Assessment Test

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1. One cause of diesel engine fuel ignition delay is __________.


2. When a fuel injection nozzle overheats, which of the problems listed can be expected?


3. High cylinder firing pressure, accompanied by low exhaust temperature, can result from __________.


4. In the common rail system, excessive pressure in the header may be caused by __________.


5. Surface irregularities, such as erosion and pitting on injection pump plungers, will __________.


6. On a diesel engine with direct-cylinder admission air starting, a leaking air starting valve would be indicated by __________.


7. Misalignment of the drive shaft and propeller shaft flanges can be detected by using a dial indicator or __________.


8. What could cause the bypass valve in a full-flow lubrication system to open?


9. Lube oil in the fresh water cooling system of a diesel engine may result from a __________.


10. Which of the following effects will excessively cold lube oil have on the operation of a diesel engine?


11. A four-stroke cycle main propulsion diesel engine fails to start at normal cranking speed with normal fuel pressure and ambient temperature. The reason for the failure could be __________.


12. Clogged or partially obstructed exhaust ports on a diesel engine can cause __________.


13. Combustion gas venting through the expansion tank can be caused by a __________.


14. Some diesel engines are fitted with a thermometer in the cooling water outlet from each cylinder. If the cooling water temperature from all cylinders begins to rise above normal, you should suspect __________.


15. A diesel engine cylinder head can crack as a result of __________.


16. Antifreeze solutions containing ethylene glycol, should not be mixed with corrosion protection oils, as the resultant mixture __________.


17. Oil accumulating in the exhaust piping or manifold of a diesel engine can be caused by __________.


18. If there is a 'clicking' sound in the valve compartment of a diesel engine, the cause may be __________.


19. If an auxiliary diesel engine equipped with an electric starting system cranks very slowly after repeated attempts to start, the cause could be a/an __________.


20. A diesel engine may fail to start when being cranked, due to __________.


21. High exhaust temperature and black smoke exhausting from an auxiliary diesel engine can be caused by __________.


22. Crank web deflection readings will give a positive indication of __________.


23. Prior to starting, the purpose of turning over a main propulsion diesel engine with the cylinder test cocks open, is to __________.


24. Excessive vibration from an auxiliary boiler could be caused by __________.


25. High stack temperature occurring in an auxiliary boiler could be a result of __________.


26. Which of the following conditions could cause the feed pump for an auxiliary boiler to lose suction?


27. If the operating speed of a diesel engine increases without an apparent change in the engine control settings, you may suspect a __________.


28. Governor hunting is caused by __________.


29. The hunting of a diesel engine may be caused by __________.


30. If the speeder spring of a main propulsion diesel engine governor breaks while operating at full load, the engine RPM will __________.


31. A diesel engine operates erratically, over speeds, and fails to restart when cranked at normal speed. Which of the following problems is the most likely cause for the engine failing to restart?


32. The governor utilized with the device has become inoperative while the vessel is underway at sea. Which of the following statements describes what action should be taken?


33. The power output of a turbocharged diesel engine will drop if the cooling water flow through the after cooler is interrupted because the __________.


34. Corrosion and grooving on the blading of an exhaust driven turbocharger is caused by certain components of residual fuel oils. These components are vanadium, sodium, and __________.


35. Which operating parameter may need to be decreased when running a large main propulsion diesel engine at low load conditions?


36. As a general rule, what would be the recommended operating water jacket outlet temperature range for medium speed marine diesels set up with closed treated fresh water cooling systems and fitted with vented expansion tanks?


37. The outlet from an expansion tank of a closed freshwater cooling system should be piped to the __________.


38. Fuel injectors used in heavy fuel oil systems are usually provided with cooling to reduce __________.


39. Which of the following statements describes, what will occur to the volume of water vapor as it is exposed to the lower temperatures?


40. Which of the following statements describes the approximate relation between the feed water entering the unit and brine being removed?


41. Cooling water pumps driven by direct-reversing diesel engines are usually __________.


42. The expansion tank for a diesel engine closed cooling system is designed to maintain a constant head on the system and __________.


43. The temperature at which an adjustable bellows type thermostatic valve operates is determined by __________.


44. After cooling of a turbocharged diesel engine will result in __________.


45. The process of scavenging a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine serves to __________.


46. When would the available energy of the exhaust gases of a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine be insufficient to drive an exhaust gas turbocharger, resulting in the incorrect amount of air for combustion?


47. The average exhaust temperature of a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine with a turbine- driven supercharger is lower than a similar four-stroke/cycle diesel engine at equal loads because __________.


48. Why will a turbocharged diesel engine produce black smoke if excessive additional load is applied too quickly?


49. Clearance volume scavenging in a turbocharged, four-stroke/cycle diesel engine is accomplished __________.


50. In a turbocharger, inlet air velocity is increased in the __________.


51. Which of the following statements is correct regarding a turbocharged four- stroke/cycle diesel generator?


52. Large, two-stroke/cycle, main propulsion, diesel engine cylinders can be successfully pressure charged during normal operation, by using the __________.


