiler smoke stack generally indicates ________.


79. Which is the most effective system that the engine crew will be informed of any malfunctions of a running machinery?


80. Why is that exhaust valve rotates during operation?


81. During your watch and you noticed the pipe leading to a starting air valves become hot, what does it indicate?


82. Onboard modern vessels, where does the reciprocating pumps are commonly used ?


83. Before the commencement of a major job such as overhauling of machineries for the first time onboard, the first to be consulted for a safe and effective work is the_________


84. Before the commencement of a major job such as overhauling of machineries for the first time onboard, the first to be consulted for a safe and effective work is the_________


85. In case a malfunction was detected during the operation of an auxiliary machinery onboard, the first action to be done or given priority is ____________.


86. To confirm precision of inside micrometer used for measuring liner bore wear it should be_________.


87. Which of the following condition is indicated that oil is flowing through the lube oil gravity tank sight glass?


88. The purpose of an oil mist detector in a main propulsion diesel engine is to warn of __________.


89. Which of the following is the reason why the refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs heat from air or brine?


90. Increasing the distance between receiving tank and supply pump will result in an increase in discharge temperature and _______________.


91. Why is it necessary to avoid detergents mixing with the bilge water in the bilge tank with regards to oily bilge separator?


92. The pitting of controller contacts can be caused by ____________.


93. In cold weather condition, what measures must be applied to ensure easier starting of a diesel engine?


94. The factor, which may influence the decision to computerize Planned Maintenance Control, would be made up to __________.


95. Which of the following main requirement that should exists for any PMS indexing of machinery items through out the fleet?


96. The aim of reporting procedure maybe stated briefly as ________.


97. In designing the reporting procedure to meet the aims, it should be remembered that the design of paper work should be based on its __________ coverage.


98. To control all the spare either onboard or purchased during the year, it is necessary to analyze the types, quantities and cost of spare gear, to determine the most effective areas over which to exercise control, this can be summed in one word, which is the ________.


99. Which of the following aims to collate the best available data so as to provide management with statistics on relative advantages and disadvantages of all potential courses of action to allow efficient decision making ?


100. The technical superintendent or its equivalent shall compile all the jobs done during dry dock, make it in report form and submit to the managing director or its equivalent. The technical superintendent or its equivalent shall give remarks with respects to the overall performance of the dockyard. The report will be used to guide whether the shipyard can be considered for future docking or not is called ________.


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