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1. Wear is usually greatest at the top of the cylinder bore of a diesel engine because the _____________.


2. A properly honed cylinder liner in a diesel engine will______________


3. Black areas on the sealing surface of piston rings indicates ______________.


4. The easiest way to locate defective exhaust valve in a propulsion diesel engine is by _________.


5. Increasing the exhaust valve tappet clearance of a diesel engine will result in the exhaust valve opening _________.


6. Which of the following materials can be drilled at the highest speed?


7. When checking zinc plates in the condenser cooler, you should _______.


8. At normal operating conditions, the refrigerant enters the compressors in an R-12 refrigeration system as a _________.


9. What harmful effect can result if a diesel engine is operated at very high loads for long period of time?


10. The amount of refrigerant in a storage cylinder is measured by ______________.


11. What will cause an automatically controlled R-12 compressor to start?


12. Scavenge of the two-stroke diesel engine rely on a charge of scavenge air under ________.


13. What is the purpose of after coolers in an air compressors?


14. The function of main feed check valve is to _____________.


15. What condition could possibly cause erratic variations in the boiler water level where the drum level is automatically controlled?


16. What could be the possible cause of ignition failure in an automatically fired burner of an auxiliary boiler?


17. Gas leaks through a boiler casing could ______________.


18. When pumping down an automatically controlled R-12 air conditioning compressor to test the low pressure cutout, you should?


19. It regulates the flow of refrigerant to the evaporator from the high side to the low side of the system _____________.


20. What happens if there is a flame failure in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler?


21. When pumping down an automatically controlled R-12 air conditioning compressor to test the low pressure cutout, you should?


22. It is a device used so that a low pressure must be maintained in the evaporator to permit evaporation of the refrigerants at low temperature _______________.


23. What is the effect of excess frost on the evaporator coils?


24. If the refrigeration compressor is heard knocking while pumping down the low side for repairs, this is an indication of ___________.


25. The purpose of oil separator installed in a refrigeration system is to ____________.


26. This type of brine is use more frequently on the refrigeration system because it has lower freezing point _________________.


27. What is the purpose of low pressure cutout switch in a refrigeration system?


28. Gas bubbles are noted after examining the liquid sight flow indicator in an R-12 refrigeration system, this is an indication of____________.


29. The possible cause of a warmer than normal suction line in a refrigeration system is ______.


30. At what operating condition will an R-12 unit tend to short cycle?


31. What corrective measure must be done when a refrigeration system is having a low suction pressure?


32. What corrective measure must be done when a refrigeration system is having a high suction pressure?


33. What corrective must be done when refrigerator system is having high condensing pressure?


34. For proper air temperature control in an air conditioning system using chilled water circulation, which condition should remain constant regardless of load changes ______.


35. A lower thermostatic temperature setting will provide a desired degree of comfort in a room where ______.


36. Most marine heat exchangers are of the shell-and-tube type. The cylinder shell may be of ___________.


37. When there is an excessive scale build-up in a distilling plant,it lowers _____________.


38. This sewage treatment utilizes bacteria to completely breakdown the sewage into an acceptable substances for discharge into any waters _____________.


39. Which of the following is the largest source of tanker pollution?


40. In sewage treatment the term “maceration” refers to the process of ________.


41. What consideration is most important when determining the minimum temperature of fuel oil in storage tank?


42. What should you do to avoid excessive pressures in the fuel oil filling system during bunkering?


43. Where are the transfer procedures for oil products are required to be posted?


44. Which of the following statements is NOT a recommended safe practice?


45. A separate or an independent bilge suction is required for ____________.


46. What causes vacuum in the main condenser?


47. Zinc plates or anodes are installed in a marine raw-water cooling system to _______.


48. What is the general purpose of a heat exchanger?


49. Which of the listed refrigeration system will require the use of an oil trap?


50. The thermostatic expansion valve controlling a refrigerated cargo box two way solenoid valves senses _____________.


51. The function of an oil separator is to remove the oil from the ________


52. Compound gage are used for measuring pressures both above and below ____________


53. The thermostatic expansion valve is designed to maintain constant _______.


54. Where is the bulb for the thermal expansion valve located in a refrigeration system?


55. What would happen when air is trapped in the hydraulic fluid of the steering gear?


56. Air trapped in the hydraulic fluid of a steering system should be indicated by _______.


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