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1. C12 - What is a known position obtained by applying only your vessel's course and speed?


2. C12 - What is a system aimed at reducing risk of accidents including TSS 2-way routes, recommended tracks, areas to be avoided, inshore traffic zones, roundabouts, precautionary areas and deep water routes?


3. C12 - A tank is loaded with 9,000 barrels of gasoline. The temperature of the product is 90² F (32² C), and it has a coefficient of expansion of .0008. What is the net amount of cargo loaded?


4. C12 - A tanker is loaded with 5,000 barrels of petroleum. The cargo was loaded at a temperature of 70° F, and the coefficient of expansion is .0004. What is the net amount in barrels of cargo loaded?


5. C12 - A tanker loads at a terminal within the tropical zone. She will enter the summer zone six days after departing the loading port. She will burn off 45 tons/day and daily water consumption is 8 tons. How many tons may she load over that allowed by her summer load line?


6. C12 - A vessel has a maximum allowable draft of 8.53 meters in salt water and a fresh water allowance of 20.32 mm. At the loading berth, the water density is 1.011. To what draft can she load in order to be at her marks when she reaches the sea? (The salt water density is 1.025.)


7. C12 - A vessel's light displacement is 12,000 tons. Its heavy displacement is 28,000 tons. When fully loaded it carries 200 tons of fuel and 100 tons of water and stores. What is the cargo carrying capacity in tons?


8. C12 - When does an air mass is termed "warm"?


9. C12 - In which principle that an electronic depth finder operates on?


10. C12 - What aspect does Astronomical refraction causes a celestial body to appear?


11. C12 - At evening stars, the last stars that should be observed are those with an azimuth in what quadrant?


12. C12 - What is the associated landmark aspect where chart legends printed in capital letters shows?


13. C12 - Composite sailing is the best alternative combination of what two methods of sailing to limit the latitude of vertex?


14. C12 - Where can you found the Data relating to the direction and velocity of rotary tidal currents?


15. C12 - What is the character of the southeast trade winds during the winter months?


16. C12 - If the ascending node of the moon's orbit is considered to be at the FIRST POINT of ARIES which occurs every 18.6 years, what would be the maximum declinations of the moon if it will change from 28 3/4 north to 28 3/4 south?


17. C12 - In reading a weather map, what a closely spaced pressure gradient lines would indicate?


18. C12 - In the Northern hemisphere which semicircle of a hurricane is the navigable semicircle?


19. C12 - What is otherwise known which is part of the surface of measurement of a sphere bounded by the area of two great circles?


20. C12 - What is a small circle as the surface of the earth whose plane is perpendicular to the spin axis, and therefore parallel to the plane of the equator?


21. C12 - What is an example of a vessel "restricted in her ability to maneuver"?


22. C12 - What is the sextant error on the index mirror when not perpendicular to the plane of the instrument?


23. C12 - Which for is the average height of Mean high water?


24. C12 - Where reference plan is Mean high water used for?


25. C12 - On the pole side of the high pressure belt in each hemisphere, the pressure diminishes. What are know as the winds along these gradients are diverted by the Earth's rotation toward the east?


26. C12 - Where from are the Prevailing winds between 30°N and 60°N latitude?


27. C12 - When does Priming of the tides occurs?


28. C12 - Sidelights shall be fitted with inboards screens painted with what color and meeting the requirements of section 9?


29. C12 - What are Spring tides?


30. C12 - When is the time that Stand of the tide?


31. C12 - What is the arc of horizon measured from 0 deg to 180 deg eastward or westward from the direction of north point of the horizon (north latitude) or from the south point of the horizon ( south latitude)?


32. C12 - What is called as the area of strong westerly winds occurring between 40°S and 60°S latitude?


33. C12 - What is called as the atmosphere in the vicinity of a high pressure area?


34. C12 - What is the datum used for soundings on charts of the East Coast of the United States?


35. C12 - What is the difference between the heights of low and high tide?


36. C12 - What is the distance between the surface of the water and the tidal datum?


37. C12 - Where shall the forward masthead light for a power driven vessel shall be placed not more than the prescribed regulation?


38. C12 - What else besides red, green, and white are the four standard light colors used for lighted aids to navigation?


39. C12 - What is the height of tide?


40. C12 - What characterized the horse latitudes?


41. C12 - What is called as the inner cloud bands of a hurricane, when viewed from a distance, form a mass of dense, black cumulonimbus clouds?


42. C12 - The Light List shows that a navigational light has a nominal range of 12 miles and a height above water of 25 feet (7.6 meters). Your height of eye is 38 feet (11.6 meters) and the visibility is 5.5 miles. At what approximate range will you FIRST sight?


43. C12 - The lower hold of your vessel has a bale capacity of 45,000 cubic feet. How many cases of a cargo weighing 450 lbs. and measuring 2.5 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet could be stowed in the hold, assuming a broken stowage factor of 15 percent?


44. C12 - The lower hold of your vessel has a bale cubic of 52,000 cu. ft. You will load a cargo of cases, each weighing 380 lbs. and measuring 3 ft. x 2 ft. x 2 ft. The estimated broken stowage is 15%. How many tons of cases can be loaded?


45. C12 - What is known as the number of subordinates who report directly to a manager?


46. C12 - What indicates in the numeral of the center of a wind rose circle on a pilot chart?


47. C12 - What is the periodic rise and fall of water resulting from gravitational interactions between the sun, moon, and earth?


