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1. The maximum speed of lowering for a lifeboat on gravity davits is controlled by the __________.


2. Limit switches are used on which davits?


3. Limit switches on gravity davits should be tested by __________.


4. A sea anchor is __________.


5. When a sea anchor for a lifeboat is properly rigged, it will __________.


6. When you stream a sea anchor, you should make sure that the holding line is __________.


7. In order to prevent galvanic corrosion, an aluminum boat must be insulated from the davits and gripes. Which of the following is acceptable as an insulator?


8. Stretchers are fitted in lifeboats to provide a __________.


9. What is TRUE concerning frapping lines?


10. The purpose of the tricing pendants is to __________.


11. Blocks and falls used as lifeboat gear must be designed with a minimum safety factor of __________.


12. Which statement is TRUE concerning lifeboat gripes?


13. The painter which is to be attached to the thwart of a lifeboat should __________.


14. The sea painter is secured in the lifeboat by __________.


15. The sea painter of a lifeboat should be secured __________.


16. A right-handed propeller will cause the survival craft to __________.


17. Motor-propelled lifeboats are required to be fitted with which of the following?


18. When launching a lifeboat, the tricing pennants should be released __________.


19. If you must land on a beach with an oar-propelled lifeboat through a heavy surf, the recommended method is to __________.


20. You have abandoned ship and find yourself aboard a lifeboat in a heavy sea. Your boat is able to make way through the water. To prevent broaching, you should __________.


21. If the survival craft is not loaded to full capacity, the personnel should be __________.


22. When retrieving the survival craft, the helmsman should instruct the crewman to __________.


23. The command "Oars" means to __________


24. The length of the steering oar in a lifeboat is __________.


25. If the coxswain of your lifeboat gives the command "Hold water" you should __________.


26. If water is rising in the bilge of a lifeboat, you should FIRST __________.


27. A self-righting survival craft will return to an upright position provided that all personnel __________.


28. What precaution should be taken when testing a line throwing gun?


29. Life jackets should be stowed in __________.


30. Which statement about immersion suits is TRUE?


31. What statement about immersion suits is TRUE?


32. The external flotation bladder on an immersion suit should be inflated __________.


33. An immersion suit should be equipped with a/an __________.


34. Life jackets should be marked with the __________.


35. Each distress signal and self-activated smoke signal must be replaced not later than the marked date of expiration, or not more than how many months from the date of manufacture?


36. The governor brake on a lifeboat winch shall be capable of controlling the speed of lowering a fully equipped lifeboat from a cargo ship at __________.


37. What size bilge pump is required for a lifeboat which has a capacity of 675 cubic feet?


38. When lifeboat winches with grooved drums are fitted on a vessel the lead sheaves to the drums shall be located to provide fleet angles of not more than __________.


39. The breaking strength of the service lines of the rockets used with an impulse-projected, rocket type line throwing appliances is __________.


40. Each commercial fishing vessel must have at least one immersion suit, exposure suit, or life preserver for each __________.


41. Your fishing vessel operates more than 25 miles from the coastline on the Great Lakes. Which distress signal is NOT required to be on board?


42. An inflatable liferaft equipped with a SOLAS B pack must be stowed __________.


43. "Free pratique" means that __________.


44. Where would you find a list of the lifesaving equipment onboard your supply boat?


45. If you see someone fall overboard from a MODU, you should __________.


46. The Master or person in charge on a MODU shall insure that line throwing equipment is not operated __________.


47. The routes to be used during evacuation of the MODU are shown in the __________.


48. The limit switches on a MODUs survival-craft winch system __________.


49. When a davit-launched raft is lowered from a MODU, upon becoming waterborne, the raft is released by __________.


50. In how many locations must lifeboats be installed on a mobile offshore drilling unit?


51. The person assigned to command a lifeboat or inflatable liferaft on a MODU shall have a list of the persons assigned to the lifeboat or liferaft. The list shall include each person's __________.


52. The Muster List ("Station Bill") shows each person's lifeboat station, duties during abandonment, basic instructions, and __________.


53. On offshore drilling units, the lifeboats must be lowered to the water and maneuvered at least once every __________.


54. On offshore drilling units, the lifeboat motors shall be operated in the ahead and astern position at least once each __________.


