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1. A steam vessel is operating at sea and despite troubleshooting the system by all the vessel's engineers, the transfer of fuel to the settler has not been possible and the settler will be empty in a few minutes. As the watch engineer, your next step should be to __________.


2. The downcomer tubes installed in modern water tube boilers would normally be located __________.


3. Oil in the contaminated drain inspection tank results from __________.


4. If a turbine bearing high temperature alarm sounds, you should immediately __________.


5. Accumulation tests are conducted in order todetermine the __________.


6. In accordance with Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) all fuel oil service piping in the vicinity of the burners must __________.


7. Steam drains from the potable water system hot water heater would be collected in the __________.


8. Which of the listed conditions would indicate a dirty atomizer sprayer plate?


9. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) concerning marine boilers, require the installation of a safety valve on the __________.


10. Before blowing tubes in a boiler equipped with steam soot blowers, you should __________.


11. An overheated bearing in the main propulsion unit is indicated by __________.


12. Rotating flyweights, acting against a spring force, will provide a simple type of __________.


13. Before using the steam soot blowers to blow tubes at sea, you should __________.


14. In accordance with Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), which of the following materials may not be used in short lengths between the fuel oil boiler front header manifold and the atomizer head to provide flexibility?


15. Which of the conditions listed can cause the flame of a mechanically atomized burner to be blown away from the burner tip when you are attempting to light off?


16. Hot running bearings can be caused by the following, except __________.


17. A constant speed hydraulic governor would more than likely be installed on a __________.


18. In preparing to blow tubes at sea, you should __________.


19. Poor atomization accompanied by an elongated flame from a steam atomization burner is most likely caused by __________.


20. An excess pressure governor would normally be used on a __________.


21. Boiler forced draft pressure should be increased before blowing tubes to __________.


22. According to Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), which of the following is permitted in boiler fuel oil service system discharge piping?


23. Fluctuations in the atomizing steam pressure at the burners could be caused by a/an __________.


24. The constant pressure governor of a turbine-driven feed pump maintains which of the following pressures at a constant value for all capacities?


25. After routine blowing of tubes at sea, there should be a decrease in the __________.


26. A triple element, main propulsion, boiler feedwater regulating system commonly used aboard ship utilizes __________.


27. When slight sputtering is detected at the boiler atomizer, you should __________.


28. Which of the listed operational precautions is not necessary before blowing tubes?


29. A pneumatic dual element, main propulsion, boiler feedwater regulating system commonly used aboard ship utilizes __________.


30. Scavenging air is supplied to steam soot blower elements to __________.


31. A single element boiler feedwater regulating system used aboard ship utilizes __________.


32. The arc through which a steam soot blower element blows is regulated by the __________.


33. Downcomers are installed between the boiler inner and outer casing to __________. I. increase circulation rates II. decrease the amount of heat that they can absorb from the furnace


34. Downcomers are installed between the inner and outer boiler casings to __________. I. increase the end point of combustion II. increase the end point of circulation


35. When on watch in the engine room, a main turbine bearing high temperature alarm is indicated and remotely displayed as 145 degrees Fahrenheit, you should __________.


36. Which of the following types of bearings are used for the reduction gears in a marine steam turbine installation?


37. The primary purpose of the boiler internal dry pipe is to __________.


38. Excessive accumulation of carbon deposits on a boiler burner throat ring and diffuser could result in __________.


39. To accurately measure the amount of wear on a high speed pinion journal bearing with a bridge gage, you must __________.


40. Which of the following statements represents one operational characteristic of a cyclone steam separator?


41. For a gravity type lube oil system, a remote pressure sensing device is installed on the main unit lube oil header to enable the watch engineer to __________. I. determine if there is sufficient lube oil pressure to the main engine II. be certain that the bearings are being adequately lubricated


42. Carbon deposits on the boiler burner throat ring is usually caused by __________.


43. Bi-color remote water level indicators, operate on the principle of __________.


44. Circulation of boiler water to the water wall tubes is maintained by the __________.


45. Which of the following statements is true regarding lube oil coolers used for main steam propulsion systems?


46. Which of the following statements represents the advantage of using a small diameter boiler tube over a larger diameter tube?


