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1. If in the professional judgment of the master, a conflict between any safety and security requirements applicable to the ship arises during it operations, the master shall give effect to those requirements necessary to:


2. A set of curves each of which represents a plot of the cumulative area of station on the lines plan, from line to any point above it is known as _____________.


3. The minimum age for the admission to employment by the member states who ratified the ILO convention in 1973 is _______.


4. The final decision to abandon the ship shall be made by the ______ when he believes that such action is necessary after every effort to save the vessel has been exhauste


5. The persons usually responsible for the documents in the Declaration of Security when your vessel calls a certain port are the: ___.


6. The speed of the ship on trial run was 16. 06 knots, and the stimulated taylor friction was 0.34. What is the speed of the speed of the water at the propeller? .


7. What is a Declaration of Security? .


8. The ship that is design to load standard size and move cargo faster is the __.


9. When the vessel is entering a place known to have various pirate activities, which of the following should you consider? .


10. Archimedes Principle applied to a flotation ship, the force is called the _____.


11. The period of during which is vessel is detained in isolation until free from any contagious disease among the crew is called: .


12. Wale shores would be used when dry-docking a vessel with _____.


13. The safe operation of the ship during docking maneuvers, what is to be used? .


14. Breadth or width of the ship in a transverse direction is called?


15. Why is the pumping out of water stopped when the ships stern is nearby on the blocks? .


16. The document needed by marine officers or watch as provided in the ILO convention 1936, concerning the minimum requirements for officers onboard merchant ship is :


17. Authority to assign load lines in the Philippines is issued by?


18. Deck rails on passenger decks of vessel engaged in a ferry or excursion type operation shall be at least _____.


19. When removing a load forward on a vessel, the draft at the center of floatation will: .


20. Plates that cover the top of hawse pipe: .


21. The transverse inclination of a vessel due to the action of the waves, the wind, a greater weight upon one side etc: .


22. By what means can you easily determine the efficiency of the main engine?


23. What do you call the influence of one of motion on another for instance coupling between heave and pitch? .


24. In longitudinally framed ship, the longitudinal frames are held in place and supported by arthwarship members called:


25. When giving artificial respiration to an adult patient how many breaths per minute is required? .


26. The two factors which make underwater hull repair difficult are accessibility and the: .


27. Maritime Security level (exceptional) applying for the period of time when there is probable or imminent risk of a security incident is;


28. The master together with the Ship Security officer should perform periodic review of the Ship Security Plan together with the SMS Manual to verify the adequacy of the procedures for at least ___.


29. The main purpose of hatch coaming is: .


30. What term indicates the outward curvature of the hull above the waterline? .


31. Part of the rudder that transmit a torque:


32. The strength of a deck will be increased by adding ___.


33. Undocking and docking of ships at the port of manila is assisted by ____.


34. Part of the fire should a dry chemical agent should be directed? .


35. A harbor provided as a temporary refuge on a stormy coast for the convenience of passing shipping is __________.


36. A health term listed on a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that indicates allergic like reaction in some people after repeated exposure is __________.


37. A high concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas is most likely to be found in which of the locations listed?


38. A high velocity fog nozzle will produce the most effective spray pattern when the water pressure is not less than __________.


39. A hole in the hull above the waterline may be temporarily patched with __________.


40. A horizontal fore and aft plate riveted to the top angles of a centerline Keelson running above floors is __________.


41. A hot suction line might be caused by _________.


42. How can you classify cargoes delivered by shipment without any remarks on it?


43. A hydraulic accumulator, used in a hydraulic system aboard a MODU is designed to __________.


44. A hydrostatic release mechanism for a liferaft ___________.


45. A kort nozzle refers to a __________.


46. A large vessel is equipped with a controllable-pitch propeller. Which statement is TRUE?


47. A letter given by the shipper to the ship owner when goods put on board are not in good condition holding the ship owner harmless in respect of any claim the consignee may claim is called __________.


48. A large basin cut into the shore, closed off by a casisson and used for dry docking of ships is known as __________.


49. A lien to be paid as required by law or regulation of the part is __________


50. A life line must be connected to the liferaft __________.


51. A hole which allow liquid to flow overboard is known as __________.


52. In computing the good stability of a cargo vessel after loading, it is this condition of the vessel that effects the righting level very necessary to attain safe stability?


53. What kind of document can the port state control check of verify that the vessel is carrying the right number of crew who can safely run the vessels in international waters? .


54. It is the maximum amount in U S dollars that the crew can claim from the ships owners in case of crew :


55. As provided in chapter III of the 1974 SOLAS convention, it is the maximum number of months/s interval where the lifeboats on-board be swing and if practicable be lowered to water level?


56. If a dry cargo vessel was accidentally damage during loading operations, who is authorized or give the order that the vessel can sail safely?


57. What is the term used as stated in the 73/78 MARPOL convention of the space or tank that accumulates any kind of sewage onboard especially if the vessel is in port? .


