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1. What causes the resistance of the insulation decrease in an electrical circuit? I


2. The greatest detrimental effect on idle electrical equipment such as cargo pump motors is:.


3. The humming of AC contactors maybe caused by___.


4. What is the number of degrees when the voltage and current are out of phase so that true power is equal to zero?.


5. This/ese is/are the part/s of a synchronous motor that affect the power loss of the motor.I - Stator copper loss II - Friction & windage III Carbon brush loss


6. Which of the listed device is use to measure and convert it with an electrical signal?.


7. This is the instrument that can be used to determine or measure the dirtiness of turbo charger turbine blades.


8. The electromechanical device of a closed-loop instrument that converts an electrical signal to a mechanical position change --.


9. It is the instrument being used to determine that the electrolyte of a wet battery is changed or not.


10. It is the variable resistance placed in the motor circuit of a form wound induction motor that is provided for:.


11. Machinery with ball bearings designed to be filled with grease should have the relief plug temporarily removed after grease has been added.This plug should remain out until the machinery has been operated and sufficiently warmed up to ensure that ___


12. Temperatures in AC generator are indicated by:.


13. The number of times that the armature was being rotated in a period of one second in an alternating current generation is called the ___.


14. It is the most dangerous thing from the cargo of a tanker both to human and fire prevention.


15. What kind of connection in an electrical circuit where the resistance are connected side by side so that there exists more than one path through which current can flow? I


16. What is the function of the voltage regulator fitted to AC generators operating in parallel?.


17. When the load is evenly distributed between two alternators just placed in parallel by adjusting.


18. In a protective device, what does rated current (ln) means?.


19. A switch that dominates the operation of contactors, relays or other remotely operated devices___.


20. If you are changing connection on a DC motor and you reverse both the field and armature lead the:.


21. Generator interpole always has the same polarity:.


22. In this type of control loop, input signal is dependent of output.No feedback (e


23. What is the first alarm that will sound before the diesel engine stop due to lube oil pressure? I


24. It is a kind of alternator having all the armature conductors connected in series as one winding across which an output voltage is generated.


25. In accordance with Coast Guard Regulations, a nonmetallic hose used in a non-vital fresh water system operating at 125 psi must be constructed___.


26. Capacitance in an AC circuit will ___.


27. What is the electronic device that controls the speed of the ship rudder of the steering gear? I


28. Two dissimilar metal strips commonly bonded together into a single unit.This unit change its shape when subjected to heat___


29. In the flow of cycle of single phase AC current past any given point in a circuit, the maximum current peak occurs.


30. If a magnetic controller contact fails to pick up when the operating coil is energized, the possible cause maybe___.


31. The most practical way to control the voltage output of an AC generators is to vary the:.


32. The ends of the armature loop are connected & also rotate to the armature itself in a DC generator is___.


33. Inferential flow meter devices using differential pressure techniques for velocity sensing exhibit non-linear characteristics.What devices is use to restore linear characteristics to measure or control output signal?


34. The resistance value of a resistor in a circuit can best be determined by the:.


35. Autotransformers used with the starters of large AC motors is to provide__.


36. The materials used in electricity and considered to be semi-conductors are:.


37. What is the best conductor materials being used in an electrical circuit?.


38. A semi-conductor material that has extra holes, or positive charges areas, that do not take part in the covalent bonding arrangement.


39. This/ese is/are the parts of a DC generator that rotate/s in the production of electricity.I


40. The main cause why the insulation resistance decreases in a working electric motor is when the motor___.


41. If two alternators are operating in parallel with a load greater than either one is capable of carrying one of them has to be cut out you should.


42. A three phase alternator is operating at 450 volts, 250 amps at 0.6 power factor


43. The voltage output of an AC generator is controlled by the___.


44. It is measuring device where the reading can be indicated thru the expansion of a high resistance wire.


45. What electrical material is being used in electrical installations that permits the free motion of electrons?.


46. A machine that has its ventilating air supplied by an independent fan or blower external to the machine__.


47. A DC generator has lost its residual magnetism which of the following would be correct procedure?.


48. What kind of hands gloves should be used when working on electrical jobs to avoid shock?.


49. What would be the relation of primary amperes to secondary in a 4-1 step up transformer?.


50. The complete series of values of a periodic quantity that occurs during the period.


51. It is a kind of an overload relay that is being actuated by an electromagnet coil.


52. A flow meter which utilizes an oscillator transmitter and receiver timer to measure apparent sound velocity in the fluid, which is proportionally to the velocity of the fluid, across a diametral path inclined in an angle with the flow direction:.


