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1. What is an electrical installation that is being used to open or close the electrical path way in a complete circuit?


2. It provide pneumatic amplifier, proportional movement, and reduce time lag.


3. Before working on an electric cargo winch master switch or controller you should ___.


4. In this type of control loop, the input signal is dependent to the error which is the difference between the system input and its output (e.g. diesel generator with simple governor). Load changes give the small speed variation.


5. On a switchboard, if all three ground detection lamps are burning at full intensity when the test button is depressed, which of the listed conditions is indicated.


6. The kind of connection in a DC generator wherein the field coils are connected in one line with the armature line is a _______.


7. In instrumentation, it is precession resistor with known temperature coefficient of resistance (e.g. change of resistance with temperature)


8. What will be the true power in watts of an alternating current circuit if the impedance is 5 ohms, resistance is 3 ohms, inductive reactance is 4 ohms if the voltage is 10V and current is 2 amperes?


9. If the secondary of a transformer is stepped-up, the primary will have ___________.


10. Ohmmeter are used to measure ______.


11. Which of the following does a closed loop pneumatic control system always operates with?


12. It is the number of times that the armature was rotated in a period of one second in an alternating current generation.


13. The main purpose of an electric space heater installed in a large AC generator is to:


14. What would happen when fuses & thermal cut outs are both used in a motor circuit?


15. In electro-static, like poles _______.


16. The lights that indicate whether the valve is open or closed is known as __________.


17. An AC (rotating armature type) exciter whose output is rectified by a semiconductor device to provide excitation to an electric machine and mounted on and rotate with the AC exciter armature ________.


18. Electrons or holes that support current flow in solid-state devices:


19. What is the danger of an open field circuit on a shunt motor?


20. A mandatory characteristics of a pure amplifier is that _______.


21. It is the condition in an alternating circuit if the current and voltage are in phase.


22. The AC motor where an AC current is applied to the stator and DC current is applied to the rotor is called a _______.


23. The process whereby the internal alternating current in a DC generator is changed to direct current is known as:


24. If the proportional band width is narrow then a big controlling movement is required for a small duration. If this is the setting the control is:


25. Polyphase induction motors in general can be started on full line voltage by means of:


26. The lights that indicate whether a piece of machinery is running or not is known as ____________.


27. In a three phase open delta connected transformer, the line current is equal to:


28. Which of the following direct current generator components is used to convert the alternating current, produced in the generator windings, to direct current?


29. What precautions should be taken with a vessel?


30. Of what significance is ambient temperature in relation to the service life of electronic components?


31. What will be the current in amperes if the voltage is 220 and the resistance is 30 ohms in an electrical circuit?


32. A motor whose speed can be adjusted gradually, but when once adjusted for a given load will vary in considerable degree with change in load, an example is a DC compound wound motor adjusted by field control or a wound-rotor induction motor with rheostatic speed control:


33. Magnetic controller contacts may become welded together during operation because of?


34. A solid state circuit is not working, you should ______.


35. Differential pressure gauge are installed mostly on ________.


36. To remove from the bus an alternator operating in parallel with another unit, you should first ____.


37. Voltage applied across a p-n junction that causes or no current flow:


38. In a three phase circuits, the phase are:


39. A negative feedback process that takes an out-of-phase output signal and return it to the input of a circuit ___.


40. A pH electrode that is responsible for producing a stable voltage that is independent by its circuitry ____________.


41. What will be the total resistance in ohms if two resistors 60 ohms and 40 ohms are connected in parallel in an electric circuit of 220V line?


42. This is an arrangement of control system that uses two controllers, the slave controller much faster acting thus catering for disturbances before they affect the main control loop.


43. A control system in which one controller alters the set value of one or more other controllers?


44. What is the electrical pressure generated by the energy source and it is termed as?


45. While paralleling two AC generators using synchronizing lamps only, both base lamp will light brighter when the generator are __________.


46. What will be the current in amperes if six 3-OHM resistors are connected in series to the terminals of a 9 volts dry cell battery?


47. What would you do if the load were unequal on two AC generator operating in parallel?


48. A circuit device which changes alternating current to direct current is a __________.


49. To carry on proof load test (S.W.L.) of derricks how much load is applied?


50. The things to be considered to avoid shock when working on electrical jobs are __________. I – use hand gloves that are good conductors II – use electric equipment fully insulated III – avoid using equipment with open wire


51. The precautionary things to be done to avoid electric shock while working onboard are: I – Work on dry places II – Use rubber gloves and shoes III – Avoid work on hot places


52. Law that explains the relationship of voltages, current & resistance in an electrical circuit is known as __________.


