Assessment Test

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1. The effects of free surface on a vessel's initial stability do NOT depend upon the __________.


2. Reducing the liquid free surfaces in a vessel reduces the __________.


3. What is the principal danger from the liquid in a half full tank onboard a vessel?


4. Which weld fault can only be detected by a method that examines the internal structure of a weld?


5. The damage to a vessel is over $25,000. Who must notify the nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety or Marine Inspection Office as soon as possible?


6. The most detrimental effect on initial stability is a result of liquids __________.


7. A tank which carries liquid is dangerous to the stability of a vessel when it is __________.


8. As the displacement of a vessel increases, the detrimental effect of free surface __________.


9. Free communication effect is in direct proportion to __________.


10. Which statement about damage control is TRUE?


11. Intact buoyancy is a term used to describe __________.


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