Assessment Test

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1. A survey of refrigerated cargo, to certify that proper methods of stowage were utilized, can be conducted by the __________.


2. Which organization would conduct a survey of the insulation in a reefer compartment prior to loading cargo?


3. When referring to dry bulk cargoes, the term "flow state" __________.


4. All wire rope used in shipboard cargo gear must be identified and described in a certificate. The certificate shall certify all of the following EXCEPT the __________.


5. On your vessel, a wire rope for the cargo gear shows signs of excessive wear and must be replaced. In ordering a new wire for this 10-ton boom, what safety factor should you use?


6. The wire rope used for cargo handling on board your vessel has a safe working load of eight tons. It shall be able to withstand a breaking test load of __________.


7. According to the Chemical Data Guide, which material is not compatible with vinylidene chloride (inhibited)?


8. You are transferring a cargo of ethyl chloride and a small amount spills into the water around your vessel. What does the Chemical Data Guide indicate is the solubility of ethyl chloride in water?


9. Depending on its concentration, which product(s) can be classified as either grade D or E?


10. Which flash point would indicate a grade E combustible liquid?


11. Protective clothing must be worn while sampling hazardous cargo on a tankship, and as a minimum includes __________.


12. You are on a multiple-product chemical tanker with orders to load diethylamine. What is NOT a requirement for transporting this cargo?


13. You are to load styrene in bulk, which is subject to self-polymerization. In accordance with 46 CFR Table 153 what are you required to do?


14. Your tankship is carrying a 30% solution of hydrogen peroxide. The cargo containment system must have a permanent inert gas system. While discharging this cargo the inert gas system must maintain a minimum pressure of __________.


15. Once a vessel has loaded packaged hazardous cargo, the cargo spaces shall be inspected. The spaces shall also be inspected at least once in every 24 hours. The only exception to daily inspection is when __________.


16. Which agency is authorized to assist the Coast Guard in the inspection of vessels for the suitability of loading hazardous materials?


17. A vessel constructed after 1970, carrying grades A, B, C or D cargoes, has enclosed spaces where sources of vapor ignition are normally present. What is not required for the segregation of these spaces from cargo tanks?


18. According to the IMO Code, what are the minimum number of securing points that should be on each side of a "road vehicle", whose gross vehicle mass is between 3.5 tons and 20 tons, when carried on Ro-Ro vessels?


19. Records of tests and inspections of a cargo vessel's fire extinguishing systems shall be kept on board __________.


20. Which of the following is a safety consideration when dealing with Liquefied Gas?


21. What does the term "oil", as used in the U.S. regulations mean?


22. U.S. regulations define several acceptable means of closure for ballast and fuel oil tank vents. Which of the following is an example of acceptable means?


23. Which of the following statements is true?


24. Your vessel is securely moored to the berth preparing to discharge a cargo of LPG. Which of the following items would not comply with a "Safety Checklist" and should be corrected?


25. According to U.S. regulations, how much hose should you use in transferring oil in bulk?


26. On a tank vessel, each high level alarm and tank overfill alarm must be tested __________.


27. Before leaving port on an ocean tow, a tug captain should assure himself of all the following EXCEPT __________.


28. Which vessel is NOT required to have a Pollution Placard posted on board?


29. The agency which assigns load lines and issues Load Line Certificates is the __________.


30. The load line regulations are administered by the __________.


31. A credential for apprentice mate (steersman) of towing vessels shall be renewed within what time period before or after the expiration date?


32. You operate a harbor craft on inland waters exclusively. If you regularly service or contact foreign flag vessels in the course of business, which statement is TRUE?


33. What is the minimum fuel-oil discharge-containment needed for a 100 gross ton vessel constructed after June 30,1974?


34. What would you consult to determine the number of persons required on duty while loading a cargo of leaded gasoline on your tanker?


35. An inland oil barge must have equipment available to remove an on-deck oil spill of at least __________.


36. In the uninspected vessel regulations what does the "B" on a "B-II" fire extinguisher refer to?


37. Uninspected towing vessel fire protection regulations apply to which of the following vessels?


38. When is direct voice communication allowed in place of an internal communication system between the engine room and the operating station on a towing vessel?


39. Fire protection regulations for towing vessels allow you to use a nonmetallic flexible hose in fuel line installations under all of the following conditions EXCEPT when ___________ .


40. A new crew member aboard your fishing vessel, who has not received any safety instructions or participated in any drills, reports on board. The Master must provide a safety orientation __________.


41. After 1 September 1992, in the North Pacific area, a documented 75-foot fishing vessel operating in cold waters 25 miles off the coast must have at least a(n) __________.


42. You are on a 92 foot fishing vessel with 35 individuals on board. Which one of the following items are you NOT required to have on board?


43. Which lifesaving equipment must be tested monthly?


44. The Safety Equipment Certificate shows that the vessel conforms to the standards of the __________.


45. Your vessel is on an extended foreign voyage. Several vacancies have occurred in your unlicensed crew through sickness and repatriation. Which statement is correct?


46. According to 33 CFR, on board which type of vessel described below is required to maintain Part II (Cargo/Ballast Operations) of the Oil Record Book?


47. The Certificate of Inspection of a damaged tank barge has expired. What certificate authorizes the barge to move to a repair facility for repair and inspection?


48. What agency issues the Ship Station license for the VHF marine radio on a mobile offshore drilling unit?


49. While assigned to a 90 GRT vessel, you are required to sign "foreign" articles on a voyage from Philadelphia to which port?