53. Which of the turbo charging systems listed operates with the least average back pressure in the exhaust manifold?


54. Which of the turbo charging methods listed directs the exhaust gases to the turbine at fairly uniform velocity and pressure?


55. In a Roots-type rotary blower, the volume of air delivered is directly proportional to __________.


56. Which of the designs listed will keep the lobes from making contact in a Roots-type blower?


57. In a two cycle diesel engine, a Roots type blower is usually __________.


58. During the valve overlap period, the exhaust pressure of a turbocharged, four- stroke/cycle diesel engine must be less than the intake manifold pressure to ensure __________.


59. A loop or cross scavenged engine utilizes the motion of its pistons and a turbocharger to provide scavenging air. Which of the listed mechanical designs prevents the air under the pistons from being pumped back through the scavenge ports during the piston power stroke?


60. The device used to limit engine torque at various engine speeds is called a __________.


61. Sensitivity for a diesel engine governor is described as the __________.


62. The principal characteristic of an isochronous governor is it will __________.


63. Diesel engine control can be obtained by the bridge __________.


64. Diesel engines driving alternators operating in parallel must maintain a set frequency regardless of load changes. The governor characteristic used to accomplish this is known as __________.


65. Direct reversible main propulsion diesel engines would normally be fitted with a/an __________.


66. The direct acting mechanical governor used with some small diesel engines, controls fuel flow to the engine by __________.


67. In a simple hydraulic governor with speed droop, oil under pressure is maintained ready for use in the __________.


68. The purpose of the compensating adjustment used in a diesel engine hydraulic governor is to __________.


69. An auxiliary diesel generator continues to run after you try to shut down. Your next course of action should be to _________.


70. What is the best way of stopping an over speeding diesel engine?


71. Which of the listed conditions will result in the failure of an auxiliary diesel engine to shut down?


72. Sacrificial zinc anodes are used on the saltwater side of diesel engine heat exchangers to __________.


73. Which of the listed effects would mixtures of ethylene glycol and phosphate compounds have on the metal surfaces of the cooling system of a diesel engine?


74. Ethylene glycol, when used as a coolant in a closed cooling system for a diesel engine, is more advantageous than untreated raw water because it __________.


75. If the coolant temperature is too low as it passes through internally cooled fuel injectors, the injectors can be damaged by __________.


76. A diesel generator governor is hunting. After changing the oil, the governor is flushed and the compensation needle valve is adjusted, but the hunting persists. You should NOW __________.


77. The most common contaminate of governor hydraulic fluid is __________.


78. If a hydraulic governor has been refilled with oil, the engine should be operated until it reaches normal temperature, then the air should be purged, and the __________.


79. Adjustments to the compensating needle valve in a hydraulic governor should be made with the engine at __________.


80. Because of the close tolerances used in diesel engine fuel oil pumps, a worn plunger requires __________.


81. When a nozzle tester is being used to test a "closed" type fuel injection nozzle, a clogged nozzle orifice will be indicated by a __________.


82. Which of the fuel nozzles listed requires the LEAST maintenance?


83. When running a large, dual fuel, main propulsion diesel engine on heavy fuel, which of the following precautions should be observed when switching from heavy fuel oil to diesel oil?


84. Air is normally bled from a diesel engine fuel system by __________.


85. The spray holes in diesel engine fuel valves should be cleaned using carbon solvent and __________.


86. After a long period of operation, a wear ridge, caused by piston ring action, will develop near the top of the cylinder liner. This ridge must be removed during maintenance in order to prevent __________.


87. When a piston is removed from a diesel engine for maintenance, the piston should be examined for __________.


88. Excessive side clearance between a piston ring and its groove will cause the ring to __________.


89. If the compression rings on a diesel engine piston become stuck in the ring groove, the cause may be due to __________.


90. Before any auxiliary diesel engine hydraulic starting system is opened for servicing or repair, you must __________.


91. The service life of a worn aluminum piston for an auxiliary diesel, for which no spares are readily available, can be extended by __________.


92. In an auxiliary diesel engine, one reason for knurling the piston skirt is to __________.


93. Decreasing the exhaust valve clearance of a diesel engine will cause the exhaust valve to open __________.


94. Diesel engine exhaust gas temperatures can be used to determine individual cylinder __________.


95. If sludge accumulates on the underside of a diesel engine piston, it will __________.


96. Before being shut down, a diesel engine should idle a few minutes in order to __________.


97. If the relief valve on a diesel engine cylinder lifts, the cause could be due to__________.


98. White smoke issuing from the exhaust of an auxiliary diesel engine could mean __________.


99. A diesel engine experiences a sudden loss in speed, accompanied by black exhaust smoke, with the fuel rack at maximum, and the speed remaining below normal. The probable cause is __________.


100. When restarting a heavy fuel diesel engine that has been stopped for some time, the engineer should __________.


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