58. The maximum number of days from the time a crew arrived Manila who was repatriated due to sickness or accident must report for a post medical examination by a company doctor so that his medical benefits will not be forfeited is __? .


59. What are the medical term used if the ship master request the port health authorities to bring down an infected crew immediately in order to prevent possible spread of a disease? .


60. It is the recommended procedure as provided in the 1974 SOLAS convention in discharging ballast water in double bottom tanks designed and previously loaded with fuel oil?


61. What do you call the drainage medical premises such as wash basins, tubes as well as drainage from loading spaces of living animals onboard as defined in the 73/78 MARPOL conventions? .


62. The entity authorized to select and approve the kind of welding electrodes to be used in jointing metal materials during ship construction or major repair onboard is the _______? .


63. After a vessel has been previously surveyed, approved and certificated, it is this group that can make any alteration on the structure or equipment on the same vessel if any?


64. What do you call the kind or method of arc welding where all the positions can be executed safely and efficiently during ship building major repair onboard? .


65. This will be changed that happens to a loaded cargo vessel that navigated on the open seats with a water density of 1. 023 when it discharges its cargo in a river with a water density of 1. 000? .


66. During the construction of a vessel, it is the tank that is constructed in cargo vessels as bulked enclosing the stem tube and rudder trunk in a water light compartment?


67. What happen to a vessel loaded inside a river with water density of 1. 000 when she goes and navigate in the open sea with a water density of 1. 025? .


68. How many days maximum should be a seafarer be paid of his basic wage if said, seafarer was repatriated back due to sickness or accident on board and still not declared fit for sea duty?


69. The condition of slack or not fully loaded water tank that affects the increase of the vertical height of the center of gravity above the keel of the vessel is its?


70. The most appropriate and effective testing of the water tightness of transverse bulkheads inside the cargo holds as per the recommendations of the classification societies is ___? .


71. The kind of welding where two joint metal plates are in the same plane and considered the strongest during ship construction which can possibly be subjected and passed to a tensile pull is the ________?


72. What kind of weld being used during ship construction where two metal plates in the same plane are joint and considered to be the strongest welding method hat can pass even subjected to a tensile pull? .


73. What will be the minimum GM (Transverse Metacentric Height) in centimeters to be maintained at all times to a fully loaded draft general cargo vessel to prevent from possible capsizing? .


74. The horizontal distance between the vertical forces acting through the center of buoyancy and the center of gravity needed in computing the good stability of the ship after loading is called the ________? .


75. As provided in chapter III of the 1974 SOLAS convention, the appropriate time interval in conducting boat and fire drill on board general cargo vessel is?


76. It is the condition of a slack or not fully loaded water tanks that effects the increase of the vertical height of the center of gravity above the keel of the vessel?


77. It is this main objective why classification surveyors conduct inspection or surveys on-board cargo vessels plying the worldwide routes?


78. What is the term used in the change of draft when the vessel is transferred to place having a higher or lower density of water compared to the first location? .


79. It is the kind of work being done inside the raving dock of a newly built vessel to determine its displacement and position of the center of gravity in the lightweight condition?


80. What is the most important or list to be familiarized during familiarization process for the newly boarded crew members? .


81. It is the term of the work done in placing the vessel in the proper position during and after loading for a safe navigation of the nest voyage?


82. It is called the time interval between the stern post landing on the blocks and the entire ship taking the blocks over, inside the gravity dock during pumping out of water?


83. The law rule or principle which states that the approximate are bounded by a curve can be taken by adding the areas of figures formed by the points where equal spacing of ordinates cut necessary in computing the effects on trim and stability of the ship is ___ ?


84. What do you call the ability of a vessel to return to an upright position after being heeled by outside or external force? .


85. What do you call the force of gravity of an object that always acts vertically downward of the vessel? .


86. What do you call the measure of the enclosed internal volume of the vessels whose equivalent is 100 cubic feet per ton? .


87. The ratio between the underwater volume of a cargo ship and hat of a box type water craft having the same length, breath and mean draft is called? .


88. The authorized entity to issue the bill of lading of the cargo as provided in the International convention of


89. The addition of weight at the longitudinal center of flotation will:


90. The vessel is loaded with explosive and requesting the service of a pilot. The pilot should ___?


91. If fuel is buried from only the starboard tanks, the ship will _____.


92. What clearance readings should be taken and recorded in dry dock: .


93. The motion of the ship at sea and the actions of the wind and waves cause dynamic forces acting on shop that would create ______. I - local stress II - transverse III - longitudinal stress


94. What term indicates the midships portion of a vessel that has a constant cross section? .


95. The most essential element in the administration of CPR is ___.


96. What do you mean continuous survey of machinery? .


97. The ability of the return to its initial position called moment of statistical stability depends on two things:


98. Supported on the crest of a wave amidships, the vessel is subjected to:


99. To determine whether or not an adult victim has pulse, the rescuer should check for the pulse at the ____.


100. One way to secure the vessel increase metacentric height in the upright is ______.


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