Assessment Test

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1. Magnetic dip is a measurement of the angle between the __________.


2. Magnetic information on a chart may be __________.


3. Magnetic variation changes with a change in __________.


4. Magnetism which is present only when the material is under the influence of an external field is called __________.


5. Magnets are placed in horizontal trays in the compass binnacle to compensate for the __________.


6. Magnets in the binnacles of magnetic compasses are used to reduce the effect of __________.


7. Mariners are FIRST warned of serious defects or important changes to aids to navigation by means of __________.


8. Mars is only seen at two phases, one of which __________.


9. Mars will not be visible __________.


10. Mean high water is the average height of __________.


11. Mean high water is the reference datum used to measure __________.


12. Mean high water is the reference plane used for __________.


13. Mean high water is used __________.


14. Mean low water is the average height of __________.


15. Mean lower low water is the reference plane used for __________.


16. Mechanical lifting of air by the upslope slant of the terrain is called __________.


17. Miaplacidus is found in what constellation?


18. Monsoons are characterized by __________.


19. Most GPS receivers use the Doppler shift of the carrier phase to compute __________.


20. Most high pressure areas in the United States are accompanied by __________.


21. Navigational marks used for informational or regulatory purposes are __________.


22. Neap tides occur __________.


23. Neap tides occur only __________.


24. Neap tides occur when the __________.


25. NGA (NIMA) charts are adopting the metric system. In order to change a charted depth in meters to feet you may use the conversion table found __________.


26. NOAA VHF weather reports are continuously broadcast on VHF channels WX-1, WX-2 and WX-3 on a frequency of __________.


27. Normal pool elevation is the height in feet of the section of river above a dam. This height is measured from __________.


28. Northern right whales can be identified by __________.


29. Ocean currents are well defined and __________.


30. Ocean swells originating from a typhoon can move ahead of it at speeds near __________.


31. The chart of a beach area shows a very flat slope to the underwater beach bottom. What type of breakers can be expected when trying to land a boat on this beach?


32. On a chart, the characteristic of the light on a lighthouse is shown as flashing white with a red sector. The red sector __________.


33. On a clear, warm day, you notice the approach of a tall cumulus cloud. The cloud top has hard well defined edges and rain is falling from the dark lower edge. Should this cloud pass directly overhead __________.


34. On a gnomonic chart, a great circle track between Los Angeles and Brisbane will appear as a __________.


35. On a Mercator chart, 1 nautical mile is equal to __________.


36. On a nautical chart, the inner ring of a compass rose indicates __________.


37. On a voyage from Cape Town to London, the favorable ocean current off the coast of Africa is the __________.


38. On a voyage from Halifax, N.S., to Dakar, West Africa, the Canary Current will __________.


39. On a weather map, a large letter


40. On a working copy of a weather map, a cold front is represented by what color line?


41. On a working copy of a weather map, a stationary front is represented by which color line?


42. On a working copy of a weather map, a warm front is represented by what color line?


43. On an Army Corps of Engineers navigation map, each mile A.H.P. on the Lower Mississippi River is marked by a __________.


44. On an Atlantic Ocean voyage from New York to Durban, South Africa, you should expect the Agulhas Current to present a strong __________.


45. On an isomagnetic chart, the line of zero variation is the __________.


46. On approaching the English Channel on course 080°T, you note the symbol YBY near a charted buoy. You must pass __________.


47. On charts of U.S. waters, a magenta marking is NOT used for marking a __________.


48. On entering from seaward, a starboard side daymark will __________.


49. On mid-ocean waters, the height of a wind-generated wave is not affected by the __________.


50. On navigational aids, what does the light characteristic "Fl(2+1)" mean?


51. On the approach of a warm front, barometric pressure usually __________.


52. On the Corps of Engineer's Navigation Maps, the channel is __________.


53. On the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, there is a special type of fog known as steam fog. It is caused by __________.


54. On the Mississippi River, gage zero is the gage reading measured from the __________.


55. On the pole side of the high pressure belt in each hemisphere, the pressure diminishes. The winds along these gradients are diverted by the Earth's rotation toward the east and are known as the __________.


56. On the pole side of the trade wind belt, there is an area of high pressure with weak pressure gradients and light, variable winds. This area is called the __________.


57. On the Western Rivers, a vessel crossing a river must __________.


58. On U.S. charts, you can tell if a named feature such as a rock (i.e. Great Eastern Rock in Block Island Sound) is submerged by the __________.


59. On what does the operation of an aneroid barometer depend?


60. In very high latitudes, the most practical chart projection is the __________.


61. In waters where the cardinal system is used you would expect to find danger __________.


62. In what order should the following sextant adjustments be made? I. Make telescope parallel to frame of sextant. II. Set horizon glass perpendicular to frame of sextant. III. Make index mirror and horizon glass parallel when index arm is set at zero. IV. Set index mirror perpendicular to frame of sextant.


63. In which country would you expect the channels to be marked with the IALA- B Buoyage System?


64. In which country would you expect the channels to be marked with the IALA- B Buoyage System?


65. In which month will the equatorial counter current be strongest?


66. In which publication could you find information concerning the minimum lighting required for bridges on U.S. waters?


67. In which source could you find the number of a chart for a certain geographic area?


68. In which source could you find the vertical clearance of a bridge on the Ohio River?


69. In which voyage, between two points, is the rhumb line distance NOT approximately the same as the great circle distance?


70. In working out a local apparent noon sight for your latitude, you subtract the Ho from 90°. The 90° represents the angular distance from __________.


71. Index error of a sextant is primarily caused by __________.


72. Indications of the master gyrocompass are sent to remote repeaters by the __________.


73. Induced magnetism is found in __________.


74. Inferior conjunction is possible for __________.


75. Information about currents around Pacific Coast ports of the U.S. is found in the __________.


76. Information about direction and velocity of rotary tidal currents is found in the __________.


77. Information about major breakdowns, repairs, or other emergency operations with regard to weirs and (or) wicket dams, on the western rivers, may be obtained by consulting the __________.


78. Information about temporary, short term changes affecting the safety of navigation in U.S. waters is distributed to navigational interests by the __________.


79. Information about the direction and velocity of rotary tidal currents is found in the __________.


80. Information about the pilotage available at Miami harbor may best be obtained from which publication?


81. Information for updating nautical charts is primarily found in the __________.


82. Information markers, when lighted, will display __________.


83. Information on northern right whales can be found in __________.


84. Information on search and rescue procedures and special, local communications used in Mexican waters will be found in the __________.


85. Isobars on a weather map are useful in predicting __________.


86. Isogonic lines are lines on a chart indicating __________.


87. It is 1200 local time for an observer at 54°E longitude. Which statement is TRUE?


88. It is desirable that a vessel encountering hurricane or typhoon conditions sends weather reports to the closest meteorological service at least every __________.


89. It is unlawful to approach within how many yards of a northern right whale?


90. Light Lists for coastal waters are __________.


91. Lighted information markers show __________.


92. Lighted white and orange buoys must show which color light?


93. Lines drawn through points on the Earth having the same atmospheric pressure are known as __________.


94. Lines of position may be __________.


95. Lines on a chart which connect points of equal magnetic variation are called __________.


96. Little or no change in the barometric reading over a twelve hour period indicates __________.


97. Local sidereal time is equal to the __________.


98. Low pressure disturbances, which travel along the intertropical convergence zone, are called __________.


99. Luminous range is the __________.


100. Magnetic compass deviation __________.


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