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1. According to 46 CFR Part 61, which of the following statements is true concerning the inspection of watertube boilers?


2. A flame scanner installed in modern boiler combustion control systems, functions to __________.


3. Which of the following is the advantage of operating a typical closed feedwater system for a marine boiler when compared to an open feedwater system?


4. A primary function of burner atomization steam is to __________.


5. The differential temperature of the main condenser cooling water will be significantly affected by a change in __________.


6. A contaminated steam generator is used to produce saturated vapor from collected __________.


7. Failure to use the turning gear prior to warming up a main turbine will damage the __________.


8. What is the advantage of a forced water circulation boiler over a natural circulation boiler?


9. In order to test the lifting pressure of the deaerating feed heater relief valve, you would __________. I. close the auxiliary exhaust dump valve to the main and auxiliary condensers II. increase the set point of the make-up steam regulator to the auxiliary exhaust system


10. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require that main steam piping must be hydrostatically tested at specified intervals. If the pipe insulation cannot be removed during this test, the piping shall be tested at __________.


11. The greatest resistance to heat transfer from the fireside to the waterside of a water-tube boiler generating tube takes place in the __________.


12. All oil-fired main boilers with automatic safety control systems must be provided with __________.


13. Which of the following statements is true concerning the operation of the automatic shut down solenoid valve in the fuel oil service manifold of an automatically fired boiler?


14. If oil is found in the main fuel oil heater steam drain system, which of the actions listed should be taken first?


15. After being required to plug an excessive number of leaking condenser tubes on the main condenser, what changes would you expect to observe when returning to normal steam plant sea speed operation?


16. Why is a flexible I-beam rigidly mounted at the forward end of the main turbine?


17. If a feed pump failure causes the boiler water to drop out of sight in the gage glass, the engineer should first __________.


18. When starting a turbine driven boiler feed pump, care should be taken to insure that the recirculating valve is open. Which of the following valves should be closed when starting?


19. While on watch at sea, you notice the main lube oil pump suction vacuum has been increasing. To correct this, you should __________.


20. In any governor there is a small range of speed in which no corrective action occurs. This speed range is called the governor dead band and is caused by __________.


21. A pilot valve and servomotor are utilized in mechanical hydraulic governing systems on a turbo generator unit in order to __________.


22. Dirt and/or metallic particles in a reduction gear lubricating oil system may cause which of the following problems to occur?


23. During normal operation of a main propulsion turbine, the lube oil supply temperature to the bearings should be maintained at approximately __________.


24. When starting a turbo generator, you must provide lube oil pressure to the governor power piston by means of __________.


25. Lower than normal steam pressure in an operating boiler may be caused by __________.


26. Most main propulsion reduction gear bearings are __________.


27. To combat galvanic corrosion, condensers utilizing copper-nickel water boxes are usually fitted with the following, except __________.


28. Why is it necessary to have a relief valve protect the deaerating feed tank from internal pressure?


29. A practical consideration to allow for when operating a boiler at low load with regard to heat absorption is the requirement to __________.


30. The atmospheric drain tank (ADT) normally drains to the __________.


31. Which of the DC heater operations listed will not result in excessive dissolved oxygen in boiler water?


32. During normal operation, the steam flow from the auxiliary exhaust line to the DC heater can be closely related to the __________.


33. Scavenging air lines are connected to boiler stack periscopes to __________.


34. Which action should be taken if the water level in the boiler gage glass drops out of sight and the burners fail to secure automatically?


35. If the boiler fires are extinguished by water contamination in the fuel oil, you should first __________.


36. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require that boiler mountings shall be removed and studs examined by a Coast Guard inspector __________.


37. Coast Guard Regulations, 46 CFR Part 54, require steam safety and relief valves to be provided with a substantial lifting device, capable of lifting the disc from its seat at what percentage of the set pressure?


38. Proper vacuum must be maintained during prolonged astern operation to __________.


39. The jacking/turning gear mechanism of a main propulsion geared turbine installation is normally connected through mechanical linkage to the __________.


40. A common method of preheating main turbine lube oil prior to rolling over the main unit would be to __________.


41. The level in the atmospheric drain tank when underway at sea, is normally maintained by the use of a/an __________.


42. If the temperature of the fuel oil entering an atomizer is too low, the burner will __________.


43. The rotating speed of the tubular bowl centrifuge is more than twice that of the disk type. The reason for this is __________.


44. Excessive foaming in a steaming boiler can cause damage to the __________.


45. What boiler water test would be given to insure that the boiler water contains sufficient chemicals to transform hard scale forming salts into harmless sludge which would eventually be removed with blow downs?


46. The reversing turbine is normally used for the following operations, except __________.


47. The temperature of steam at the superheater outlet is influenced by the following, except __________.


48. Which of the following statements is true concerning boiler inspections?


49. Magnets are installed in the main propulsion turbine lube oil pump strainers to attract metal particles released through wearing of __________.


