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1. In a bypass type filtering system for a medium or high speed diesel engine, the lube oil bypassing the filter __________.


2. Two important considerations for the proper lubrication of a diesel engine include, the delivery of the oil in sufficient amount, and the __________.


3. In a diesel engine, the main bearings are used between the __________.


4. The replacement piping for diesel engine high pressure fuel systems must be the same length and diameter as the original piping to __________.


5. Heat exchangers are most commonly found in a small auxiliary diesel engine __________.


6. Diesel engine jacket water is used in the fresh water distillation process as the __________.


7. Multiple concentric valve springs are often used with diesel engine valves to __________.


8. A controllable pitch propeller on a diesel driven vessel eliminates the need for __________.


9. When the prime movers of two paralleled generators are equipped with mechanical-hydraulic governors, and are operating within their designed range, the unit with the least amount of speed droop will __________.


10. Which of the listed bearing installations is subjected to swinging motion?


11. One advantage of a vacuum feed sight glass indicator used on cylinder lubricators over the discharge side liquid filled type sight glass is __________.


12. If the combustion control system of an automatically fired auxiliary boiler fails to sustain burner ignition after a normal shutdown, you should check for a/an __________.


13. The term 'PLAN/33,000' is equal to the __________.


14. Bearing 'crush' as applied to diesel engine main bearings, will result in __________.


15. Which of the listed types of gasket material should be used on high pressure fuel oil lines on a diesel engine?


16. Motor vessels usually have independent lube oil systems for main engine and main reduction gears because __________.


17. Clearance volume scavenging in a turbocharged, four-stroke/cycle diesel engine is accomplished __________.


18. Mist detectors used on large low-speed and medium speed main propulsion diesel engines monitor and check for the presence of __________.


19. A main propulsion diesel engine crankshaft bearing lacking sufficient 'crush', will __________.


20. Directional intake ports in diesel engines are used to __________.


21. Before any work is to be carried out on a burner in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, you should always __________.


22. Generating tubes in waste heat boilers are finned to __________.


23. If an operating auxiliary boiler has a water pH reading of 7, you should __________.


24. Which of the following conditions is responsible for the fuel oil to atomize when using a steam atomizer in an auxiliary boiler?


25. Diesel engine main and connecting rod precision bearings are made in halves. Each half exceeds one-half the bearing circumference by a small amount. The small amount is termed __________.


26. Fuel is admitted to a diesel engine cylinder through the __________.


27. The piston rod scraper box incorporated in a two-stroke/cycle, crosshead diesel engine serves to __________.


28. If a diesel engine were running at 20% overload with a smoky exhaust, you should _________.


29. The hydraulic starting motor is operated by hydraulic fluid flow under pressure from the __________.


30. Failure to remove the carbon ridge from the top of the cylinder when replacing the piston rings, will result in __________.


31. The most practical way of detecting an overload in one cylinder of an operating large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine is to __________.


32. The purpose of the engine-driven hydraulic pump in an auxiliary diesel engine hydraulic starting system is to __________.


33. To reduce load during jacking operations, which of the listed devices should be opened?


34. An indication of an overloaded main propulsion diesel engine is __________.


35. As soon as a diesel engine has started, which of the listed engine operating parameters should be checked first?


36. When a diesel engine compression pressure is checked, the indicator is connected to the __________.


37. In a diesel engine exhaust system, the cooling of the exhaust gases below their dew point, will result in __________.


38. The exhaust system for a diesel engine is usually designed to remove exhaust gases and to __________.


39. Misfiring in a diesel engine at light loads can be caused by __________.


40. Before any auxiliary diesel engine hydraulic starting system is opened for servicing or repair, you must __________.


41. A condition contributing to diesel engine piston rings sticking in the ring grooves, is insufficient ring clearance at the ring __________.


42. If a diesel engine driving a generator turns over freely but fails to fire properly, the cause could be __________.


43. In a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine, the exhaust gases are expelled from the cylinder by the __________.


44. When the normal compression ratio of a diesel engine is not very high, misfiring at light loads may be caused by __________.


45. In an opposed piston engine, the term 'crank lead' refers to __________.


46. Which of the following statements represents the proper order of thrust transmission when a Kingsbury thrust bearing is used with main propeller shaft?


47. Which of the following statements describes the operating characteristics of a pre-combustion chamber?


48. A root-type blower installed on a direct reversible engine __________.


49. After cooling of the cylinder air charge of a turbocharged diesel engine will result in __________.


50. Maximum rated horsepower of a diesel engine should be attained __________.


51. Exhaust gases are generally removed from the cylinders of a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine by __________.