47. What is the main constituent in fuel oil which determines its heat value?


48. Failure of the fuel oil service pump to maintain fuel oil flow to the burner could be caused by __________.


49. A secondary function of atomization steam in a fuel oil burner is to __________.


50. Air accumulated in the inter-condenser of the air ejector assembly is discharged directly to the __________.


51. Precautions to be observed prior to starting a turbine driven cargo pump, should include __________.


52. An energy loss associated with a reaction turbine, but not an impulse turbine, is __________.


53. Thin tipping is a type of turbine blade design primarily used to __________.


54. What is used to compensate for the increased possibility of blade vibration occurring with impulse turbine blading?


55. Which of the following reaction turbine components listed converts the thermal energy into kinetic energy ?


56. A steam plant is operating at 100% power when the atmospheric drain tank runs dry allowing a large air leakage into the main condenser. Which of the following will occur as a result of this air leakage?


57. Why does air entry into the main condenser reduce the efficiency of the steam cycle?


58. What affect will the emergency plugging of leaking condenser tubes have on the condenser pressure and hot well temperature when returning to normal steam plant sea speed operation?


59. Which of the following statements represents the advantage of using a small diameter boiler tube over a larger diameter tube?


60. Your main propulsion boilers are equipped with a two element feedwater regulating control system. While on watch, you are required to respond to a 'slow' bell from full sea speed. Under these conditions the automatic feedwater regulator will have __________.


61. The net positive suction head of a boiler centrifugal feed pump should be calculated to include the feedwater vapor pressure and the __________.


62. Modern day boiler automation allows bypassing the flame safeguard system to permit a burner to have a trial for ignition period during burner light-off. This period may not exceed __________.


63. The function of downcomers installed in water-tube boilers is to __________.


64. The designed


65. If boiler priming occurs, you should immediately __________.


66. The minimum design height of the DC heater is determined by the __________.


67. While underway at sea, the feedwater inlet temperature to a boiler economizer is determined by the __________.


68. Which of the listed statements is true concerning the application and use of plastic fireclay furnace refractory?


69. A leak in the heating coils of a fuel oil heater will first show up as __________.


70. According to U. S. Coast Regulations (46 CFR), watertube boilers shall be hydrostatically tested on passenger vessels every __________.


71. Circulation of water and the steam/water mixture within a natural circulation boiler is retarded by __________.


72. A vent line is provided on each water box of the main condenser in order to prevent __________. I. insufficient head pressure being developed on the circulating pump discharge II. inadequate heat transfer from developing due to air bound tubes


73. Machinery operating features are designed to help conserve energy. Which of the following will not contribute to a systems thermal efficiency?


74. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) concerning superheater safety valves require that the valve __________.


75. Which of the devices listed is used to convert thermal energy into rotor kinetic energy in a reaction turbine?


76. A suspected leak in an operating fuel oil heating coil is normally confirmed by __________.


77. An increase in clearance between reaction blade tips and the turbine casing will result in __________.


78. In steam turbine and reduction gear units, lube oil coolers installed in the lube oil system are located between the __________.


79. You would not see a flow through the bull's-eye of the lube oil gravity tank overflow line when the __________.


80. While standing watch, what immediate action should you take if you are running at sea speed and notice a sudden and significant drop in lube oil pressure to the main turbine?


81. A leak in a heating coil in a fuel oil storage tank should be detected quickly by __________.


82. In a segmental pivoted-shoe thrust bearing, the thrust load among the shoes is equalized by the __________.


83. Downcomers are used in modern boilers to __________.


84. The automatic recirculating valve in the main condensate recirculating line is designed to be controlled by which method?


85. The rate of fouling on the oil side of fuel oil heaters is mostly affected by the __________.


86. One function of the air and flue gas bypass dampers installed in regenerative type air heaters is to __________.


87. The safety valve nominal size for propulsion boilers and superheaters must be not less than 1


88. Which of the following statements is not one of Newton's laws?


89. When the fires begin to sputter, you should __________.


90. A theoretical engine cycle is a process that __________.


91. Which of the following best describes Boyle's law.


92. A regenerative type air heater should be bypassed at low load in order to __________.


93. Except one on the following, Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) for boiler safety valves require that __________.


94. If the fires in both boilers start to sputter, you should immediately __________.


95. Rotating flyweights acting against a spring force makes up a simple type of __________.


96. Air for combustion is by-passed around the boiler air heater when the __________.


97. If the fires start sputtering while steaming under steady conditions, which of the actions listed should be taken?


98. The main throttle valve on a main propulsion turbine admits steam directly into the __________.


99. When a vessel is in port, stack type air heaters are bypassed in order to prevent __________.


100. According to Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), which of the following is classified as a boiler mounting?


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