53. If the generator pilot light is lit on a DC switchboard, this means.


54. The most common of excitation for synchronous motor is a/an:.


55. The resistance in the electrical wiring decreases as ______ increases.


56. What could be an application of a silicon controlled rectifier?.


57. Type of permanent magnets are normally made of:.


58. This/ese is/are the part/s of an AC generator that can be installed as stationary at the same time can be installed as revolving.I - armature winding II - magnetic filed lll- slip ring


59. What is the danger of an open field circuit on a series motor?.


60. It is the loop of wire that rotates through the magnetic field in a DC generator.


61. It is an electric device that is being used to maintain the electromotive force within specified limits even with different loads.


62. How are DC generators rated?.


63. A weak signal can be strengthen by a process known as?.


64. Why is it necessary that the feed pump discharge pressure is higher than the steam drum?.


65. In an automation, the effect of a control action sensed by a controller is known as:.


66. The approximate increase of resistance express in percent in every degree centigrade temperature rise of copper wire is ___.


67. Type detector which detect particular matter of all sized, down to size of gas molecules, provided that the number sufficiency high:.


68. In the flow of one cycle of single phase AC current past any given point in a circuit, the maximum flow occurs times.


69. It is a device used for measuring temperature above 500 deg.C


70. It is generally a hollow cylinder or ball working on direct action or displacement principles.


71. The reactive power drawn by a motor from an AC generator is a power which is?.


72. Override or timing by such element at low boiler water drum level, low turbine in let steam pressure.


73. A small but unwanted current flow that occurs due to insulation breakdown or excessive heat___.


74. The electric drill draws 20 amp at 220 voltage.What is the resistance?


75. Thermistor are among a second class of resistance thermometer utilizing elements made of semi- conducting material all of which have characteristics of:.


76. A bourdon tube type steam pressure is fitted with a siphon loop to prevent damage from the direct effect of ____.


77. The temperature reading the thermometer is -40 deg.Celsius


78. How can you maintain two AC parallel generators of equal power factors?.


79. For routine cleaning of a commutator, you should apply ___.


80. Autotransformer starters or compensators are sometimes used with polyphase induction motors to___.


81. An arrangement of elements interconnected and interacting in such a way as to maintain or effect in a prescribe manner some condition of a body process or machine which flow of the system.


82. Device which is used to detect a crankcase mist ____.


83. What automation system is being used in reversing the rotation of the main engine? I


84. A single phase induction motor that has a relatively high starting torque is the ____ .


85. A megohmeter is being used to test insulation resistance current leakage along the surface of the insulation is indicated by the megohmeter


86. It is the equivalent in horsepower of an electric motor that develops a power of 858 watts.


87. The ratio of the effective value of the counter EMF in volts to the effective value of the current in amperes.


88. We have a series path with three parts in a DC circuit.The voltage above the middle part increases from 8V to 10V and the voltage below it decreases from 5V to 3V


89. A ground is indicated by the ground detecting system on the main electrical switchboard, the first step in locating the actual ground is to:.


90. What electric components is used as a filter because of its capability of shorting out the pulse, not the DC and the final result is almost pure DC as the output?.


91. In an automated boiler operations, dirty flame scanner will lost likely result in:.


92. All cargoes loaded to tankers are dangerous.What is the safest cargo being carried onboard a tanker vessel?


93. The purpose of the reverse power relay provided on a ship


94. What is the main difference between a primary and secondary battery ? I -- a primary battery can handle heavier load while secondary battery can handle lighter load II-- in primary battery the voltage output is lower compared to secondary battery III -- the current stored in a primary battery is lower compared to secondary battery.


95. What are the materials termed semi-conductors due to imperfections in their molecular structures? I


96. It is a law in electricity which states that if the rate of flux change is increased, the magnitude of the induced electro motive force will also increased.


97. Which type of generator will most likely lose its voltage over a range of 60% to 1255 of full load?.


98. A digital display that has a layer of liquid crystal sandwiched between two pieces of polarized glass plates___.


99. A pH electrode that develops a voltage that is proportional to the hydrogen ion content of a solution in which it is place is called _______.


100. Inductance is the property of an electric circuit that ___.


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