Assessment Test

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1. The turbo generator steam stop is located between the super-heater outlet and the main steam stop valve to __________.


2. An increase in the pressure drop between the inlet and outlet of the feed water heater waterside, not due to a waterside obstruction, would indicate __________.


3. Which of the drains listed could be led directly to a DC heater operating at 35 psig (343 kPa)?


4. Which of the following systems can be supplied by the auxiliary exhaust system?


5. Under normal operating conditions, a drop in the steam temperature leaving an inter-deck-type super-heater can be caused by a decrease in the velocity of the __________.


6. In addition to the repeated use of surface blow to control boiler water chemistry, caustic soda may be used to treat high salinity, as well as __________.


7. Upon taking over the watch, while the vessel is at sea speed, you find the following conditions to exist. Which condition should be attended to first and why should this step be taken?


8. A turbine assembly in which steam flows in series through a high pressure turbine and then on to a low pressure turbine, with both turbines driving a common reduction gear through separate shafts, is classified as _________.


9. The main steam stop valve on a "D" type marine boiler is located at the __________.


10. Dirty generating tube surfaces may cause higher than normal super heater outlet temperatures because __________.


11. If there is a sudden drop in the outlet temperature of an uncontrolled super-heater, you should __________.


12. In a modern high pressure steam plant, most feed water deaeration takes place in the __________.


13. The limiting factor in determining the end point for combustion is usually the __________.


14. Improper atomization can be caused by __________.


15. In a steaming boiler most dissolved chlorides tend to concentrate at or near the __________.


16. In an impulse turbine, the fixed blades function to __________.


17. The main steam stop bypass valve is used to __________.


18. Under normal conditions, steam to the DC heater is supplied directly from which of the systems listed?


19. Insufficient combustion air supply to the furnace would cause __________.


20. The bottom blow valve on a water-tube boiler is usually attached to the __________.


21. A burner atomizer improperly positioned in the distance piece, may cause __________.


22. Calcium minerals in boiler water are precipitated out of solution by the use of which of the listed chemicals?


23. A boiler internal feed pipe is perforated to __________.


24. Large temperature and pressure drops which occur in the first stage of a combination impulse and reaction turbine are caused by steam passing through __________.


25. Which of the following statements describes how the main propulsion turbine over-speed relay initiates closing of the throttle valve?


26. If the engineer on watch has reason to doubt the accuracy of the water level shown in the boiler gage glass, he should __________.


27. The main boiler feed pump discharge is controlled by the admission of steam to the auxiliary turbine. The admission of steam is normally regulated by a __________.


28. As found in a basic pneumatic automatic combustion control system, the function of a standardizing relay is to __________.


29. Rapidly discharging condensate into the DC heater during normal steaming conditions could cause __________.


30. If the boiler water level is normal, the main condenser hot-well level is normal, and the DC heater level is 40% full, you should __________.


31. If one burner of a group of operating steam atomizing burners in a steaming boiler is cut out, the register doors for that burner should be __________.


32. The purpose of the reaction turbine dummy piston is to __________.


33. In a gravity type lube oil service system, if no lube oil appears in the sight glass (bull's eye) of the return drop line while underway, this is a positive indication that __________.


34. The maximum lube oil temperature leaving a large, main propulsion steam turbine bearing should __________.


35. The major heat loss in a marine boiler is from the heat __________.


36. According to Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), what is the minimum flash point of oil to be used as fuel for the boilers?


37. Which of the listed refractory materials would not be suitable for use in a wall previously provided with 2-inch thick insulation block, or in the construction of floors, or as a gas-side layer?


38. In a disk type centrifugal purifier, the contaminated oil enters the centrifuge __________.


39. Although accurate tests of boiler water for dissolved oxygen are difficult to obtain on board ship, you can be fairly certain of proper oxygen removal by __________.


40. The minimum temperature requirements for fuel oil in storage tanks is related to the _________.


41. Which of the following descriptions best describes a basic Rateau turbine stage?


42. One boiler of a two boiler plant has ruptured a tube and the water cannot be maintained in sight in the gage glass. After securing the fires, your next action should be to __________.


43. When a propulsion boiler is removed from service for an extended period, why should the firesides be thoroughly dried after water washing?


44. The purpose of firebrick in a water tube boiler furnace is to __________. (I. protect the generating tubes from flame impingement II. protect the boiler furnace inner casing)


45. Which of the following methods is used to lubricate main propulsion turbine reduction gears?


46. If a tube failure results from low water level and you cannot maintain water in sight in the gage glass, you should __________.


47. In a steam turbine propulsion plant, the source of metal particles adhering to the magnets in the lube oil strainer is probably from the __________.


48. Should one boiler on a two boiler vessel suffer serious tube damage, the Officer-in-Charge, Marine Inspection may issue a permit (Form CG-948) to proceed to another port for repair __________.


49. The pressure drop that occurs across both the moving and fixed blades of a reaction turbine is the result of the __________.


