Assessment Test

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1. The machinery operating features are designed to help conserve energy. One of these that will not contribute to energy conservation is __________.


2. CO2 system extinguishes a fire in a protected space by __________.


3. When fighting a fire, the activity to be avoided is __________.


4. The first phase on board fire fighting tactics, is _________.


5. Needed action/s to be done before entering the pump room to rescue a crew victim who is down by toxic fumes is/are __________. I. wear a lifeline II. have someone stand by the entrance III. Put on an approved self-contained breathing apparatus


6. Major concern when fighting a galley fire is the __________.


7. What is the first firefighting attack should be done when a heavy smoke is coming out from a partially open door of the paint locker?


8. If a helicopter is lifting personnel from a survival craft, the other individuals in the craft should__________.


9. The necessity to cool the bulkheads and decks surrounding a compartment where there is a fire, is for the purpose of __________.


10. If a person is suffering from heat exhaustion, it is effectively to __________.


11. If an electrical fire has been extinguished with a dry chemical agent, there is a possibility that the __________.


12. In maintaining fire hoses, you should __________.


13. What should be done by the first person to arrive at the survival craft during an abandonship or even during a drill?


14. Which of the following methods should be used to prevent a class A fire from spreading to the adjacent compartments in a topside compartment with steel bulkheads?


15. The major disadvantage in the use of a dry chemical fire extinguisher on an electrical fire is that the __________.


16. Scuppers on deck during bunkering should be plugged:


17. In retrieving the survival craft, the winch operator should stop the winch and check __________.


18. The limit switches are suited on the survival craft winch systems for vessels to __________.


19. Physical effort on the part of a person who has fallen into cold water can:


20. In fighting a fire with a portable dry chemical extinguisher you should always:


21. Every vessel personnel should be familiar with the survival craft:


22. In kapok lifejackets, it requires proper care and should not be :


23. To get best extinguishing effect, the discharge from a dry chemical type fire extinguisher should be directed at the __________.


24. If a crew member has suffered frostbite to the toes of his right foot, the first aid measures that is not acceptable is __________.


25. In a ship, fire and boat drills must be held within 24 hours after leaving port if the percentage of the crew replaced is more than __________.


26. On ventilation system on board your vessel, fire dampers is restrained by fusible links, fusible link will automatically open after a fire is extinguished and rest the damper. Which of the following statement concerning the fusible links is true?


27. The source/s of ignition may cause fuel vapors to ignite by __________.


28. Better treatment of frostbite is to __________.


29. Every fire hose should always be stowed at the fire station in the hose rack:


30. Sprinkler system and air system is on and all hatches are shut, the survival craft shall be sheltered from __________.


31. If a crew member has suffered frostbit to the toes of both feet, you should __________.


32. Air cylinder bottles in the survival craft should be refilled with __________.


33. The statements concerning fire hose couplings that is true is __________.


34. The fire in a fuel oil service tank is a __________.


35. The number of people onboard a vessel that must be trained with the use of the fireman


36. If treatment a chemical burn, you should flood the burned area for at least __________.


37. What is the cause of heat exhaustion?


38. The event that shall be conducted during a fire and boat drill is __________.


39. In on engine room bilge fire, the best way to extinguish is by __________.


40. Precaution to prevent fire in the engine room is to __________.


41. Following the use of paints and solvents aboard a vessel, they should be __________.


42. To get the greatest lasting effect on the crew with respect to safety is __________.


43. In preventing rags from spontaneous ignition is to __________.


44. A fire hoses located at protected fire stations, must be __________.


45. The procedure in loading a survival craft with crew if it is not loaded to its full capacity, the survival craft should be __________.


46. To be done to prevent small oil spills on deck from entering the water is __________.


47. When the engine of a survival craft does not start, the most possible cause is __________.


48. In the treatment of sunstroke, its principally consist of __________.


49. Ether can be sued aboard a survival craft to __________.


50. When inspecting a survival craft, it should be checked to ensure that the __________.


51. Upper Explosive Limit (UEL) of a mixture of flammable vapors and air is defined as __________.


52. The Oil Record Book must be maintained and kept onboard the vessel for __________.


53. Every ventilation system for an enclosed classified location on a vessel must provide a complete change of air every __________.


