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1. It is an electrical device used to change the voltage by means of an electro-magnetic induction with AC current.


2. A mode of control that provides an output that is related to the time rate of change that occurs between a process variable and its set-point.


3. That property of a system of conductors and dielectrics that permits the storage of electricity when potential differences exists between the conductors_____.


4. A motor whose speed of normal operation is constant or practically constant ___.


5. The device which most commonly utilizes the principle of the electromagnetic induction is the:.


6. The entire housing which contains all display information is called the:.


7. A pH electrode that is responsible for producing a stable voltage that is independent by its circuitry ____.


8. A desuperheater located in the steam drum of a boiler and is used for controlling superheat temperature.


9. Law that explains the relationship of voltages, current & resistance in an electrical circuit:.


10. A digital device whose output is true or 1 when all of its inputs are true or logic 1 ___.


11. The magnetic material used to make permanent magnet is:.


12. What will be the current in amperes if six 3-OHM resistors are connected in series to the terminals of a 9 volts dry cell battery?.


13. Aboard ship you should test for a grounded field coil in an AC motor with a:.


14. It is electrical type thermometer made of semi-conducting materials, they are manufactured by centering powder mixtures of metallic oxides such as manganese, nickel, iron and uranium.


15. A device, or group of devices, that serves to govern, in some predetermined manner, the electric power delivered to the apparatus to which it is connected __.


16. In what state should the primary circuit be when an induction coil operates on DC current and gives an instantaneous voltage?.


17. It is the number of degrees when the voltage and current are out of phase so that the true power is equal to zero.


18. What type of level measuring instrument is frequently employed for remote indication of boiler water level and for supplying a signal for level control system?.


19. How could you increase speed of a DC shunt motor?.


20. Where is the fixed CO2 system in the engine control valve located?.


21. It responds directly to the value of the variable _____.


22. To properly set the brushes on slip rings, you should use _____.


23. While paralleling two AC generators using synchronizing lamps only, both lamp will go dark when the generous are?.


24. The increase in torque above rated torque to which a propulsion system may be subjected without the motor pulling out of step with the generator ______.


25. What would you do if the load were unequal on two AC generator operating in parallel?.


26. The part of a DC generator that ride up against the slip ring to connect the external circuit is the:.


27. What is the relay contacts and writing that carries the load current in a switch?.


28. An enclose constructed so that cannot enter the enclosing case ______.


29. Which of the following statements concerning AC circuit is correct?.


30. This is a type of level measuring device which involves a magnet in contact with the tank liquid.It moves up and down a profiled guide tube


31. The process of increasing the current, voltage or power component of an electronic signal:.


32. What would be the purpose of a heat sink frequently used with transistor?.


33. One of the methods used in temperature measurement is by means of gas filled thermometer.This type of instrument usually employs fluid under high pressure and the pressure is proportional is linear


34. What is wrong if a part in a series path DC circuit has an above normal voltage drop and all other parts have below normal voltage drops?.


35. It is an element that greatly affects the good operation of the electrical circuit for hydro-electric deck machineries.


36. Why should an electronic digital meter be used to measure voltage in electronic circuits?.


37. Simple control loop has three elements, the measuring element the comparator element and the controlling element.An example of measuring element used for transducer application is


38. The things to be done to minimize interferences on communication onboard are _____.I


39. It is an electrical motor that has two or more speed.


40. A liquid level sensor that is made of a float and is generally a hollow cylinder of ball working on direct action or displacement principles.


41. A type enclosure in which the openings are so constructed that drops of liquid or solid particles falling on the enclosure at any angles not greater than 15 degrees from the vertical either cannot enter the enclosure, or if they do not enter the enclosure, will prevent the successful operation of damage of, or cause damage to the enclosed equipment or motor:.


42. It is kind of conduit being widely used underground wiring due to its easy installation and does not rust.


43. This type of control system is used where one variable is kept at a fixed ratio to another.An example may be the proportion of the fuel-to-air for a boiler combustion system


44. The controller having the time interval in which the part of the output signal due to integral action increases by the amount equal to the part of the output signal due to proportional action, when the deviation is unchanging.


45. Marine generators are designed to 25% overload with an allowable temperature rise of:.


46. A rheostat is a device that regulates the strength of an electric current by:.


47. This will be observed or happen if a 100 watts electric bulb will be used in an AC circuit with frequency of 400 hertz compared to 60 hertz frequency.


48. Possible phase relationships between voltage and current in an alternating current circuit include which of the following conditions?.