50. When there is a sudden increase of lubricating oil pump discharge pressure in a force feed lubricating system, you should first check the __________.


51. Helical gears are preferred over spur gears for steam turbine reduction gear units due to the fact that they __________.


52. Which of the following enables a Kingsbury, or any pivot shoe type thrust bearing, to bear a much greater load per square inch of working surface than parallel surface bearings?


53. Which of the following actions should be carried out if the boiler water level is falling due to a tube failure?


54. In an air register assembly, the majority of air passes through the __________.


55. According to Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) a ”oil fuel unit” is correctly described by which of the following statements?


56. The maximum temperature rise of oil passing through any reduction gear set, or bearing, should not exceed __________.


57. A boiler economizer should be bypassed whenever the __________.


58. A water-tube type boiler is more efficient than a fire-tube type boiler as __________.


59. When manually firing a main propulsion boiler, an increase in boiler load should be accompanied by a/an __________.


60. Which of the following designs is an essential feature of the Rateau type turbine?


61. The fireman/water tender secures the fires because there is no visible water level in the gage glasses of a steaming boiler. Upon inspection, you observe condensate trickling down the inside of the gage glass. This indicates __________.


62. A boiler water sample being collected for analysis should be circulated through a cooling coil because _________.


63. An advantage of using boiler furnace studded water wall tubes packed with refractory is _________.


64. When a vessel is in port and the boiler automation system continually trips the burner fuel oil solenoid valve, you should __________.


65. Boilers equipped with steam atomizers can operate over a wide load range without cutting burners in and out because __________.


66. The vacuum drag line for the main condenser is specifically connected in which area?


67. Steam soot blower piping should be thoroughly drained before operating to prevent __________.


68. The first and second stage air ejectors used with main steam condensers are designed to __________. (I. establish vacuum II. increase condensate temperature)


69. The two common chemicals which are the primary cause of internal boiler corrosion are __________.


70. A turbo generator back pressure trip can be actuated as a result of __________.


71. Before giving a boiler a surface blow when underway at sea, you should __________.


72. If the condensate level in the loop seal of the air ejector inter-condenser is lost, __________.


73. Fluctuations in the atomizing steam pressure at the burners could be caused by a/an __________.


74. According to 46 CFR's, all oil-fired main propulsion boilers with automatic burner safety control systems must be provided with __________.


75. The plugging of an excessive number of super heater tubes will result in __________.


76. When starting a turbo generator, you must initially provide external governor lube oil pressure to __________.


77. When fitting new carbon ring packing on a turbine rotor shaft, carefully filing the ends of the segments will __________.


78. Water contamination in the main propulsion lube oil system is undesirable because __________.


79. When a boiler economizer is fitted with a by-pass valve, Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require which of the following devices to be installed?


80. Regarding main reduction gears, when high speed first reduction pinions and gears are connected to low speed pinions and gears, each contained in a sequential portion of the gear housing, the reduction gear unit is known as __________.


81. Which of the following systems is designed to use auxiliary exhaust steam?


82. During cold ship start-up, you should open the feed water outlet and condensate valves to a DC heater in order to __________.


83. In a boiler automation system, if a burner fuel oil solenoid valve continually trips closed under normal steaming conditions, you should __________.


84. The “end point for combustion” for a boiler furnace is reached whenever __________.


85. While your vessel is steaming with one boiler, the automatic combustion control system sensing line for the idle boiler is accidentally opened. How will this effect the steaming boiler?


86. Packing rings installed on auxiliary turbines are generally lubricated by __________.


87. When the automatic combustion control fails, what should you do to control the air supply to a boiler?


88. When conducting a routine hydrostatic test on a water-tube boiler, you should __________.


89. Under normal operating conditions, a drop in the steam temperature leaving an uncontrolled inter-deck super-heater could be caused by a __________.


90. If the boiler water and condenser hot-well levels are normal, but the DC heater level is only 30% of full, you should __________.


91. Auxiliary exhaust steam can generally be used as a supply for the __________.


92. High salinity can be reduced in a steaming boiler by adding caustic soda, phosphate, and then __________.


93. Which of the following systems can normally be supplied by auxiliary exhaust steam?


94. Under normal conditions, the rate of heat transfer in a feed water heater is most greatly affected by the __________.


95. Which set of boiler end points listed is considered to be the normal order of occurrence?


96. Which of the listed characteristics of fuel oil establishes the danger point as far as transferring, pumping, and firing procedures are concerned?


97. Which of the terms listed represents the ratio between the highest and lowest fuel oil pressure at which the burners will remain ignited?


98. If a routine boiler water test indicates high salinity, you should blow down the boiler to reduce salinity and then __________.


99. The steam soot blower piping should be thoroughly drained before operating to prevent __________.


100. In a cross-compounded turbine operating at full load, the total available steam energy is approximately divided between the HP and LP turbine in the ratio of __________.


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