50. If the main lube oil pump fails to build up discharge pressure, the reason could be the __________.


51. Accumulation of fuel oil in the boiler double casing could be caused by __________.


52. One of the functions of a boiler desuperheater installed in a high pressure boiler is to __________. I. maintain the essential flow of feedwater into the drum II. heat the boiler water in the steam drum


53. Downcomers are frequently mounted outside the boiler casing on a water-tube boiler for the purpose of __________.


54. In a marine boiler equipped with mechanically atomized burner assemblies, proper combustion depends on the following, except __________.


55. Discharging an excessive amount of make-up feed water into the DC heater during normal steaming conditions could cause __________.


56. A boiler feed stop-check valve would be located at the __________.


57. Water boxes on main condensers are vented to __________.


58. The distance piece in a boiler burner register assembly provides for adjustment of the __________.


59. Fuel oil is transferred to the settling tanks for __________.


60. Because of the pressure drop existing across each diaphragm, the flow of steam between the nozzle diaphragm and the rotor of the turbine is held to a minimum by __________.


61. The boiler economizer provides additional heat to the __________.


62. If a boiler is being operated with the economizer bypassed, which of the following is true?


63. Which of the following conditions will occur when a glassy film forms on the furnace wall due to the burning of fuel oil contaminated with salt water?


64. Carbon deposits on the diffuser and register throat ring of a burner __________.


65. Most auxiliary turbines do not require an external source of gland sealing steam because they __________.


66. A check valve is located between the economizer and the steam drum to __________.


67. Main propulsion steam turbine casing drains generally discharge to the __________.


68. The purpose of the steam control valves installed in the auxiliary exhaust line is to __________.


69. Which of the conditions listed could be responsible for the flame of a mechanical atomizer to blow out when attempting to light off


70. The boiler main feed stop check valve is located nearest the __________.


71. The rate of fouling on the oil side of fuel oil heaters is directly related to the __________.


72. Which type of bearing lining material is most commonly used in modern precision split type bearings?


73. One factor for determining the minimum feedwater inlet temperature to a boiler economizer is the __________.


74. In addition to a orifice plate, a fuel oil atomizer uses which of the listed parts?


75. When preparing water-tube boilers for hydrostatic testing, they shall be filled with water at not __________.


76. A boiler with a water capacity of 10 tons, generates steam at the rate of 30 tons per hour. If the feedwater concentration of solids was initially 0.5 PPM, and will increase at a rate of 1.5 ppm every hour, what would be the increase in the feedwater concentration of solids after 24 hours?


77. Dissolved oxygen in the condensate is generally attributed to _________.


78. Heating the fuel oil to an excessively high a temperature in a fuel oil heater will cause __________.


79. In a steam turbine and reduction gear main propulsion plant, the alarm sensor for low turbine oil pressure is usually installed __________.


80. What is the significance of pinion deflection in the operation of reduction gears?


81. To comply with Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), which type of boiler listed shall be subjected to a hydrostatic test at one and one half times maximum allowable working pressure?


82. A sequential lift, nozzle valve control bar on a turbo generator, utilizes which of the following operating principles?


83. When the boiling temperature of a steam boiler is increased, which of the following effects will occur with relation to the pressure and the specific volume of the steam?


84. Which system should be tested and used when required to raise the water level in an idle boiler?


85. Which of the following represents a significant system limitation to be aware of when a burner management system is operated in the Manual mode?


86. What is normally used to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction of the main turbine casing?


87. Whenever operating a boiler whose economizer is bypassed, always keep in mind that __________.


88. Which of the listed conditions can cause high superheater outlet steam temperature in an automated boiler?


89. When testing boiler flue gas with a chemical absorption apparatus, to obtain accurate results __________.


90. Contaminated steam generators in a contaminated drain system are usually __________.


91. Which of the listed conditions can cause excessively high superheater outlet steam temperature in an automated boiler?


92. When forced draft blowers are provided with high and low speed controls, it is advisable to run the blowers at high speed during maneuvering to __________.


93. The boiler water level begins to fall very slowly due to the sudden failure of a water wall tube. In response to this situation, you should continue the feedwater supply and immediately __________.


94. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require unfired pressure vessels with manholes to be hydrostatically tested __________.


95. Axial movement in a gear-type flexible coupling is provided for by __________.


96. Where reaction turbine blading is fitted with shrouding of end tightened design, which of the following operating parameters must be carefully monitored for efficient turbine operation?


97. Which of the following reaction turbine components listed converts thermal energy into kinetic energy


98. The purpose of a contaminated steam system is to __________.


99. Which component of a Kingsbury thrust bearing assembly transmits the thrust from the line shaft to the oil film and shoes?


100. No lube oil appearing in the sight glass (bull's eye) of a gravity type system is a positive indication of __________.


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