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1. The factor that has the greatest effect on the period of roll of a ship is the _____.


2. What must be accurately determined to assess the potential for progressive flooding after a MODUhas been damaged?.


3. Large basin cut into the shore close off by a caisson and used for dry-docking of ships is known as:.


4. When a vessel is inclined due to an external force such as the action of seas which no cargo shiftsthe tendency of the vessel to return to its original position is caused by the :.


5. After measuring the length to which a section of shoring should be cut, you should cut the shoring_______.


6. In an emergency, a hole in the hull below the waterline, not over three inches in diameter, can betemporarily sealed by ________.


7. What is the principle which states that buoyant force acting on a body partially or completelyimmersed in a fluid is equal to the weight of fluid displaced?.


8. What is the other part of the vessel structures that resist transverse stresses besides transversebulkheads, and bracket between beams?.


9. In the event of collision you may loss water tight integrity if you ______.


10. The average of the observed drafts is known as:.


11. Horizontal transverse motion of a vessel is known as _______.


12. What will happen to the draft of the vessel if it passes from sea water to fresh water?.


13. The jettisoning of topside weight from a MODU serves which of the purposes listed?.


14. When a vessel is inclined, the tendency to return to its original position is caused by the:.


15. The most important reason for taking anti-seasickness pills as soon as possible after entering a liferaft is to _________?.


16. The excessive free surface in tanks carrying liquid cargo should be avoided in order to:.


17. If the cause of severe list, or trim is due to off-center ballast, counterflooding into empty tanks will______.


18. Plugged limber holes can endanger a ships stability by _______.


19. A ship documents containing the list of cargoes laden on board the vessel.


20. The vessel committed an accident while passing channel under pilotage.Who is liable for claims_________


21. A continual worsening of the list or trim indicates ______.


22. It refers to the ability of the ship to float upright and to its resistance to inclination by an externalforce:.


23. This law concerns matter related to the distribution and exercise of power by public authoritiesand the legal relations between the state (and its government) and the individuals and is.


24. Prior commencement of any artificial respiration make sure that the victim.


25. Conducted on a merchant ship is the method for exact determination of the:.


26. A characteristic property of a dynamic system which dissipates energy and reduces motion:.


27. Which statement is true concerning repairs on the hull of a vessel which is to be riveted andwelded?.


28. What is NOT an item that requires the vessels to be dry-docked?.


29. It is the term used as the weight of the water that was displaced that would equal the weight ofthe vessel.


30. What do you prior artificial respiration to a victim not breathing patient?.


31. One must pay ___.When a party charterer failed to load, discharge longer than the numberallowed, on a voyage charter:


32. A scale showing the displacement at varying drafts and the number of tow required to the shipdown at each of the various drafts:.


33. Under what marine insurance policy covered the damage to another vessels cargo cause bycollision.


34. There are how many types of vessels covered by the IMCO code in the practice of carriage ofchemicals is bulk?.


35. The vessel is entering port under pilotage and collided with the pier sustaining damages to vesselsand pier.Who is liable for claims?


36. What is the proper interval of conducting health, safety and management general meeting onboard?.


37. Principal effects of the surface depend upon the volume of displacement of the vessel and the:.


38. The vessel is inclined and the tendency to return to its original position is caused by the:.


39. Any damages sustained by the vessel while under bare-boat charter is change to _____.


40. Factor which has the greatest effect on the value of the free surface correction:.


41. Covers necessary and considered as load line items of the ship?.


42. A rudder with a small parts of its area is forward of the turning angle known as ____.


43. What party is principally responsible for damage wherever it occurs it may be freight forwarder,broker or a carrier?


44. In relation to harmful substances or affluents containing such substances, can any release however caused from a ship and includes any escape, disposal, spilling, leaking, pumping, emitting or emptying:.


45. The angle of heel at which the righting arm becomes zero is called?.


46. Run a ground vessel with damages is the hull and propeller.What would the Master and Chief Engineer do?


47. When do a ship called a ship?.


48. A ban on dumping of plastic such as fishing nets or garbage into the sea is a regulation of :.


49. The vessel is totally abandoned in the high seas and found by salvage company.The vessel isclassed and the owners could claim damages to _____


50. The operating code on an inflatable liferaft also serve as:.


51. A document served by the Master to the charterer informing them that the vessel is ready toaccording to the terms outlined in the charter party:.


