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1. Large cable sizes are formed as individual conductors that may be comprised of several smaller strands to __________.


2. Copper is often used as an electrical conductor because it __________.


3. The multiple prefix 'giga' (G) means __________.


4. The main difference between an electron tube and a transistor is the __________.


5. The ratio of the effective value of the counter EMF in volts, to the effective value of the current in amperes is called __________.


6. A generator has been exposed to water and is being checked for its safe operation. Therefore, it is necessary to __________.


7. The speed of a three-phase squirrel-cage induction-type motor operating in a fixed frequency system is varied by changing the __________.


8. The multiple prefix 'kilo' means __________.


9. The purpose of a heat sink, as frequently used with transistors, is to __________.


10. Batteries used for diesel engine starting should __________.


11. The combined effect of inductive reactance, capacitive reactance, and resistance in an AC series circuit is known as __________.


12. Before testing insulation with a megohmmeter, the windings of large machines should be grounded for about 15 minutes just prior to the test, because the __________.


13. In a DC series circuit, all the conductors have the same __________.


14. Battery charging rooms should be well ventilated because the charging process produces __________.


15. When a megohmmeter is used to test insulation, the gradual rise of the pointer reading as a result of continued cranking is caused by __________.


16. A silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is a solid state device used to change __________.


17. When using a megohmmeter to test insulation, good insulation will be indicated by __________.


18. The purpose of an impressed current cathodic protection system aboard ship is to __________.


19. The process, whereby electrons gain sufficient energy to be released from the surface of a thin, heated metal plate, is known as __________.


20. Discharged of bilge water, oily waste and oil transfer including incineration are recorded on Oil Record Book, according to the regulations this record shall be kept onboard for __________.


21. In proper handling over the watch, you should say: You have the watch now and the relieving engineer should confirm and say __________.


22. In proper handling over of the watch, what should you say to the relieving engineer before he took over the watch?


23. Not unless the relieving engineer acknowledge that he have the watch now during the turn over of watches, the handling and taking over of watches is __________.


24. In Scotch or auxiliary boiler, what is installed at or near the center of the crown sheet of the combustion chamber?


25. If the main bearing journals are worn out, crank web deflection reading will indicate __________.


26. As a preventive maintenance, diesel engine starting air receivers should be frequently __________.


27. Drain valves on machinery spaces being used for removing impurities and water from diesel engine fuel oil system shall be __________.


28. Main bearing and connecting rod bearings of a diesel engine that are widely used is __________.


29. The normal method to lubricate the bearings of a small high speed diesel engine is ___________.


30. Auxiliary diesel engine with a by-pass type lubricating oil system, the lube oil pump forces some oil used by the engine through a __________.


31. The valve size of a naturally aspirated diesel engine is directly related to the __________.


32. Jacket cooling water outlet from a diesel engine used in the distillation process function to __________.


33. In a controllable pitch propeller diesel engine driven vessel, it does not have a __________.


34. The bearing of a diesel engine that may be subjected to swinging motion is __________.


35. In order to prevent damage caused by vibration on hydraulic pipelines, it is necessary to install a/an __________.


36. On diesel engine main bearing, a positive seating of the bearing in their housing is a result of __________.


37. On high pressure fuel oil lines of a diesel engine the recommended type of gasket to be used is __________.


38. In a turbo charged four-stroke diesel engine, clearance volume scavenging is accomplished during the __________.


39. A device used to monitor and check the presence of lube oil vapors in the crank case on large low-speed main propulsion engine is called __________.


40. Crankshaft bearing of main propulsion engine not sufficiently “crush” will tend to __________.


41. On marine diesel engine, fuel is admitted into the cylinder through __________.


42. Main and connecting rod precision bearing of a diesel engines are made in halves and each half exceeds one-half the bearing circumference by a small amount, this small amount is termed as __________.


43. In two stroke crosshead diesel engine, the piston rod scraper box is installed for the purpose of __________.


44. Too hot feed water may caused feed pump of an auxiliary boiler to __________.


45. In an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, any component of flame safeguard control got failed the boiler can not be __________.


46. Main propulsion diesel engine having a cylinder bore exceeding 300 mm must be installed with at least __________.


47. It is highly recommended that the water in a steaming auxiliary boiler should be tested regularly for __________.


48. On large slow speed main propulsion diesel engine, the telescopic pipe to the piston are designed to ___________.


49. Water jacket liner has O-ring near the bottom of the liner, the purpose of these O-rings is to prevent __________.


50. If the damper of an automatic auxiliary boiler is not sufficiently open, the programmed control system will terminate the light off process during the pre-purge period if __________.


51. In four stroke diesel engines fuel oil begins injection into the cylinder during __________.


52. In large automatic auxiliary boiler the flame safeguard control system will provide fuel oil shut off when __________.


