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1. Which statement about general average is TRUE?


2. While in transit during heavy weather, the crew aboard a semisubmersible should be alert to repeated pounding of waves on the lower bracing. If necessary, the unit should be __________.


3. The device that allows a floating MODU to sway without bending the marine riser system is the __________.


4. Delivery of a vessel to a charterer is called __________.


5. A shipper of cargo aboard your vessel offers a letter of indemnity for the cargo. This is done in order to obtain a(n) __________.


6. A contract of affreightment is a __________.


7. A document which has a list of names, birthplaces, and residences of persons employed on a merchant vessel bound from a U.S. port on a foreign voyage and is required at every port is called the __________.


8. On the cargo manifest, the total weight of a box containing cargo is the __________.


9. Uncleared crew curios remaining on board during a domestic coastwise voyage after returning from foreign should be __________.


10. The figure obtained by dividing the total volume of the ship in cubic feet (after omission of exempted spaces) by 100 is the __________.


11. The ship's drawings for use when the DEEP DRILLER is damaged are available in the __________.


12. An entry of water, gas, oil, or other formation fluid into the wellbore is called a __________.


13. The owners of the S.S. Short Haul agree to a charter with the Longsplice Steamship Company. The owners stipulate in the charter party that they must approve the Master of the vessel for the entire life of the contract. Which charter has been affected?


14. What is NOT considered maritime property in a salvage claim?


15. On the cargo manifest, the total weight of an empty cargo box is the __________.


16. On the cargo manifest, the gross weight of a box containing cargo is the weight of the __________.


17. A declaration made by the Master before a U.S. Consul, giving particulars regarding heavy weather or other incidents which may have caused damage to the vessel or cargo, through no fault of the vessel, her officers, or crew is a(n) __________.


18. The document that establishes the facts of a casualty and is the prima facie relief from liability for the damage is the __________.


19. A document used to indicate suspected cargo damage caused by rough weather would be the __________.


20. The S.S. Sheet Bend arrives in New York after encountering heavy weather on a voyage from Cape Town. Who will note the maritime protest for the Master?


21. Upon completion of a voyage, the official logbook shall be filed with the _________.


22. When preparing a MODU for heavy weather, fuel oil day tanks should be __________.


23. Payment of penalty for a ship's delay after the expiration of lay days due to some fault of the charterer or his agent is known as __________.


24. A crew has signed on for a 3-month voyage. Fourteen days into the voyage a seaman is improperly discharged at the first port of call. How much pay is he entitled to receive?


25. A complaint of unseaworthiness by a majority of crew members to the American Consul is found to be justified after a survey is completed. Who must pay the cost of the survey?


26. The S.S. Hollowpoint has a charter party in which the charterer assumes no responsibility for the operation of the vessel but pays stevedoring expenses. What is the name of the charter party?


27. What is the difference between net tonnage and gross tonnage?


28. Which space cannot be deducted from gross tonnage when calculating net tonnage?


29. The Master of a vessel may tender a Notice of Readiness to the charterer when the vessel __________.


30. A charterer is unable to complete the loading of a vessel during the lay days specified in the charter party. Under these circumstances, the __________.


31. What is NOT considered maritime property in a salvage claim?


32. The term used in levying customs duties when such are fixed at rates proportioned to estimated value of goods concerned is __________.


33. One of the requirements for a general average act is __________.


34. What is the penalty for willfully damaging cargo?


35. During the course of a voyage, a seaman falls on the main deck and injures his ankle. The Master should submit a Report of Marine Accident, Injury or Death if the __________.


36. Besides the chemical testing of a mariner's breath for alcohol, what other specimen testing for alcohol is acceptable to be taken onboard the vessel after a Serious Marine Incident?


37. A vessel is involved in a casualty. The cost of property damage includes the __________.


38. You are the operator of an uninspected vessel which is involved in an accident. You are not required to assist people affected by the accident if __________


39. Which situation requires you to furnish a notice of marine casualty to the Coast Guard?


40. Your vessel is disabled and in imminent danger of grounding on a lee shore. The Master agrees to salvage services using Lloyd's Open Form of Salvage Agreement. Which is TRUE?