50. Which is supplied to the vessel by the U.S. Coast Guard?


51. Which certificate is NOT issued by the Coast Guard?


52. The document on a vessel, annually endorsed by an American Bureau of Shipping surveyor, is called the __________.


53. You are signing on a deck officer, who will be designated as one of the GMDSS operators, before sailing foreign. Which statement is TRUE?


54. What will NOT be found on the Certificate of Inspection of an ocean going tankship?


55. Temporary Certificates of Inspection are effective until the __________.


56. At least one reinspection shall be made on each vessel holding a Certificate of Inspection valid for two years. This inspection shall be held between the tenth and fourteenth months of the duration period of the certificate and shall be __________.


57. You are moving a gas free tank barge to dry dock for repairs. The barge must have onboard a valid __________.


58. When clearing a vessel for a foreign voyage, the original crew list is duly certified by proper authority. In a U.S. port, this authority is the U.S. __________.


59. By law, a user of marijuana shall be subject to which of the following?


60. After a seaman is discharged, at the end of the voyage, the final payment of wages due must be made, whichever is earliest, either within 24 hours after the cargo has been discharged, or __________.


61. The American Consul has asked the Master of a vessel bound for a port in the U.S. to transport a destitute seaman back to the U.S. Which action may the Master take?


62. A seaman may not make an allotment to his __________.


63. You are in charge of a U.S. documented vessel. Under title 46 of the United States Code, if you fail to report a complaint of a sexual offense, you may be __________.


64. Under federal regulations, what minimum level of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) constitutes a violation of the laws prohibiting Boating Under the Influence of Alcohol (BUI) on commercial vessels?


65. All inspected vessels on unrestricted ocean routes must have equipment on board for testing an individual's __________.


66. What is required to be posted in the pilothouse of a vessel?


67. Where would you find the FCC authorization for transmitting on your rig's EPIRB?


68. The number of certificated able seamen and lifeboatmen required on a MODU is stated in the __________.


69. Where must you record the date of each emergency training drill conducted on a MODU?


70. A construction portfolio prepared for each new offshore drilling unit must be approved by the __________.


71. According to the regulations for mobile offshore drilling units, "industrial personnel" are considered to be all persons carried on the MODU for the sole purpose of carrying out the industrial business of the unit, except for __________.


72. The person or company, either proprietor or lessee, actually operating an oil well or lease is the __________.


73. According to regulations, a Master or person in charge of a MODU is required to submit a report of a loss of life __________.


74. What class of bulkhead is required around the galley on a MODU?


75. Where are self-closing doors required on a MODU?


76. Locations on a MODU where flammable hydrocarbon gas or vapors may accumulate due to drilling operations are defined as __________.


77. Regulations require that line throwing equipment on mobile offshore drilling units be tested at regular intervals. What entry should be made in the logbook?


78. What is the minimum number of deck officers, able seaman or certificated persons required to command each lifeboat on a vessel in ocean service?


79. According to the regulations, the capacity of a liferaft is required to be marked __________.


80. "Thermal protective aids" are required for what percentage of the persons a survival craft is equipped to carry?


81. For each person it is certified to carry, a lifeboat on an oceangoing passenger vessel must be provided with all of the following EXCEPT __________.


82. What is a FALSE statement concerning the line throwing appliance on a vessel?


83. What is the minimum number of ring life buoys required on board a 275-foot cargo vessel engaged in coastwise trade, under the alternatives for cargo vessels in a specified service?


84. What is the period of validity of a De-Rat certificate?


85. A vessel is loaded to her summer marks for a voyage from Montreal, Canada to Duluth, MN via the Great Lakes System. The voyage has been estimated to take nine (9) days. If the vessel departs Montreal on September 28th, which of the following statements is TRUE?


86. What is the maximum number of crew members that may be berthed in one room aboard your cargo vessel?


87. Single hull vessels operating exclusively on the Great Lakes must be dry docked at intervals not to exceed __________.


88. Regulations require that cargo pumprooms on tank barges (constructed in 1965) carrying grades B or C liquid cargoes have power ventilation systems. In what time period can these systems completely change the air?


89. Which cargoes require strips of common building lathe as dunnage in order to carry away heat generated by the cargo?


90. The largest crew a cargo vessel may carry without having a hospital space is __________.


91. An accommodation ladder or other equally safe and convenient means must be provided for a pilot whenever the distance from the sea level is more than __________.


92. A vessel in Great Lakes service shall carry anchors in accordance with standards established by the __________.


93. Who must ensure that the emergency lighting and power systems on cargo vessels are operated at least weekly?


94. On a vessel making a voyage more than 48 hours long, regulations require that __________.


95. In accordance with Coast Guard Regulations, Coast Guard approved buoyant work vests __________.


96. According to regulations when, if ever, may cargo hatches on Great Lakes vessels, with more than 6 feet of freeboard, be left uncovered or open while the vessel is being navigated?


97. Under normal weather and sea conditions when securing a stack of containers with twist locks, lashings are required when the tier exceeds what height?


98. When a deck cargo is secured with chain or wire lashings and grab (pear) links, which statement is FALSE?


99. Which material should NOT be used to secure cargo on deck for a voyage?


100. Which is a TRUE statement concerning the examining of cargo equipment at the time of a vessels Inspection for Certification.


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