53. The lube oil pump usually used to take suction from the sump of most small engine are __________.


54. In large, low speed main propulsion diesel engine they are using sea water to cool down its __________.


55. Black smoke exhausting from a diesel engine may be caused by __________.


56. Engine operating conditions may be indicated by the color of the exhaust smoke. Black smoke could indicate __________.


57. Black smoke exhausting from a diesel engine indicates __________.


58. What color exhaust will be exhibited when a slow speed two-stroke/cycle main propulsion diesel engine, designed to operate on light and heavy fuel oil, is operated on insufficiently preheated heavy fuel oil?


59. A dark exhaust from a running diesel engine can be caused by a/an __________.


60. In a single-acting diesel engine, the cylinder liner area that is most difficult to lubricate is the __________.


61. When inspecting pistons, liners, and rings of a large two-stroke/cycle diesel engine through the cylinder ports, a wet piston crown would indicate a/an __________.


62. The greatest turbulence in a diesel engine cylinder is created by the __________.


63. After removing an old set of rings, which of the following conditions as indicated if a bright spot is found on each end of a broken piston ring?


64. In describing engine operation, what does the term “cycle” mean?


65. High exhaust temperatures from all of the cylinders of a turbocharged, four-stroke/cycle diesel engine can be caused by a/an __________.


66. In a multi-cylinder, constant pressure, turbocharged diesel engine, the combined exhaust temperature at the turbocharger inlet reads higher than the individual cylinder exhausts. This means the __________.


67. You are operating a 16-cylinder diesel engine at 75% load, turning 900 RPM. All exhaust temperatures are between 900°F and 950°F, except the #3 cylinder, with an indicated reading of 750°F. All fuel rack settings are between 21 and 22 millimeters, with the exception of a 17 millimeter setting for the #3 cylinder. Which of the following corrections should be carried out?


68. Combustion knock will most likely occur as a result of using a fuel with __________.


69. When checking for the presence of sulfite in the feed water of an auxiliary boiler, you are in essence checking __________.


70. If the load on a diesel engine equipped with an isochronous hydraulic governor is increased after compensation is performed by the governor, the engine speed will __________.


71. Which of the listed fuel oil ignition methods are commonly found on automatically fired auxiliary boilers aboard merchant vessels?


72. The main source of fuel injection system malfunctions is __________.


73. To test the operation of the flame failure switch of an operating automatically fired auxiliary boiler, you should __________.


74. Which of the listed devices could be used as a ring groove cleaning tool during preparation for the installation of new rings?


75. Which of the listed diesel engine systems is likely to create the problem of a cylinder regularly misfiring?


76. The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), 1974, currently in force, was adopted on __________.


77. The International Maritime Organization “SMCP” compilation intents to assist the greater safety of navigation, SMCP stands for __________.


78. The standard language used in communication for navigation at sea, in port approaches, waterways and harbor and on board vessels with multilingual crews is known as __________.


79. In distress, urgency and safety signals “MAYDAY” means __________.


80. The words PAN PAN used in distress, urgency and safety signals means __________.


81. When latitude and longitude are used and expressed in degrees and minutes, north or south of the equator and east or west of Greenwich, it refers to ships __________.


82. The word SECURITE used in distress, urgency and safety signals means __________.


83. Vessels reporting their position should always quote their __________.


84. Speed of the vessel has to be express in __________.


85. To evacuate crew and passenger from a vessel following a distress is known as __________.


86. A place on deck, in mess room, etc., assigned to crew and passengers where they have to meet according to the muster list when the corresponding alarm is released or announcement made is known as __________.


87. An area which cannot be scanned by the ship’s radar because it is shielded by parts of the upper-structure, mast, etc. is known as __________.


88. A mini-caterpillar with push-blade used for the careful distribution of loose goods in cargo hold of bulk carriers in known as __________.


89. A concise explanatory information to crew and/or passengers is known as __________.


90. A sea room to be kept for safety around a vessel, rock, platform, etc., is known as __________.


91. An emergency reversal operation of the main engine to avoid collision is known as __________.


92. A system of cleaning the cargo tanks by washing them with the cargo of crude oil during discharge is known as __________.


93. A group of crew members trained for fighting flooding in the vessel is known as __________.


94. A vessel still afloat, abandoned at sea is known as __________.


95. A clearly marked way in the vessel which has to be followed in case of an emergency is known as __________.


96. The term used to mean a measurement of 6 feet is known as __________.


97. A member of the watch going around the vessel at certain intervals so that an outbreak of fire may be promptly detected; mandatory in vessels carrying more than 36 passengers is known as __________.


98. A sound signal of seven short blasts and one prolonged blast given with the vessel’s sound system is known as __________.


99. Which solid AWG wire size has the smallest physical cross-sectional area?


100. The speed of a squirrel cage induction motor is determined by the __________.


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