54. In an upright vessel, draft is the vertical distance between the keel and the __________.


55. The minimum standard of a rating forming part of an engineering watch within seven-day period is___________.


56. What should you do in treating a ship mate with a compound fracture in his/her lower arm?


57. What should you do to keep injured survivors warm in the water after abandoning a vessel?


58. Method for effectively applying foam on fire is by ___________.


59. In relieving time, the outgoing in charge of the engineering watch should __________.


60. Fire on a vessel should be addressed ___________.


61. What is equal to the weight of the liquid displaced by a vessel floating in sea water?


62. The fire extinguishing agent is used, that involves covering the burning surface by deflecting the agent from a bulkhead to avoid undue agitation is______.


63. The minimum required number of fire axes that must be carried on a vessel is __________.


64. The number of fireman


65. The treatment used for traumatic shock is to___________.


66. The result if you wear extra clothing when entering the water after abandoning a vessel is __________.


67. Set of equipment required to be used, when entering the pump room of a tanker vessel to rescue an unconscious person is __________.


68. What will happen to the center of buoyancy when a vessel is inclined at small angle?


69. In case the height of the metacenter is the same as the height of the center of gravity, the upright equilibrium position is __________.


70. When does smoking in bed on all vessel prohibited?


71. The additional precautions should be taken when making temporary repairs to a vessel and hydrogen sulfide is present to_________.


72. The type of stability of a vessel when the height of the metacenter is greater than the height of the center of gravity is __________.


73. Hot works hazards are the___________. I. Fire II. Explosion III. Glare injury IV. Heat injury


74. Prior to entering an enclosed space, what precautions should be done?I. Entry permit must be approved by the masterII. The space thoroughly ventilatedIII. Sufficient flammable gasses be presentIV. There must be adequate oxygen


75. The outcome to a floating vessel with an initial negative metacentric height is __________.


76. When hot work is being done in the machinery spaces, what injury hazards are present?I. Glare II. Heat III. Shock


77. Which of the following actions should be taken before entering the pump room to rescue the victims when toxic fumes in the pump room have overcome a crewmember?


78. Where can we find the fire alarm signal onboard a Philippine flag merchant vessel that is continuous blast of the whistle for a period of not less than 10 seconds, supplemented by the continuous ringing of the general alarm bell for not less than 10 seconds?


79. Not a mandatory requirement of the shipboard oil pollution emergency plan is __________


80. When reducing the free surface of a liquid within a tank it has the effect of lowering the __________.


81. An accumulation of hydrogen sulfide gas on a vessel can be dangerous to personnel, it is important to know that this gas is___________.


82. Following an accident the victim may go into shock and die. Which of the following actions should be taken to help avoid shock?


83. Reserve buoyancy of a ship consists of __________.


84. The effect of increasing the free surface of a confined liquid is ___________.


85. A function of the inclining experiment on the vessel is to determine ___________.


86. The outcome of free surface on initial stability depends upon the surface area dimensions of the free liquids and the __________.


87. Why is high concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas dangerous to personnel?


88. Most horrible atmospheric condition for the dispersion of hydrogen sulfide is __________.


89. In the air concentrations of substances such as hydrogen sulfide, under which nearly all workers may be repeatedly exposed without adverse effects are called __________.


90. Decreasing the free surfaces within a vessels, reduces the __________.


91. What is the reason why sense of smell cannot be depended upon to detect hydrogen sulfide?


92. If the hot work is being done on the lowest flat in the engine room, the fire alarm sensor should be switched off on the __________.


93. The extinguishing agent that is best for electrical fire is ___________.


94. The fire prevention in welding or burning aboard a vessel should include __________.I. Posting a fire watch in the immediate areaII. Providing an extinguisher w/c is ready for immediate useIII. Requiring the fire watch to remain on post for 30 min. after the completion of welding or burning


95. When there is sufficient reason that the relieving officer is not capable of watch keeping duties, the outgoing in charge of the engineering watch should ___________.


96. Prior to entering any space that been sealed, its oxygen level should be tested. What level of oxygen in the space is equal to fresh air?


97. In supplementing to the lifejackets stowed in places that are readily reachable,lifejackets must be stowed at __________.


98. When not attached to the nozzle, each low velocity spray applicator on a vessel must be stowed __________.


99. As electrical burn victims have been subjected to electric shock, the first medical response is to check for __________.


100. Where will you find information about the fire control plan on board a vessel?


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