Assessment Test

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1. ECDIS must be able to perform all of the following EXCEPT __________.


2. ECDIS must have the capability to preserve the record of the voyage track for the previous __________.


3. ECDIS units incorporate Digital Chart Data Formats, which include __________.


4. Eight points of a compass are equal to how many degrees?


5. Electronic Plotting Aid (EPA) has which built in functions?


6. Electronic Plotting Aid (EPA) has which built in functions?


7. Entering from sea, a daymark on the port side of the channel would be indicated on a chart by a __________.


8. Entering from seaward, triangular- shaped daymarks are used to mark __________.


9. Error may be introduced into a magnetic compass by __________.


10. Except for N-S courses, and E-W courses on the equator, a great circle track between two points, when compared to a rhumb line track between the same two points, will __________.


11. Fetch is the __________.


12. Fog forms when the air __________.


13. Fog forms when the air temperature is at or below __________.


14. Fog generally clears when the __________.


15. Fog is formed when __________.


16. Fog is likely to occur when there is little difference between the dew point and the __________.


17. Fog is most commonly associated with a(n) __________.


18. Fomalhaut is found in what constellation?


19. For a well made and well maintained sextant, the maximum value of which correction is usually so small that it can be ignored?


20. For an accurate barometer check, you would __________.


21. For navigational purposes, each great circle on the Earth has a length of __________.


22. Freezing salt water spray should be anticipated when the air temperature drops below what temperature?


23. From which type of cloud can a tornado or waterspout develop?


24. General information about the location, characteristics, facilities, and services for U.S. and foreign ports may be obtained from which publication?


25. General information on enroute weather and climate is found in __________.


26. Generally speaking, a ship steaming across the North Pacific from Japan to Seattle is likely to experience __________.


27. Generally speaking, in the Northern Hemisphere, when winds are blowing from between SE and SW the barometric reading __________.


28. Generally speaking, you should expect to find low atmospheric pressure prevailing in the earth's __________.


29. Geographic range is the maximum distance at which a light may be seen under __________.


30. Good weather is usually associated with a region of __________.


31. Green lights may appear on __________.


32. Gyrocompass repeaters reproduce the indications of the master gyrocompass. They are __________.


33. Heeling error is defined as the change of deviation for a heel of __________.


34. High clouds, composed of small white flakes or scaly globular masses, and often banded together to form a "mackerel sky", would be classified as __________.


35. Hot air can hold __________.


36. How can you estimate the position of a tropical storm's center?


37. How is a navigation light identified on an Army Corps of Engineers navigation map?


38. How is a safe water mark, that can be passed close aboard on either side, painted and lighted?


39. How is the annual rate of change for magnetic variation shown on a pilot chart?


40. How is the intensity of a light expressed in the Light Lists?


41. How is variation indicated on a small- scale nautical chart?


42. How long would a steady wind need to blow in order to create a wind driven current?


43. How many fixed objects are needed to plot a running fix?


44. How many high waters usually occur each day on the East Coast of the United States?


45. How many points are there in a compass card?


46. How many slack tidal currents usually occur each day on the east coast of the United States?


47. How many targets can an Electronic Plotting Aid (EPA) track at the same time?


48. Hurricanes may move in any direction. However, it is rare and generally of short duration when a hurricane in the Northern Hemisphere moves toward the __________.


49. If a hurricane several hundred miles away is moving in your general direction your barometer would __________.


50. If a magnetic compass is not affected by any magnetic field other than the Earth's, which statement is TRUE?


51. If a ship is proceeding towards the magnetic equator, the uncorrected deviation due to permanent magnetism __________.


52. If a sound signal is emitted from the oscillator of a fathometer, and two seconds elapse before the returning signal is picked up, what depth of water is indicated?


53. If a towboat requires a double lockage it shall give which sound signal at a distance of not more than one mile from the lock?


54. Charts showing the coast of Mexico are produced by the United States __________.


55. Chronometer error may be found by __________.


56. Cirrus clouds are composed primarily of __________.


57. Civil twilight begins at 1910 zone time on 20 July. Your DR position at that time is LAT 22°16'N, LONG 150°06'W. Which statement concerning the planets available for evening sights is TRUE?


58. Civil twilight occurs at 0558 zone time on 30 December. Your DR position at that time is LAT 15°02'N, LONG 46°02'W. Which statement concerning the planets available for morning sights is TRUE?


59. Civil twilight starts at 1812 zone time on 26 August, Your DR position at that time is LAT 21°06'S, LONG 14°56' W. Which statement concerning the planets available for evening sights is TRUE?


60. Compass deviation is caused by __________.


61. Compass error is equal to the __________.


62. Complete information on weather broadcasts throughout the world is contained in __________.


63. Concerning a celestial observation, the azimuth angle is measured from the principal vertical circle to the __________.


64. Considering the general circulation of the atmosphere, the wind system between latitudes 30°N and 60°N is commonly called the __________.


65. Coral atolls, or a chain of islands at right angles to the radar beam, may show as a long line rather than as individual targets due to __________.


66. Cumulonimbus clouds are formed by __________.


67. Cumulonimbus clouds are most likely to accompany a(n) __________.


68. Cold water flowing southward through the western part of the Bering Strait between Alaska and Siberia is joined by water circulating counterclockwise in the Bering Sea to form the __________.


69. Coast Pilots and navigational charts are kept corrected and up-to-date by using the __________.


70. Clouds with the prefix "nimbo" in their name __________.


71. Clouds form __________.


72. Clouds are classified according to their __________.


73. Cloud formations are minimal when the __________.


74. Clearance gauges at bridges indicate __________.


75. Class I and II private aids to navigation in or along navigable waters of the United States are listed in the __________.


76. Compared to a low pressure system, generally the air in a high is __________.


77. Cumulonimbus clouds can produce __________.


78. Cumulus clouds that have undergone vertical development and have become cumulonimbus in form, indicate __________.


79. Current refers to the __________.


80. Cyclones tend to move __________.


81. Data relating to the direction and velocity of rotary tidal currents can be found in the __________.


82. Daylight savings time is a form of zone time that adopts the time __________.


83. Daymarks marking the starboard side of the channel when going towards the sea are __________.


84. Deneb is found in what constellation?


85. Denebola is found in what constellation?


86. Descending boats, while awaiting their turn to enter a lock, shall NOT block traffic from the lock. They shall be above the lock by at LEAST __________.


87. Despite weather predictions for continued good weather, a prudent mariner should be alert for all of the following, EXCEPT a sudden __________.


88. Deviation in a compass is caused by the __________.


89. Deviation is caused by __________.


90. Deviation is the angle between the __________.


91. Deviation which is maximum on intercardinal compass headings may be removed by the __________.


92. Discounting slip, if your vessel is turning RPM for 10 knots and making good a speed of 10 knots, the current could be __________.


93. Distance along a track line is measured on a Mercator chart by using the __________.


94. Diurnal aberration is due to __________.


95. Drawbridges equipped with radiotelephones display a __________.


96. During daylight savings time the meridian used for determining the time is located farther __________.


97. During one synodic rotation, a body makes one complete turn relative to the __________.


98. During the month of October the Sun's declination is __________.


99. During the winter months, the southeast trade winds are __________.


100. Early indications of the approach of a hurricane may be all of the following EXCEPT __________.


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