48. C12 - What is the point in the earth's orbit where, it is near at aphelion and experiences summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere?


49. C12 - What may indicates the proximity of pack ice?


50. C12 - The range of audibility of the signal from the whistle for higher frequencies shall lie within the range of


51. C12 - What is the range of tide?


52. C12 - What is the reference datum used in determining the heights of land features on most charts?


53. C12 - What information NOT contain in the Sailing Directions (Planning Guide)?


54. C12 - What tide occurs at time of new moon and full moon?


55. C12 - What is the velocity of the current in large coastal harbors?


56. C12 - When is the water is said to be a slack?


57. C12 - The williwaw of the Aleutian coast, the Tehuantepecer of the Mexican and central American coast, the Pampero of the Argentine coast, the mistral of the western Mediterranean and the Bora of the eastern Mediterranean are examples of which of the following?


58. C12 - What is known as the winds you would expect to encounter in the North Atlantic between latitudes 5° and 30° are known?


59. C12 - There is a large shipment of case goods available to be loaded on your vessel. You are to load as many tons as possible in a hold which has 32,300 cubic feet left unfilled by cargo. Each case measures 2-feet high by 2-feet wide by 4-feet long and weighs 500 pounds. If you allow a broken stowage allowance of 10% of the 32,300 feet, what is the nearest whole number of tons which may be loaded?


60. C12 - This is an essential area of voyage planning that involves the operation carried out by the navigation officers such highlighting the "NO GO" areas, laying out the intended by the...


61. C12 - What causes Tropic tides?


62. C12 - Under whose supervision shall be done when handling and stowage of all packaged hazardous materials on board a domestic vessel engaged in foreign trade?


63. C12 - What colour flare is used to signal a highly dangerous landing place?


64. C12 - A stay is __________.


65. C12 - A shroud is __________.


66. C12 - A quick and rapid motion of a vessel in a seaway is an indication of a(n) __________.


67. C12 - A partially full tank causes a virtual rise in the height of the __________.


68. C12 - A neutral equilibrium position for a vessel means that the metacenter is __________.


69. C12 - A negative metacentric height __________.


70. C12 - A moment of 300 ft-tons is created by a force of 15,000 tons. What is the moment arm?


71. C12 - A load line is assigned to a vessel to insure adequate stability and __________.


72. C12 - A load line for a vessel is assigned by the __________.


73. C12 - A liquid having a flash point above 80deg.F, but below 150deg.F, would be termed a grade:


74. C12 - A floating vessel will behave as if all of its weight is acting downward through the __________.


75. C12 - A characteristic of most petroleum vapors is that they are:


76. C12 - “Optional Cargo” refers to cargo that:


77. C12 - “Combination Carrier” refers to what type of ship?


78. C12 - “Beam Filling” refers to:


79. C12 - A ship's forward draft is 22'-04" and its after draft is 23'-00". The draft amidships is 23'-04". Where does this concentration of weight indicates?


80. C12 - Different types of cargoes require different methods of slinging, what would be the best type of sling for barrels and drums?


81. C12 - “Length between perpendiculars” is measured: I. Along the summer loadline II. From the forward stem to the after part of the rudder. III. Vertically


82. C12 - The lower hold of your vessel has a bale capacity of 60,000 cubic feet. How many tons of cotton in bales having a stowage factor of 85 can be stowed in the lower hold, assuming a broken stowage factor of 20%?


83. C12 - A vessel's tropical load line is 6 in. above her summer load line. Her TPI is 127 tons. She will arrive in the summer zone 8 days after departure. She will burn off about 47 tons/day fuel and water consumption is 12 tons/day. How many tons may she load above her summer load line if she loads in the tropical zone?


84. C12 - An overtaking situation at night would be one in which one vessel sees which light(s) of a vessel ahead?


85. C12 - On open water two vessels are in an overtaking situation. The overtaking vessel has just sounded one short blast on the whistle. What is the meaning of this whistle signal?


86. C12 - There are two classes of vessels which, to the extent necessary to carry out their work, do not have to comply with the rule regarding traffic separation schemes. Which one of these vessel?


87. C12 - Under which charter has the shipowner’s lien for freight and other charges on goods shipped under Bill of Lading.


88. C12 - What lights must be shown on a barge being towed astern at night?


89. C12 - Which statement is true concerning a vessel "constrained by her draft"?


90. C12 - Which vessel is to keep out of the way of the others?


91. C12 - You are about to cross a narrow channel when you see an approaching vessel that can only be navigated safely within the channel. What action you should do?


92. C12 - You are crossing a narrow channel in a 15-meter vessel when you sight a tankship off your port bow coming up the channel. Which statement is TRUE?


93. C12 - What aspect besides a "head-on" or "end-on" situation shall be deemed to exist at night when a vessel sees the other vessel ahead?


94. C12 - What is a bluff bar?


95. C12 - What should be a dead reckoning (DR) plot?


96. C12 - Where is a gnomonic projection is based on?


97. C12 - Where does a katabatic wind blows?


98. C12 - Where should a marker pole, with a horseshoe buoy and a sea anchor attached be used to?


99. C12 - Other than the equator, what is a parallel of latitude?


100. C12 - Where does a polyconic projection is based on?


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