Assessment Test

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1. What is considered as the single greatest reason of accidents?


2. Specific gravity of fuel is measured at ___________.


3. The practice to be done when a vessel is in port and necessary to pump bilges is to pump only __________.


4. Heated fuel oil gives off vapor heavier than air and is __________.


5. Every cargo hoses assembly must have least a minimum bursting pressure of __________.


6. Every distress signal and self-activated smoke signal must be replaced not later than the marked date of expiration, or from the date of manufacture, not later than __________.


7. When a line shaft bearing begins to overheat, the shaft speed should be reduced. If overheating continues, you should then ___________.


8. The substance involved in a class


9. Master of a vessel shall insure that each deck from which lifeboats are launched is __________.


10. Life preserver or buoyant work vest is required to be worn on a vessel when a person is __________.


11. The master or person-in-charge of a vessel is required to submit a report of a loss of life, according to regulations __________.


12. At the necessary fire drill conducted aboard a vessel, all persons must report to their stations and demonstrate their ability to perform their duties assigned to them in __________.


13. The person on a vessel who is responsible for maintaining the engineering spaces in a clean and sanitary condition is the __________


14. Document certifying the correctness of the load line marks on a vessel is termed as __________.


15. Loadline is assigned to a vessel to insure adequate stability and __________.


16. The compliance with the terms of the load line certificate on a vessel is the job of the __________.


17. When a person is unconscious as a result of an electric shock, you should first remove the victim from the electrical source and then __________.


18. In the regulations implementing MARPOL, a vessel is obligated to have an International Oil Pollution Prevention (IOPP) certificate when the ship is __________.


19. International Oil Pollution Prevention certificate on a vessel is valid for a period of __________.


20. A 1500 gross ton freight vessel, with a keel laid in 1969, must have a fuel oil discharge containment for the fuel tank vents. The containment must consist of__________.


21. A ballast tank is one-third full when additional ballast is added until it is two-thirds full. The increased amount of liquid in the tank will have the greatest influence on the__________.


22. A ban on dumping of plastic such as fishing nets or garbage into the sea is a regulation of __________.


23. A barge 50m long, 8m wide floats of a mean draft of 2.0m. Find the sinkage if an empty compartment amidships 20m long is bilge.


24. A Bill of lading which does not contain a qualification clause in the Bill of Lading as to apparent good order and condition of cargo is called__________.


25. A box shaped 50m long, 8m wide floats of a mean draft of 2.0m. Find the sinkage if an empty compartment amidship 20m long is bilge.


26. A boxed shape lighter has a draft of 1.6m in water of density 1024 kg/m3. What should be her draft in a density of 1008 kg/m3?


27. A branch line valve of a fixed fire extinguishing system on a MODU must be marked with the ___________.


28. A brazed joint is ___________.


29. A carbon dioxide fire extinguisher has been partially discharged, and should be immediately ___________.


30. A cargo of a canned stuff is packaged in cartons. Each cartons is 36 cubic feet and weight 340lbs. the stowage factor of the cargo is __________.


31. A cargo pump driven by an internal combustion engine on the weather deck must have __________.


32. A cargo ship safety radiotelegraphy certificate and a cargo ship safety radiotelephony certificate shall be issued for a period of not more than __________.


33. A cargo tank which is not gas free and unknown atmosphere has to be entered, which one is to be brought with you?


34. A Certificate issued by the customs authorities on the arrival of a vessel for a foreign port, covering stores placed under seal by the customs officer is called __________.


35. A Certificate of Financial Responsibility attests that the vessel __________.


36. A characteristic of most petroleum vapors is that they are __________.


37. A charter party cause by the customs authorities on the arrival of the vessel from foreign port, covering stores placed under seal by the custom officer is __________.


38. A chartering term by which the owner who chartered his ship is responsible for all the usual costs of ship is responsible for all the usual costs of ship management with the exceptional loading or discharging is __________.


39. A chemical material, as listed on a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that can undergo a sudden and violet release of pressure and heat is called _______.


40. A chemical material, as listed on a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that reacts with water or moist air and produces a health or physical hazard is called __________.


41. A chemical material, as listed on a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that supplies oxygen required to start or support fire is called a/an __________.


42. A chemical that causes a substantial proportion of exposed people or animals to develop an allergic reaction in normal tissue after repeated exposure is listed on a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) as a___________.


43. A clause which gives the conditions required for the insurable to remain in force if the voyage cut short __________.


44. A compartment is tested and found to contain 20.8% oxygen by volume, permissible concentrations of toxic materials, and concentrations of flammable gas just below the lower flammable limit. If the residues are not capable of producing toxic materials or __________.


45. A compound fracture is a fracture _________.


46. A conscious victim who has suffered a blow to the head has symptoms that indicate the possibility of concussion. If the patient feels no indication of neck or spine injury recommended treatment would include __________.


47. A continuous blast of the ship means __________.


48. A continuous blast of the whistle for a period of not less than 10 seconds, supplemented by the continuous ringing of the general alarm bells for not less than 10 seconds, would indicate a _________.