49. A molded-case circuit breaker provides protection against short circuits by using a/an:.


50. Which procedure should be used to determine the load on a three-phase delta-connected AC generator?.


51. In electronic circuits, DC voltage can be positive (+) or negative (-) when measured with respect to the _________.


52. One feature of the operational amplifier is that it can have _________.


53. In process control terminology values which can change without distinct increments, such as temperature, pressure or level are called __________.


54. Which of the following statements best described the material known as vanished cambric?.


55. Ammeters and voltmeters used in sinusoidal AC power systems indicate which of the following values of the wave forms are measured?.


56. Since fuse elements are made of zinc or any alloy of tin and lead, the melting point of the fuse element must be.


57. A compound generator has a no load voltage of 250 volts and a full load voltage of 220 volts and therefore, is considered to be ________.


58. Which solid AWG size has the smallest physical cross-sectional area?.


59. A resistor for use in the armature or rotor circuit of a motor in which the current is approximately proportionally to the speed of the motor _____.


60. A unit of signaling speed equal to the number of discrete condition per second of character.


61. What parts of an AC generator that can be installed as stationary at the same time can be installed as revolving? I


62. What is the electrical pressure generated by the energy source and is termed as?.


63. The total resistance of a parallel circuit is always ____ branch resistance(s).


64. What is the color of a DC commutator when wrong commutations taking place?.


65. This is an arrangement of control system that uses two controllers, the slave controller much faster acting thus catering for disturbances before they affect the main control loop.


66. What will be the total resistance in ohms if two resistors 60 ohms and 40 ohms are connected in parallel in an electric circuit of 220V line?.


67. To carry on proof load test (S.W


68. The unit of power used in moving electrons from one point to another point is ____.


69. The things to be considered to avoid shock when working on electrical jobs are ____.I


70. The effect of a device operative on excessive current ( but not necessarily on short circuit) to cause and maintain the interruption of power in the main circuit.


71. What do you call the circuit in electricity wherein the switch is placed to


72. Decreasing the frequency in a capacitive circuit while maintaining a constant circuit voltage, will result in a/an _____.


73. A reverse current relay prevents DC generators motorization by:.


74. A control system in which one controller alters the set value of one or more other controllers.


75. The standard method of controlling the voltage of a 440 volt to 60 Hz, AC generator accomplished by adjusting the:.


76. The voltage of an operating 60 hertz alternator is generally adjusted by varying the ___.


77. What methods are used to control the time that current is limited before full current is applied?.


78. Time delayed or delayed action-type fuses are designated to ____.


79. The elements which accepts in physically similar from, the command signal and controlled condition, or equivalents, and determines the deviation or the converted deviation.


80. It is a kind of connection in a direct current generator wherein the field coils are connected in one line with the armature coils.I


81. It is the wire of the cargo winch that is being used to move the cargo winch derrick from port to starboard and vice versa.


82. When two or more generators are connected in parallel, what device is used to disconnect a generator from the line if a generator starts drawing power from the line?.


83. The true power indicated by a wattmeter depends on the current flow through the load, the magnitude of the potential across the load, and the ____.


84. Most type of actuator use in the operation of the valve.


85. What is attached to the wire drum of an electro hydraulic cargo winch to automatically stops the motor of the hydraulic pump if there are few rolls left on the drum itself?.


86. What is attached to wire drum of an electro hydraulic winch that will automatically stops the motor of the pump if there are few rolls automatically stops the motor of the pump if there.


87. An AC transformer has the following data, primary voltage 450 volts, primary current 250 amp., secondary voltage 110 volts, secondary current 900 amp


88. If a motor operates 16 hrs.a day for 30 days and 8 hrs


89. The precautionary things to be done to avoid electric shock while working onboard are:.


90. The type of flowmeter which uses the principle of a moving conductor (the liquid) in a magnetic field generating potential differences:.


91. The frequency of an AC generator is adjusted by means of the ____.


92. An opposition to the flow of AC current caused by a capacitor:.


93. If the pressure indicates 30 PSI, what will be the equivalent in kgs/cm2?.


94. In circuit, the inductance of a coil varies with the _____.


95. What is the bad effect if there is moisture of air to be supplied to an automatic electro pneumatic controller?.


96. What electric device/s that is/are being used to protect both the motor and wiring from excessive resistance? I


97. The value of AC sine-wave voltage that has the same effect as an equal value of DC voltage ____.


98. Fuses are rated in ______.


99. It is an electric device that consists of junction of semi-conductor materials that conduct electricity very well in one direction but very poor in the other.


100. A circuit that has one wire in contact with the hull of a ship is called a __________.


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