41. What is the "holding power ratio" of an anchor?


42. The length of chain between the anchor and the end of the pendant line is called the __________.


43. When a combination chain and wire rope mooring line is used, the chain is deployed __________.


44. Where do fatigue failures of wire rope mooring lines usually occur?


45. What happens to the pulling power of a winch when retrieving wire rope?


46. A mobile offshore drilling unit crane certificate is required to be maintained __________.


47. A What repair or modification to a MODU would most likely require consulting the construction portfolio?


48. A casualty report of an intentional grounding of a MODU is required under what condition?


49. The notice of casualty to a MODU must include __________.


50. What is the purpose of a check valve?


51. Mechanical gearing of deck machinery such as the windlass or boat hoists should __________.


52. What is the purpose of a striker plate?


53. The officer responsible for the sanitary condition of the engineering department is the __________.


54. The best information on the location of the blocks when dry docking a vessel is contained in the __________.


55. Which of the following requires the vessel to be dry-docked?


56. The terms "cant frame" and "counter" are associated with the vessel's __________.


57. A "contra-guide" is a type of __________.


58. What is the purpose of the freeing ports on a vessel with solid bulwarks?


59. One function of a bulwark is to __________.


60. A deck fitting, used to secure line or wire rope, consisting of a single body with two protruding horns is called a __________.


61. Floors aboard ship are __________.


62. Vertical structural members attached to the floors that add strength to the floors are called __________.


63. What is NOT an advantage of double bottom ships?


64. Which term refers to a transverse curvature of the deck?


65. A negative metacentric height __________.


66. What will happen when cargo is shifted from the main deck into the lower hold of a vessel?


67. Which factor has the greatest effect on the value of the free surface correction?


68. As the displacement of a vessel increases, the detrimental effect of free surface __________.


69. What is the principal danger from the liquid in a half full tank onboard a vessel?


70. You are fighting a fire in a cargo hold on your vessel. Which action is most important concerning the stability of the vessel?


71. A tank which carries liquid is dangerous to the stability of a vessel when it is __________.


72. When repairing a torn sail at sea, you should __________.


73. A stay is __________.


74. Sails may be wing and wing when __________.


75. The hinge fitting used to attach the boom to the mast is the __________.


76. What fitting on the mast works in conjunction with the shrouds to control side bend of the mast?


77. Which ending is NOT acceptable in a wire rope that is free to rotate when hoisting?


78. What is NOT a securing system used on a containership?


79. Which statement is TRUE about hooks and shackles?


80. Under the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act of 1936, a vessel will be liable for damage to cargo when the damage arises from __________.


81. A band or collar on the top end of a boom to which the topping lift, midships guy, and outboard guys are secured, is called the __________.


82. Which of the following is not a loading or transfer feature aboard a Ro-Ro vessel?


83. The primary objective of a Ro-Ro vessel is to __________.


84. Onboard a Ro-Ro vessel many decks are used for the carriage of both rolling and container cargoes, as such it is most useful if a deck socket accepts both __________.


85. What is a single fitting installed in a pipeline that either blanks off the pipe or allows a full flow passage of a liquid through the pipe?


86. What is an advantage of a gate valve over a butterfly valve?


87. The fitting at the end of a cargo line in a tank that allows suction to be taken close to the bottom of a tank is a __________.


88. The pipe used to connect two separate piping systems on a tank vessel is known as a __________.


89. What material is allowed in construction of the hull of a vessel with an integral diesel fuel tank ?


90. The owner or Master of a towing vessel that tows astern must keep records of the towline(s) that include all of the following information EXCEPT _________.


91. A vessel that tows astern must have a/an _________.


92. The size and material used for towline(s) must meet all of the following requirements, EXCEPT _________.


93. What is the equipment used to control, protect and connect a towline called ?


94. On an inspected vessel, which abbreviation refers to the horizontal distance between perpendiculars taken at the forward-most and the after-most points on the waterline at her deepest operating draft?


95. Every seaman injured on a fishing vessel must report the injury to the Master, individual in charge, or other agent of the employer __________.


96. If there is a discrepancy in the cargo totals, between the cargo onboard the vessel and the cargo listed in the cargo manifest, the more accurate account of cargo totals can be found in the __________.


97. Which vessel is required by regulations to have an Official Logbook?


98. An implied warranty of seaworthiness on the part of the vessel's owner lies in the __________.


99. A vessel loads 5000 tons of manganese ore. The railroad cars that brought the ore to the vessel were previously loaded with iron ore so the ore is contaminated. The agent requests the Master to sign a Clean Bill of Lading and in return the shipper will give him a Letter of Indemnity. What is the best procedure to follow?


100. A report of casualty to a vessel must include __________.


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