53. It is an element that greatly affects the good operation of the electrical circuit for hydro-electric deck machineries is called __________.


54. The things to be done to minimize interferences on communication onboard are ___________. I – check antenna cables regularly II – check wire insulation every 3 months III – use wires with good conductivity


55. A rheostat is a device that regulates the strength of an electric current by __________.


56. How could you increase speed of a DC shunt motor?


57. An enclose constructed so that cannot enter the enclosing case ___________.


58. What do you call the circuit in electricity wherein the switch is placed to “ON” position?


59. What is attached to the wire drum of an electro hydraulic cargo winch to automatically stops the motor of the hydraulic pump if there are few rolls left on the drum itself?


60. It is an electric device that consists of junction of semi-conductor materials that conduct electricity very well in one direction but very poor in the other is called __________.


61. Where is the fixed CO2 system in the engine control valve located?


62. This is a type of level measuring device which involves a magnet in contact with the tank liquid. It moves up and down on a profiled guide tube which has a follower magnets moves in a sealed glass tubes to indicate contents is called __________.


63. The controller having the time interval in which the part of the output signal due to integral action increases by the amount equal to the part of the output signal due to proportional action when the deviation is unchanging is called __________.


64. A machine having openings for the admission and discharge of the ventilating air, which is circulated by means integral with the machine, the machine being otherwise totally enclosed is called __________.


65. The elements which accepts in physically similar form, the command signal and controlled condition, or equivalents, and determines the deviation or the converted deviation is called __________.


66. The voltage of an operating 60 hertz alternator is generally adjusted by varying the __________.


67. What is the function of the voltage regulator fitted to AC generators operating in parallel?


68. Fuses are rated in __________.


69. Simple control loop has three elements, the measuring element the comparator element and the controlling element. An example of measuring element used for transducer application are __________.


70. The process of increasing the current, voltage or power component of an electronic signal is called __________.


71. The unit of power used in moving electrons from one point to another point is __________.


72. The effect of a device operative on excessive current ( but not necessarily on short circuit) to cause and maintain the interruption of power in the main circuit is __________.


73. The value of control variable, which under any fixed of condition the automatic controller operates to maintain, is _______.


74. What material being used in electronic devices which have both insulator and conductor characteristics?


75. An electric controller that utilize a drum switch as the main switching element ____.


76. Before testing insulation with a megohmeter , the windings of large machines should be grounded for about 15 minutes just prior to the test, because the:


77. A unit of electrical charge the represent a large number of electrons:


78. What electric AC motor wherein the number of poles of the rotor have the same number of poles as the stator with which it is to be used is _______.


79. What type of a DC generator when the voltage rise from no load to full load?


80. In calibrating an instrument, one of the adjustment to the carried out is the adjustment:


81. A machine that transforms mechanical power into electric power____.


82. A water-soluble substance or brackish tasting compound that is capable of reacting with an acid to form a salt. An alkaline substance containing a number of free hydroxyl ions:


83. The ability of a circuit to determine or visualize a future action ______.


84. A circuit that provides a DC output voltage that is proportional to the phase difference of its two input signals _____.


85. This must be given priority for check or test after discharging and cleaning of a tanker cargo tank.


86. In general Polyphase induction motors can be started on full line voltage by means of ___________.


87. A 25 kva alternator has a total loss of 2000 watt when it delivers rated kva to a load at a pf of 0.76. Calculate its percent efficiency?


88. The technique used in detecting the oil water interference is called:


89. The electric device that consists of a conjunction of semiconductor material that conducts electricity in one direction very well but poor in the other direction is a/an:


90. What condition which does not have to met by alternators working in parallel is:


91. A voltage failure of an AC generator may be caused by the following except:


92. Which of the following statements represents the FIRST step in seating new brushes on slip rings?


93. An analog computer, as compared to digital computers, _______.


94. The state of change of a nickel cadmium battery can be tested by _______.


95. It is an electric device being connected between two generators of different capacities run in parallel so that the running load is divided proportionally between the two.


96. It is the property of the fuel oil being used in an auxiliary boiler that controls the closing of magnetic valve thus firing starts.


97. What do you call this band within which fall the frequencies produced by the process of modulation?


98. An electric bonding cable is used on tankers to prevent explosion due to inflammable vapors. When is the proper time to connect this bonding cable?


99. On AC vessels, what problem is involved in obtaining a DC potential suitable for use by computer components?


100. What is the device installed in the main switchboard being used to indicated whether the alternator is running faster or slower than the other?


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