55. On offshore drilling units, the Muster List ("Station Bill") must be posted in conspicuous locations and signed by the __________


56. What is the minimum required number of ring life buoys on a MODU?


57. On surface type offshore drilling units, each survival craft must be capable of being launched to the water at the minimum operating draft, under unfavorable conditions of trim and with the unit listed not less than __________.


58. When weight-testing a davit-launched liferaft on a mobile offshore drilling unit, the test weight must be equivalent to the weight of the raft, its required equipment, and __________.


59. When weight-testing a davit launched liferaft on a mobile offshore drilling unit, the deadweight equivalent for each person in the allowed capacity of the raft is __________.


60. On surface type offshore drilling units, each survival craft must be capable of being launched to the water at the minimum operating draft, under unfavorable conditions of trim and with the unit listed not less than __________.


61. For a MODU not on an international voyage, an approved substitute for an impulse projected rocket-type line throwing appliance is a __________.


62. The instructions for the launching of lifeboats and liferafts must be approved by the __________.


63. On offshore drilling units each ring life buoy must be marked, in a contrasting color, with the unit's __________.


64. All personnel should be familiar with the lifeboats __________.


65. You board an inflatable liferaft that has been hand launched from a sinking vessel. What should you do FIRST after everyone is onboard the liferaft?


66. When should you first have any food or water after boarding a lifeboat or liferaft?


67. After abandoning a vessel, water that is consumed within the first 24 hours will __________.


68. You have abandoned ship and are in charge of a liferaft or survival craft. How much water per day should you permit each person to have after the first 24 hours?


69. If you are forced to abandon ship in a rescue boat, you should __________.


70. The sea painter of a rescue boat should be led __________.


71. When personnel are lifted by a helicopter from an inflatable liferaft, the personnel on the raft should __________.


72. You have abandoned ship and after two days in a liferaft you can see an aircraft near the horizon apparently carrying out a search pattern. You should __________.


73. When a helicopter is lifting personnel from a rescue boat, the other individuals in the boat should __________.


74. You are picking up an unconscious person that has fallen overboard in a fresh breeze. For safety reasons a small craft should approach with the __________.


75. When a helicopter is lifting personnel from an enclosed lifeboat, the other individuals in the boat should __________.


76. Due to the shape of the sea anchor, the best way to haul it back aboard is by __________.


77. The painter of the inflatable liferaft has a length of __________.


78. The air spaces in the floor of an inflatable liferaft will provide protection against __________.


79. The inside light in an inflatable liferaft is turned on __________.


80. When using a hand held smoke signal aboard a survival craft, you should activate the signal __________.


81. To inflate a davit launched liferaft you __________.


82. After having thrown the liferaft and stowage container into the water, the liferaft is inflated by __________.


83. The most important thing to remember when launching an inflatable liferaft by hand is to __________.


84. An inflatable liferaft is thrown into the water from a sinking vessel. Which action occurs automatically after the painter trips the CO2 bottles to inflate the raft?


85. What must be carried out in order to manually launch an inflatable liferaft not designed for float-free operation?


86. Generally, when lifting an inflatable liferaft back aboard ship you would use the __________.


87. While retrieving the survival craft, the engine should be stopped __________.


88. What is the purpose of the hydrostatic release on an inflatable liferaft?


89. If the hydrostatic release mechanism for an inflatable liferaft is not periodically serviced and becomes inoperative, it will NOT __________.


90. What is the purpose of the liferaft hydrostatic release?


91. You are in the process of righting an inflatable liferaft that has inflated in an upside down position. Which statement is TRUE?


92. How should signal flares be used after you have abandoned ship and are adrift in a liferaft?


93. The signal given to commence lowering the lifeboats is __________.


94. The signal given to commence lowering the lifeboats is __________.


95. When supplemented by a comparable signal on the general alarm, what is the signal for boat stations or boat drill?


96. While cranking out a quadrantal davit, slippage of the quadrant due to excessive wear or failure of the teeth in the quadrant will cause the __________.


97. The lifeboats on your vessel are stowed on cradles on deck and are handled by sheath-screw boom davits. Which of the following statements about launching a boat is TRUE?


98. Many sheath-screw davits have markings to indicate the maximum angle to which they should be cranked out. If the angle is exceeded, the davit __________.


99. The boat is stowed on the davit rather than on a cradle with which type of davit?


100. What is the accepted standard for wire rope falls used in connection with the lifeboat gear?


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