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1. It is possible, and sometimes necessary, to strengthen the deck of a vessel for carriage of deck cargo by __________.


2. It is the responsibility of the crane operator to, at all times, be aware of the location of the __________.


3. It is the responsibility of the Master to ensure that __________.


4. Keel scantlings of any vessel are greatest amidships because __________.


5. Keeping certain cargoes separated because of their inherent characteristics is known as __________.


6. Keeping the draft at or below the load line mark will insure that the vessel has adequate __________.


7. Kort nozzles are installed around the propellers of some vessels to __________.


8. Laying out a line in successive circles flat on deck with the bitter end in the center is known as __________.


9. Leeway is the __________.


10. Lifting the anchor from the bottom is called __________.


11. Lighter longitudinal stiffening frames on the vessel's side plating are called __________.


12. Line is called "small stuff" if its circumference is less than __________.


13. Litmus paste is used in order to determine __________.


14. Load lines for U.S. vessels are assigned by __________.


15. Manila lines in which the strands are right-hand laid __________.


16. Many dangerous cargoes are stowed on deck because of the __________.


17. Many sheath-screw davits have markings to indicate the maximum angle to which they should be cranked out. If the angle is exceeded, the davit __________.


18. Maritime Administration personnel may be allowed in the pilothouse upon the responsibility of the __________.


19. Marline is __________.


20. Metal plates that cover the top of the hawsepipe are called __________.


21. Molded depth is measured from the __________.


22. Mooring lines should be turned end- for-end occasionally. This is because __________.


23. Mooring with two bow anchors has which major advantage over anchoring with one bow anchor?


24. Most crude oils are classified as grade __________.


25. Most of your vessel's superstructure is forward. How will the vessel lie when drifting with no way on?


26. Most pedestal crane power is provided by __________.


27. Most very large ocean going vessels, such as bulk carriers and large tankers, tend to squat __________.


28. Mousing a cargo hook with marline or small line __________.


29. Multi-year ice is the hardest sea ice and should be avoided if possible. It is recognizable because of what tone to its surface color?


30. Nautical charts published by the Canadian Hydrographic service which are referenced in the United States Coast Pilot are identified by


31. Naval authorities would NOT give orders about which of the following, when the vessel is under control of the Naval Control of Shipping Organization?


32. Naval Control of Shipping (NCS) publications should be __________.


33. Nearly half of all storms that enter the Great Lakes Basin during the period from October through May come from __________.


34. No hot work shall be performed on board a vessel with hazardous materials as cargo unless the work is approved by the __________.


35. Nonflammable gases should have what kind of label?


36. Nylon line can be dangerous because it __________.


37. Nylon line is better suited than manila for __________.


38. Nylon line is NOT suitable for __________.


39. Nylon rope is often used in the makeup of a towline because it __________.


40. Odorous cargoes are those that __________.


41. Of which type of material may a towing hawser be constructed?


42. Official proof of an American vessel's nationality is contained in the __________.


43. Oil may NOT be transferred unless __________.


44. Oil product samples should be taken from the


45. On a coastwise tugboat of 199 GT, on a voyage over 600 miles, what percentage of the deck crew (excluding licensed officers) must hold a document of able seaman?


46. On a light tow, what could you substitute for a fishplate?


47. On a manned vessel carrying packaged hazardous cargo, the hazardous materials shall be inspected __________.


48. On a passenger vessel over 400 gross tons, routine entries for the Oil Record Book are recorded in __________.


49. On a sea going towing vessel of 150 gross tons, there are six (6) seamen in the deck crew. How many certificated able seamen are required if the voyage is over 600 miles?


50. On a shallow water tow, the catenary of the towline should be __________.


51. On a ship's crane, the load chart relates the allowable load to the combination of the boom length and __________.


52. On a single-screw vessel the stern frame _________.


53. On a single-screw vessel, when coming port side to a pier and set off the pier, you should __________.


54. In order to back a right-handed, single- screw vessel in a straight line, you will probably need to use __________.


55. In order to correctly open a new coil of manila line, you should __________.


56. In order to help protect a natural fiber rope from rotting, the line must be __________.


57. In order to pay out or slack a mooring line which is under strain, you should __________.


58. In order to reduce the accumulation of static electricity while loading petroleum products, you should __________.


59. In order to reduce your wake in a narrow channel you should __________.


60. In plugging submerged holes; rags, wedges, and other materials should be used in conjunction with plugs to __________.


61. In polar regions you should NOT expect to see __________.


62. In preparation for receiving chilled reefer cargo, the reefer space has been precooled for over twenty-four hours. Loading may begin when the space has been cooled to a temperature between __________.


63. In relation to cargo gear, what does "SWL" mean?


64. In relation to the turning circle of a ship, the term "advance" means the distance __________.


65. In relation to the turning circle of a ship, the term "kick" means the distance __________.


66. In relation to the turning circle of a ship, the term "transfer" means the distance __________.


67. In securing a towing cable, consideration must be given to letting go in an emergency. The possible whip of towlines when released can be overcome by __________.


68. In ship construction, keel scantlings should be the greatest __________.


69. In small craft terminology, all of the anchor gear between a boat and her anchor is called the __________.


70. In some cases, the 50% duty on all foreign repairs made to American flag merchant vessels may be remitted. Which work does NOT come under the remitting policy of U.S. Customs?


71. In stopping distances of vessels, "head reach" can best be described as the __________.


72. In terms of vessel manning, a watch is the __________.


73. In the context of shiphandling, what would be the definition of shallow water?


74. In the manufacture of line, plant fibers are twisted together to form __________.


75. In the manufacture of wire rope, if the wires are shaped to conform to the curvature of the finished rope before they are laid up, the rope is called __________.


76. In the stowage of deck cargo,


77. In the United States, the load line markings are set by the __________.


78. In time of war Naval Control of Shipping Authorities may give orders concerning the __________.


79. In towing it is desirable for the tug and the tow to ride wave crests simultaneously because __________.


80. In towing, chocks are used to __________.


81. In towing, heaving lines are used for __________.


82. In twin-screw engine installations while going ahead, maneuvering qualities are most effective when the tops of the propeller blades both turn __________.


83. In vessel construction, the garboard strake is __________.


84. In which case is the IOPP Certificate of an inspected vessel NOT invalidated?


85. In which casualty case is it UNNECESSARY to notify the local Coast Guard Marine Safety Office?


86. n which casualty case is it UNNECESSARY to notify the local Coast Guard Marine Safety Office?


87. In which casualty case is it UNNECESSARY to notify the local Coast Guard Marine Safety Office?

88. In which situation could a vessel most easily capsize?


89. In writing up the logbook at the end of your watch, you make an error in writing an entry. What is the proper means of correcting this error?


90. Indicated horsepower refers to a towing vessel's power which is __________.


91. Instead of whipping an end of a line, a temporary means of preventing the line from unraveling is to tie a __________.


92. Instructions to the crew in the use of all the ship's lifesaving equipment shall be completed __________.


93. Insufficient space between the hull and bottom in shallow water will prevent normal screw currents resulting in __________.


94. Insulating flanges minimize the dangers arising from __________.


95. Is tripping limited to harbor and coastal towing?


96. It is easier to dock a right-hand, single- screw vessel __________.


97. It is good practice to use long towlines for ocean tows because the __________.


98. It is NOT advisable to use nylon for alongside towing because it __________.


99. It is not advisable to use nylon for alongside towing because it __________.


100. It is permissible to place an eye splice in wire rope used as cargo gear providing the splice is made using __________.


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