Assessment Test

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1. What consist of two equal forces acting in oppose along separate parallel lines of action?


2. What is a measure of the rate of motion or speed of a body at any instant?


3. What is a measure of the tendency of a force acting in oppose along separate parallel lines of action?


4. Uneven volt tightening during installation of a fuel injection pump could result in:


5. The ratio of the absolute viscosity of oil to the specific gravity of oil is called:


6. Viscosity of the lube oil is rated in which of the following?


7. On a tubular type purifier where does the sediments collect?


8. Percentage contraction of Nickel Steel is:


9. What is a measure of the internal resistance of the fluid to the movement of the plate?


10. Copper, cast iron percentage elongation in 2 degrees length is:


11. Tube retarders in scotch boilers are used to:


12. What factors shorten the life of valve springs?


13. The push or pull excited on a body?


14. Fuels have energy stored to do work as in pushing the piston during the piston during combustion. What do we call this potential energy?


15. Which bearing half will receive the greatest load in a two stroke cycle engine?


16. Which of the following statements is correct regarding the oil viscosity?


17. It is the property of resistance to fracture under tensile:


18. When a body is acted on by a load which compreses its volume is called:


19. What is the total heat liberated when one kilogram of the fuel is burned and is measured under laboratory conditions using a calorimeter or similar equipment?


20. Length of screwed rod known as:


21. Sometimes it is desirable to connect a member both by riveting and welding. Which statement is TRUE concerning this procedure?


22. A twin screw vessel is easier to maneuver than single-screw vessel with the engines half ahead. If there is no wind or current and the rudder is amidships, which of the following will happen?


23. What is the distance from the centroidal axis of an area at which the entire area could be concentrated?


24. The property of the body which resist changes in it state of rest or uniform motion in a straight called:


25. A term used to denote the storage of the work in producing strain within a material which is called:


26. What comes about from some static form of loading and the value of the stress does not change?


27. The garboard strake is the ___________.


28. When a cube of material is immersed in a liquid and subjected hydrostatic pressure, the cube will suffer a loss in volume as the hydrostatic pressure increases. This is called:


29. The perforated elevated bottom of the chain locker which prevents the chains from touching the main locker bottom and allows seepage of water to flow to the drains is called a:


30. What is the third method of Fire Protection to be constructed in Passenger to be constructed in Passenger vessel?


31. What are normally the important motion of a vessel while sailing?


32. What is the ratio of shear and the resulting strain?


33. What is the usual unit for moment of inertia of an area?


34. An object that is subject to a force for a very short time is said to have received a/an


35. What type of additive oil are used on diesel engine to keep engine clean?


36. Mild steel boiler plates ultimate stress in tons per square meter is:


37. Ultimate stress of Cast Iron in tons per square meter is:


38. What holds the adjusting ring in place on a safety valve?


39. All energy received as heat by a heat engine cannot be converted into mechanical work is a demonstration of:


40. The form of energy associated with the random motion of large numbers of molecule is known as:


41. The-highest temperature in vapor compression cycle is produced during:


42. The velocity of a fluid particle at the center of the-pipe section is:


43. Which gas is liberated when the lead-acid battery is being charged?


44. A single pass condenser is known as:


45. A fore and aft reference line at the upper surface of the flat plate keel at the centerline on flush shell plated vessels or the thickness of the garboard strake above that level for ships having lapse am shell plating is called:


46. What precautionary measure/s is/are to be observed when starting on a R-22 compressor?


47. A comfortable room temperature is 72 deg. F. Which is the equivalent of this temperature in degrees Celsius?


48. When suction pressure is decreased, the horsepower per ton of refrigeration will:


49. As suction pressure drops in a Freon-22 system, compressor capacity will:


50. Sliding contact bearings are classified into two general categories journal bearing and:


51. The moment of any point in a ship:


52. A crude petroleum classification in which residue contains more than 5% paraffin wax:


53. What is the relationship between viscosity and specific gravity?


54. If the wave through is amidship what will happen to the buoyancy?


55. A return spring and ball seat are held in place on top of the exhaust valve bridge of some two stroke cycle engine by a/an:


56. The turning moment which is the product of a tangential force and the distance it acts from the axis of the rotation:


57. What is the measure of the amount of solids classified as asphalts on carbon residue contained in an oil?


58. What could result in fuel oil having a low octane rating ?


59. As we heat a gas at constant pressure, its volume:


60. What is a measure of the stretch ability of compressibility of a material within the limit?


61. What is the chemical symbol of the fuel ethane?


62. The second method of Fire Protection to be constructed to passenger vessel is the:


63. In passenger ship design, the hull superstructure and deckhouse are subdivided into vertical zone with fire resistance bulkhead how many meters apart?


64. Determine the molecular mass of hydrocarbon where mass of the hydrogen and carbon are 1 and 12 respectively?


65. What is the property of a body which cause it to tend remain in its existing state of rest or motion until is acted by some force tending to change its existing state?


66. A continuous process in which two over lapping plates are joined by fusion due to the current flowing between two rotating wheels:


67. What is considered in mechanics as the measure of the distance through which a force acts upon a body or substance?


68. What is the active element in the combustion of fuel in an internal combustion engine?


69. When a body is acted on by a load which causes an increase in its length is called:


70. To increase the extent of flooding your vessel can suffer without foundering, you could:


71. A centrifugal lube oil purifier can remove the following from the lubricating oil:


72. Which of the following describes the purpose of a striker or double plate?


73. The conical steel or composition cone installed on a propeller known as a fairwater cone, provides which of the following benefits?


74. The internal force in a material in which tends to resist deformation when subjected to external forces is known as:


75. Rate of fuel oil expansion varies directly when heated with the specific:


76. What should be the maximum temperature of the oil leaving the purifier?


77. Diesel engine will lose power if fuel injection occurs too early because the:


78. Lubricating oil is thickened by adding a soap or clay such as:


79. If the pressure of a confined gas is constant, the volume is directly proportional to the absolute temperature:


80. In general, on what does the position of the center of buoyancy depends?


81. Determine the weight of a rectangular piece of 25.5 lbs. steel measuring 4.5 feet by 6.7 feet


82. What consist of two equal forces tendency of a force to a body on which acts about the same axis?


83. To detect angular misalignment between the propeller line shafting and the engine crankshaft, you remove the coupling bolts and:


84. What is the approximate composition of air by mass?


85. In chemical notation a prefix is used to indicate the number of:


86. In war ship members support of decks are called:


87. For good performance while a lubricating oil is in the precipitation number should:


88. The movement of steam piping, as a result of changes in temperature, is compensated by the use of:


89. Percentage contraction of area of a mild steel boiler plates is:


90. To change a bowl type purifier from a separator to clarifier, you must:


91. The vessel is said to be in stable equilibrium when:


92. What is the element in the combustion of fuel ( in internal combustion engine) that takes no active parts?


93. In chemical notation, a small suffix is used with the letter to indicate the number of:


94. What is the service life of a seated ball bearing during which no grease is needed?


95. Ships steel plate is 1.8 wide and 6 m long. What is its area?


96. What is chemical symbol for fuel propane?


97. A vessel trimmed down by the bow has:


98. The half-breadth plan is:


99. A tonnage tax is levied according to the:


100. What is the chemical symbol for fuel butane?


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