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1. The Master or person in charge of a MODU shall ensure the crane record book shows the __________.


2. A report of casualty to a mobile offshore drilling unit must be made in writing to which office?


3. Certificates of Inspection for offshore drilling units are issued for a period of __________.


4. In the event of a casualty to a MODU, who is responsible to make records available to the Coast Guard official authorized to investigate the casualty?


5. The factor of safety, based on the elastic limit of the material, for the forks used on power operated industrial trucks aboard a MODU must be at least __________.


6. Each drilling unit equipped with helicopter fuel storage tanks must have the tanks installed as far as practicable from the __________.


7. Regulations require certain records to be retained on board a MODU for how long after the report of a casualty?


8. Regulations require certain records to be retained on board for at least 3 months after a MODU is involved in a casualty or until advised that they are no longer needed on board by the __________.


9. According to the Code of Federal Regulations, which of the following statements is correct regarding the steering gear on a vessel contracted for after June 9, 1995?


10. How often must the impulse-projected line throwing appliance be test fired?


11. Your cargo vessel's Certification of Inspection expires 30 April 2002. One of your inflatable liferafts was last serviced in January 2002. The raft must be reinspected no later than __________.


12. All lifeboats, rescue boats, and rigid-type liferafts shall be stripped, cleaned, and thoroughly overhauled at least once every __________.


13. If the OCMI has NOT granted an extension, free-fall lifeboats must be lowered into the water and launched with the assigned crew at least once every __________.


14. A drill must be conducted in the use of the line throwing appliance at least once in every __________.


15. Which vessel is NOT required to carry a rocket-type line throwing appliance?


16. Which statement is TRUE concerning the testing of the line-throwing appliance?


17. How many ring life buoys should a 700 foot cargo vessel, not subject to SOLAS, navigating the Great Lakes carry?


18. Your passenger vessel is 130 feet (40 m) long and is alternatively equipped for operating in river service. The number of ring life buoys required for the vessel is __________.


19. Great Lakes vessels, using liferafts, must have sufficient liferaft capacity on each side of the vessel to accommodate at least __________.


20. Which statement about the hospital space on a cargo ship is TRUE?


21. The regulations governing the sleeping accommodations of a cargo vessel are found in __________.


22. In the subchapter for Cargo and Miscellaneous Vessels of the Code of Federral Regulations, what is the maximum number of sleeping accommodations a barge may have before it is required to have fire pumps, hydrants, hose, and nozzles installed?


23. Which item is NOT required to be marked with the vessel's name?


24. Your U.S. tankship is designed to carry anhydrous ammonia in bulk. The keel was laid in 1980. Which statement concerning the carriage of this cargo is TRUE?


25. Which of the following statements is/are TRUE in regard to Ro-Ro vessels' spaces that are "specially suitable for vehicles"?


26. Under the regulations for cargo vessels, which statement is TRUE concerning fireman's outfits?


27. What is required to be posted in the pilothouse of a vessel?


28. When considering a vessel's stability, which spaces in a general cargo vessel are the best locations for the carriage of bulk grain?


29. Who would normally certify that all preparations have been made and all regulations observed prior to loading a cargo of bulk grain?


30. Where are the test certificates, for wire rope used as cargo runners, and loose gear certificates usually maintained?


31. In preparation for receiving chilled reefer cargo, the reefer space has been precooled for over twenty-four hours. Loading may begin when the space has been cooled to a temperature between __________.


32. The certificate of loading required by each vessel carrying grain in bulk is issued by the __________.


33. You are on a container vessel. What concerning the handling and stowage of containerized hazardous materials is TRUE?


34. You are ordering ships' stores. Which statement is TRUE?


35. You receive a package, for shipment aboard your vessel, containing Class 1 explosives. The package is damp, moldy and stained. You must __________.


36. You receive a package, for shipment aboard your vessel, containing Class 1 explosives. The package is damp, moldy and stained. You must __________.


37. In accordance with regulations, ethylene oxide shall be loaded below what temperature?


38. You have loaded dangerous cargo on your vessel and must fill out a Dangerous Cargo Manifest. In which publication would you find the requirements to complete this form?


39. You are on a vessel designed to carry compressed gasses in bulk with a cargo of butadiene. Which statement is TRUE?


40. You are on a cargo vessel carrying portable tanks of dangerous cargoes in bulk. Which statement is TRUE?


41. You are on a tankship carrying benzene in bulk. Which statement is TRUE?


42. You are on a vessel that carries liquefied gasses in bulk. The person on watch is required to have what information about the cargo easily accessible?


43. If a Master must jettison a container loaded with hazardous material, he must, as soon as possible, notify the __________.


44. What would NOT require that a detailed report of the release of hazardous cargo be made to the Department of Transportation?


45. All handling and stowage of packaged hazardous materials on board a domestic vessel engaged in foreign trade shall be done under the supervision of __________.


46. If you carry packaged hazardous cargoes on a break bulk vessel bound foreign, you must __________.


47. What is NOT required of the cargo tank venting on a tank barge carrying grade A liquids?


48. In special cases, the Commandant of the Coast Guard may permit cargo piping to pass through machinery spaces, what are the type(s) of cargo permitted to be carried through such piping?