52. Continuous line of plating or planking, extending along ship ______.


53. What is the usual effect of moving weight from the main deck top a position low in the vessel?.


54. It is the maximum length in nautical miles of the executive economic gone of a state measuringfrom the baseline which the breadth of the territorial sea is measured as provided in the UN.


55. In ship constructions, the hull frame members extending artwartship are called:.


56. Upward slope of the ship is called ___________.


57. Refers to the width of the vessel:.


58. In ships, the hull structural members which run artwarship are:.


59. When the draught forward and aft are the same the vessel is said to be ___.


60. The lights any vessel underway must exhibit between sunset and sunshine so that her classification position and course may be identified:.


61. The various processes which lead to the manufacture of structural parts of a ship.


62. A ship has an M.C.T.I.C. of 150 tons and floats at draft of 6.00 m forward and 77.00 m aft. How much water must be run into tank. The center of gravity of which is50 meters forward of the center of floatation to bring the ship to a trim of 20 cm by the stern?.


63. Which of the following are true concerning a stiff ship, except when?.


64. What will happen if the ship is poised to a wave equal to its length?.


65. Means all types of food wastes and wasted generated on board is:.


66. What can cause oxygen to used up in an enclosed space?.


67. A cofferdam is a/an _______.


68. What is the strength deck of the vessel?.


69. How is the length of river measured?.


70. A vessel stability normally increases when tanks are ballasted because the vessels:.


71. What should be done in order to remove the list on a tanker vessel?.


72. Pillars of I,H or circular cross-section are used in ship construction in locations where there arelarge expenses void of intermediate decks and bulk heads 1, such as in cargo holds and engine.


73. What is a negotiable document a prime against evidence shipment of goods on board a particularvessel, and its legal importance consist in the return for goods a contract carriage and a little.


74. A large basin cut into the shore, closed off by a caisson, and used for dry docking of ships is knownas ________.


75. Calculate the mean draft base on the following measurement: Aft draft = 8.54 meters.


76. Ferrous metals are metals which contain _______.


77. When the longitudinal strength members of vessel are continuous spaced, the vessel is:.


78. When load on ship is removed the center of gravity moves:.


79. On most makes of inflatable liferafts, the batteries to operate the light on the inside of the raftscan be made to last longer by _________.


80. In vessel construction, the garboard strake is _______.


81. What is an IED?.


82. When a risk of attack has been identified, the Contracting government concerned shall advise theships concerned and their administer of:.


83. It is the first thing to do if somebody amount the crew committed a violation onboard.


84. The company shall establish in the Ship Security Plan that the _______ has the overriding authorityand responsibility to make decisions with respect to the safety and security of ship.


85. A resistance that is cause by the rudder, bilge keels, brackets and shaft is known as.


86. Your ship has run a ground and its is necessary to determine whether or not a compartment has flooded.Therefore you should _______


87. Fire fighting agent has the greatest capacity for absorbing heat?.


88. The security level for which appropriate additional protective security measures shall bemaintained for a period of time as a result of heightened risk of security incident.


89. Steel discs that screws down the glass shutting out the light if necessary:.


90. Towage service is to carried out upon request of the owners or master to bring the vessel to thenearest port and liabilities to be shouldered by _____.


91. If a vessel take a sudden severe list or trim from an unknown cause, you should first:.


92. In a compartment that has been completely flooded the greatest pressure will be exerted.


93. Which of the following is known to be the power obtained from each cylinder include themechanical efficiency?.


94. In ship construction the shell plating is arranged in rows or courses called strakes.The strakes are given letter designations beginning with the letter


95. What will affect of shifting fuel oil from number 1P double bottom to number 3P double bottomhave on the trim of a vessel?.


96. With reference to a vessels structural integrity, the characteristic of a cryogenic liquid that is mostsignificant is it


97. What term is use on the vessel which designates the center of gravity?.


98. A vessels stability normally increases when tanks are ballasted because the vessels.


99. Small hull leaks can be temporarily repaired ______.


100. A vessel that is trimmed down by the bow has ______.


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