52. White smoke exhausting from a diesel engine can be caused by __________.


53. Before being shut down, a diesel engine should idle a few minutes in order to __________.


54. Significant retardation of diesel engine fuel injection timing will result in __________.


55. The power consumed during the scavenging process of a diesel engine is known as the __________.


56. What is the function of a diesel engine's stationary parts?


57. The main advantage of unit injectors over other fuel injection systems is __________.


58. When associated with main propulsion diesel engines, shaker, circulation, and spray are the three general methods used in __________.


59. The main difference between an 'APF' and an 'APE' jerk type fuel injection pump, is the __________.


60. When overhauling a diesel engine, the best tool to use to remove the wear ridge at the top of the engine cylinder liner, prior to removing the piston, is __________.


61. Low compression in a diesel engine could be caused by __________.


62. The most rapid period of fuel combustion and cylinder pressure increase in a diesel engine should begin just before the piston reaches top dead center and should be completed __________.


63. In some modern large slow speed diesel engines, which of the following is used as the support for the main bearings?


64. In general, diesel engine waste heat boiler construction is usually of the __________.


65. Before installing rings on a diesel engine piston, you should check the ring __________.


66. The adverse effects of burning high sulfur fuel can be compensated for by using a lubricating oil having sufficient __________.


67. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require that small automatic auxiliary boilers shall be equipped with a pre-purge programming control that will assure at least __________.


68. Sacrificial zinc anodes are used on the saltwater side of diesel engine heat exchangers to __________.


69. When checking zincs in a saltwater cooled heat exchanger, you should __________.


70. The piston wrist pin used in some diesel engine pistons is prevented from contacting the cylinder wall by a __________.


71. Precision engine bearing inserts are manufactured with a small portion of the bearing ends extending beyond the bearing housing or caps. This design provides for positive seating and is commonly referred to as bearing __________.


72. The amount of wear on a split precision main bearing can be most accurately determined by comparing the data from a previous reading to the present readings taken with a __________.


73. When the timing gear backlash for a Roots-type blower has become excessive, the problem is properly repaired by __________.


74. The small end of a connecting rod for an auxiliary diesel is attached to the piston with a __________.


75. If an auxiliary diesel engine will not crank but can be barred over, the trouble may be in the __________.


76. To minimize corrosion in a metal-edge strainer used in a fuel oil system, strainer disks, spacers and scraper blades are commonly made of __________.


77. When a diesel engine is operated with a piston ring having a cold gap clearance less than that recommended by the manufacturer, the ring will __________.


78. The average exhaust temperature of a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine with a turbine-driven supercharger is lower than a similar four-stroke/cycle diesel engine at equal loads because __________.


79. In a two-stroke/cycle, opposed piston, diesel engine, the lower crankshaft operates several crankshaft degrees in advance of the upper crankshaft to __________.


80. Irregular engine speed in a diesel can be caused by __________.


81. A common method for diesel engine piston cooling is to deliver oil through the connecting rod into a void space in the piston head and then allow the piston motion to distribute the oil to cool the piston crown and drain the oil back to the crankcase. This procedure is known as the _____________ .


82. What would be the result of adding phosphate compounds into the cooling system of a diesel engine? I. Protect the coolant from freezing. II. Protect metallic surfaces from corrosion.


83. Which of the following precautions should be taken when cleaning the air filter on a diesel engine equipped with a turbocharger?


84. The pressure in an operating diesel engine cylinder continues to rise for a short period after the piston passes top dead center as a result of the __________.


85. In a diesel engine, maximum lube oil system pressure under cold start conditions is normally controlled by __________.


86. Which of the following conditions can cause above normal air temperature to develop in the intake manifold of a four-stroke/cycle, turbocharged, diesel engine?


87. A visual inspection of the chrome plated piston compression rings at the liner ports reveals vertical brown streaks on the face of the rings. This condition indicates __________.


88. The secondary function of a waste heat boiler is to __________.


89. On a four-cycle diesel engine, the valve subjected to the most severe conditions during normal service is the __________.


90. Fusible plugs are installed in fire-tube boilers to __________.


91. Friction developing between the moving parts of a governor, governor linkage and control valve will cause the governor to __________.


92. Which of the bearings listed are most widely used for the main and connecting rod bearings of a diesel engine?


93. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) permit the use of drain valves for removing water or impurities from diesel engine fuel systems. These valves must be __________.


94. Which of the following methods is normally used to lubricate bearings in a small high-speed diesel engine?


95. A large change in ambient temperature, or using an oil of a viscosity different than the one recommended by the manufacturer in a mechanical hydraulic governor, will result in the need to adjust the __________.


96. Changing the position of the fulcrum in the compensating system of the governor will __________.


97. To check the setting of the over-speed trip on a diesel powered generator, you would use a __________.


98. Which of the following is an example of a solid bearing?


99. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require steel tubing connections and fittings used with diesel fuel oil systems, to be either flared or __________.


100. In an auxiliary diesel engine bypass-type lubricating oil system, the main lube oil pump forces __________.


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