49. According to regulations, cargo pump rooms, on the tank vessels handling grades A, B, or C liquid cargo, shall be equipped with power ventilation of the exhaust type. What is the time requirement to sufficiently effect a complete change of air?


50. Regulations require that cargo tanks in which grades B or C liquids are carried must be vented with which of the following?


51. What are the minimum ventilation requirements for pumprooms on tank vessels, constructed in 1960, carrying grades B or C liquid cargo with machinery spaces located below the freeboard deck?


52. In order to carry a cargo of triethanolamine, what hull type is required?


53. Who must approve the carriage of a liquefied gas not appearing in table 4 of 46 CFR Part 154?


54. Liquefied flammable gas is defined as any flammable gas having a Reid vapor pressure exceeding how many pounds?


55. According to U.S. regulations, tank vessels are required to have a means of emergency shutdown. This device does which of the following?


56. On a tank barge constructed on or after July 1, 1951, what is the required vent size for each cargo tank?


57. For the purpose of regulating tank vessels, flammable liquids are liquids which will __________.


58. A petroleum liquid has a flash point of 135°Fahrenheit. This liquid is classed as a grade __________.


59. To determine which grades of cargo a tank vessel is permitted to carry you should __________.


60. You have berthed in a port area with other tank vessels. What signal is displayed by a vessel to indicate it is transferring flammable or combustible liquid cargo?


61. According to U.S. regulations, which of the following describes the declaration of inspection?


62. A reinspection of the vessel shall be made between which of the following months while the Certificate of Inspection is valid?


63. According to U.S. regulations, what is required where cargo pump shafts on tankers pierce bulkheads?


64. What is the required access to a cargo pumproom in a tank vessel carrying grades C or D liquid cargo?


65. Every U.S. crude oil tankship with a keel laying date on or after 1/1/75, shall be equipped with an inert gas system if the tonnage is more than __________.


66. U.S. regulations require cargo pump rooms, on tank vessels handling grades A, B, or C liquid cargo, shall be equipped with power ventilation of the exhaust type. in what amount of time should the ventilation effect a complete change of air?


67. The name of the fishing vessel is NOT required to be marked on a(n) __________.


68. What is the period of validity of a Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate?


69. SOLAS requires a lifesaving training manual be provided in each crew cabin or in the __________.


70. Anyone voluntarily surrendering their Merchant Mariner Credential to a U.S. Coast Guard investigating officer signs a statement indicating which of the following?


71. Offshore drilling units that are on an international voyage must have a portable radio apparatus that meets specific requirements. Which of the following organizations mandates these requirements?


72. When can the US citizenship requirement for the Master of a US-flag uninspected towing vessel be waived?


73. Considering manning requirements for US flag vessels, your 2 watch cargo vessel has a deck crew of 20 people, exclusive of officers. How many of these people do the manning regulations require to be able seamen?


74. You are signing on the Purser. He should present a Merchant Mariner Credential with which endorsement?


75. The Certificate of Inspection on a passenger vessel of over 100 gross tons must be posted __________.


76. Following a Serious Marine Incident, a mariner directly involved in the incident is required to submit to alcohol testing within __________.


77. The name and hailing port of a documented commercial vessel is __________.


78. A seaman about to be discharged has a Continuous Discharge Book. Which statement is TRUE?


79. If a drill required by regulations is not completed, the Master or person in charge must __________.


80. A vessel's Certificate of Documentation __________.


81. Which U.S. agency assigns an official number to a vessel?


82. The official number of a documented vessel is __________.


83. The number or name of a tank barge shall be __________.


84. What is the minimum size required before a vessel can be documented?


85. When the vessel is on coastwise articles, the original certificate of the seaman's certificate of discharge is __________.


86. An Official Logbook is required on which vessel?


87. If you intend to land tulip bulbs from Holland in a U.S. port, they must be inspected by the __________.


88. You are the Master of a 500-gross ton passenger vessel operating on rivers. Your vessel accidentally runs aground. Under the regulations for passenger vessels, you must notify the __________.


89. The Immigration and Naturalization Service is concerned with which document on a vessel making preliminary entry into a U.S. port from a foreign port?


90. You are Master of a U.S. flag vessel which was dry docked for bottom cleaning in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Upon return to a U.S. port, you must __________.


91. When clearing customs for a foreign voyage, which of the following is processed at the custom's house and returned to the vessel?


92. Your vessel is in Charleston, S.C. You need not clear Customs if __________.


93. By law, the maximum penalty for failing (without reasonable cause) to give aid in the case of collision is __________.


94. When H2S has been encountered on a MODU, or is anticipated, monitoring devices must sound an alarm (which differs from the lower concentration alarm) or otherwise warn employees when concentration of H2S reaches or exceeds how many parts per million?


95. For well control, the American Petroleum Institute recommends that hydraulic units have sufficient horsepower to close the annular preventer in __________.


96. Under title 46 of the United States Code, the person in charge of a documented vessel who fails to report a complaint of a sexual offense may be __________.


97. A jack-up drilling unit elevated on the Outer Continental Shelf must have a fog horn that will sound __________.


98. What agency is responsible for enforcing the rules for obstruction lights on mobile offshore drilling units?


99. When a mobile offshore drilling unit on the waters of the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf has more than one obstruction light, the lights must be operated to flash __________.


100. Each emergency generator on a mobile offshore drilling unit, when tested, must be run under a full load for at least __________.


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