49. A crew member has been overcome by toxic fumes in the pumproom. Which of the following actions should be taken before entering the pumproom rescue the victim?


50. A crew member has suffered frostbite to the toes of both feet. You should _________.


51. A crew member has suffered frostbite to the toes of his right foot . Which of the following is not an acceptable first aid measure?


52. A crew member is unconscious and the face is flushed. You should_________.


53. A Crude Oil Wash (COW) system is considered as _________.


54. A cutoff valve in the fire main system of a MODU may be closed to protect a portion of the system on an exposed deck from __________.


55. A device for holding open the suction valve and drawing gas from the suction manifold and returning it to the suction line without compressing it is called a _________.


56. A disadvantage of using CO2 for firefighting is that __________.


57. A disc 12 inches in diameter marked amidships below the deckline and a horizontal line 18 inches long 1 inc wide, the upper edge of which passes through the center of the disc is __________.


58. A dry liner is __________.


59. A duty of toll charged for permitting a ship to enter and anchor in a port or harbor is __________.


60. A feature of an inflatable raft which helps keep people stationary in rough weather is __________.


61. A fire and boat drill on a tank vessel shall, by regulation, include _________.


62. A fire extinguishing product produced by first mixing a foam concentrate with water to produce foam solution, then mixing the foam solution with air is termed __________.


63. A fire hose should be stowed in its rack with the __________.


64. A fire in an oil rig ballast pump room can be brought under control with minimal impact on stability by __________.


65. A fire pump used on a MODU requires 175 psi discharge pressure to maintain the required 50 psi pitot tube pressure at the two highest hydrants. The maximum pressure setting for this installation relief valve is __________.


66. A fixed carbon dioxide extinguishing system for a machinery space, designed with a stop valve installed in the line leading to the protected space, is actuated with ___________.


67. A fixed CO2 fire extinguishing system on a MODU with a capacity of over 300 lbs. (136 kilograms) CO2, protecting spaces other than tanks, must have ___________.


68. A flame safety lamp flares up and goes out with a popping sounds means __________.


69. A flanged plate fitted over an air port on the ship is __________.


70. A flat block placed under the end of a shore for the purpose of distributing pressure is referred to as a __________.


71. A floating MODU with an initial negative metacentric height ___________.


72. A floating vessel will behave as if all of its weight is acting downward through the __________.


73. A fuel tank is considered to be gas free when the tank is __________.


74. A fully charged standard SCBA can be expected to supply air under nonstressful conditions for approximately ___________.


75. A fully evolved fire has occurred in the HFO centrifuge room. The MOST serious effect of not cooling the adjacent bulkheads and deck will __________.


76. A good approach to personnel safety is to assume that all tanks and pumprooms are potentially dangerous. You should immediately leave an area whenever __________.


77. A good extinguishing agent use in electrical fire is __________.


78. A group of surveyors inspected the ship who will certify that the vessel is fitted for her intended service is called __________.


79. A hand portable CO2 fire extinguisher is effective on burning oil only ___________.


80. Before taking over the engineering watch while the ship is underway, relieving officers of the engineering watch should satisfy them regarding __________.I. special requirements to sanitary system disposalII. availability of fire fighting appliancesIII. state of completion of engine room logIV. standing orders of the chief engineer officer


81. When the machinery spaces are in the periodic unmanned condition, the designated duty officer of the engineering watch shall be __________.


82. When machinery spaces are in manned condition while the ship is underway, the officer in charge of the engineering watch should be ready to __________.I. response for changes of the course of the shipII. attend to various main propulsion speedsIII. use damage control gear in machinery space


83. The min. flash point of marine fuels to be delivered onboard as regarded by SOLAS convention is __________.


84. When extinguishing an oil fire using foam can be effectively done through __________.


85. What is the lowest temperature at which the vapor formed from a liquid ignites and continues to burn steadily in the presence of an ignition source?


86. Where does fire and lifeboat stations required to be listed?


87. When a vessel loses its reserve buoyancy, it will ___________.


88. The procedures that is always recommended in the rescue of an unconscious person from a compartment containing an unsafe environment is to ___________.


89. Responsible to insure that all records required by regulations are retained onboard a vessel involved in a casualty is the __________.


90. What condition when the master or person-in-charge of a vessel is required to submit a casualty report of an international grounding?


91. While electrical burn victims have been subjected to electric shock, the first medical response is to verify for ___________.


92. The person-in-charge of a vessel is required to submit a casualty report of an intentional grounding when __________.


93. Following the activation of the emergency position indicating radio beacon, you should __________.


94. The line throwing appliance is required to be tested on a vessel __________.


95. If a rescuer discovers a burn victim in the vicinity of electrical equipment or wiring, his first step is to __________.


96. Which of the listed precaution should be taken when testing a line throwing gun?


97. Maximum allowable working pressure for each oil transfer hose assembly must be at least __________.


98. Safe practice that is not recommended is ___________.


99. Habit that must be eliminated to prevent accident is ___________.


100. The situation that can contribute to accident is ___________.


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