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1. When troubleshooting a magnetic controller, it is found that the contacts are welded together and the most probable cause is:.


2. Which of the listed conditions might contribute to very rapid wearing of a DC machine


3. Which of the ff temperature represents the maximum allowable temperature for the electrolyte of the lead acid battery?.


4. An instantaneous trip type fuses functions to:.


5. The load sharing characteristics of two diesel generators operating in parallel are mostly dependent on their governors?.


6. Which of the following types of DC motors has its field connected in parallel with its amateur?.


7. Which of the listed transformers uses a single winding to produce voltage transformation?.


8. Insufficient brush pressure on a DC motor may because:.


9. Which of the reduced to a desired level if a resistor is connected in series with a motor?


10. In parallel circuits, the total resistance is the:.


11. Voltage law states that, the sum of the potential or voltage drops taken around the circuit must be:.


12. What is the total current (I) if the three resistor values 2,4 and 8 are connected in parallel across supply of 42 volts?.


13. It represents the force that early experiments though were used to maintain the current in a conductor:.


14. In order to retain its magnetism, permanent magnets are made of what kind of material?.


15. The group of force lines from the North Pole to the South Pole of the magnet is called:.


16. What do you call the magnetic conductivity of iron as compared to that of an:.


17. In the Left Hand rule, which direction the middle finger of the left hand points at?.


18. What do you call a circulatory currents induced in the metal by changing magnetic field which produces an undesirable by-product heat in the iron:.


19. Major losses on electrical machines and transformers are classified as: I - rotational losses II - electrical losses III - Eddy losses.


20. Due to operating characteristics of the system time lag fuses ( or dual element fuses ) are necessary for use in:.


21. An instantaneous trip type fuse will:.


22. In a cartridge type fuse, the metal element is contained in a:.


23. Fuse elements are made of zinc or any alloy of tin and lead, therefore ,the melting point of the fuse element must be:.


24. When changing fuses and spring clips are found to have lost their grip, they should be replaced or:.


25. When testing for blown fuses in a three phase supply circuit to a motor, you should first:.


26. What is the power consumed by


27. Which of the ff statements represents an application of a silicon controlled rectifier:.


28. An AC generator failure is caused by _.


29. The fluctuation of voltage in a circuit is called:.


30. On AC vessels, which of the ff statements represents the most difficult problem involved in obtaining a DC potential suitable for use by a computer components?.


31. A switchboard for an AC electrical distribution system will be provided with which of the ff components:.


32. U.S. Coast Guard Regulations (46CFR) require that the emergency diesel generator engine shut down when:


33. U.S. Coast Guard Regulations(46CFR) require emergency diesel engine starting systems to have sufficient capacity to provide power for at least:


34. Which type of control modes where


35. The level point measured or controlled with conductivity probe depends on:.


36. What is the value of the controlled variable that the automatic controller operates to maintain?.


37. Which of the listed devices is used to measure pressure and convert it to an electrical signal?.


38. The throttle command voltage if converted to a signal needed to achieve the desired RPM is done by:.


39. Which of the listed conditions is an advantage of PN diode over a vacuum diode?.


40. Which of the listed devices may be used as a digital device?.


41. The schematic symbol for an operational amplifier in an analog circuit is:.


42. You have installed a Zener diode in parallel with the load. While measuring the voltage across the Zener diode it is found that it does not change as a current through load increases which means:


43. Which of the following actions can be carried out in order to prevent a thermal run away in a transistor?.


44. When replacing a power transistor fitted with the sink in a circuit, coating of silicone grease is applied between the transistor cases in the heat sink to:.


45. The third floor band on a resistor is used to indicate the:.


46. When using an ohmmeter to test a semiconductor diode, you find a low resistance in both the forward and reverse bias directions which indicates that the diode has a/an:.


47. If a small electric motor has been submerged in a salt water for a short period of time, what action to be taken?.


48. In testing a three phase delta winding for an open circuit using a mega meter, what should be done?.


49. The control action that will eliminate manual repositioning of the set point for each load change to produce an automatic reset action when combine with the proportional position action is called ____.


50. The best procedure to observe if a motor has become overloaded is to ____________.


51. The following action produces a corrective signal relative to the length of time controlled variable has been away from the set point is called ____.


52. In locating a loose commutators bar in a DC motor, the most effective method is called __.


53. A transformer that has a fewer turns in the secondary windings done in the primary & does secondary voltage must be less than primary is called _______.


54. A true statement about the cleaning of electrical contacts?.


55. A transformer that has more turns in the secondary winding done in the primary is ____.


56. If an electric motor fails to start, what should be check first?.


57. When removing ball or roller bearings from a shaft of a motor, the tool to be used is ___.


58. A necessary action to be done if a generator has been exposed to water & is being check for its safe operation is to ___.


59. An instrument helps to remove & crusted dirt that accumulated inside a motor is ____.


60. It many turns of an alternating coil for a contactor become short circuited, What will happen to the coil?.


61. If dirt & grease are allowed to accumulate between the commutator segments of a motor, what will be the condition?.


62. The shorten amateur coil in a DC motor will be detected by ______________.


63. A factor that contributes to very rapid wearing of a DC machines commutators bars is by______.


64. What is the 3rd factor that is responsible for the change in voltage as load applied to an AC generator aside from the drop in resistant in the amateur circuit & change in flux?.


65. If a self excited DC generators fails to come up to each dormant 240 volts it is due to ___.


66. If a magnetic controller contacts become weld together during operating conditions, What is the probable cause?.


67. The power factor of an AC generator operating singularly is determined by ___________.


68. Immediately prior to closing its breaker when paralleling two AC generators, what should be the condition of the frequency of the incoming machine?.


69. If the generator speed is increased to 1830 RPM, what will happen to the cycles in an AC generator that produces 60 Hz at 1800 RPM?.


70. The similarity between AC and DC generators is both _______.


71. What is the indication of a shorted relay or contractor coil when trouble shooting motor controllers?.


72. An electric meter movement uses a stationary permanent magnet and movable coil is called ____.


73. A device that can measure unknown resistance?.


74. The wave forms being measured for the ammeters and voltmeters used in sinusoidal AC power system, by what value?.


75. An instrument that should always be connected in series with a circuit is ____.


76. An instrument place an internal resistance in series with the meter movement is ___.


77. The process control that can change without distinct increment such as temperature, pressure or level is ___.


78. Wattmeter determines ___.


79. Before measuring an unknown resistance with an ohmmeter, what should be considered first?.


80. A device used to measure the RPM of an AC generator is ________.


81. What components that are usually being utilized to convert AC produced in the generator windings to direct current?.


82. When measuring AC current flow, where should the meter be connected?.


83. What kind of meter tester uses a shunt connected in series with the load, but parallel with the meter movement?.


84. The low horsepower, polyphase, induction motors can be started to a full voltage by means of what kind of starter ___________.


85. Before using an all-purpose electric measuring instrument (multimeter) utilizing internal batteries to supply power for resistance measurements, what should be done first?.


86. The frequency of an AC generator is adjusted by means of the:.


87. If an AC generator experience voltage failure, the cause maybe:.


88. To correct for reverse residual magnetism in self excited DC generator, you must:.


89. Which of the instrument listed could be used to locate the grounded field coil in synchronous motor?.


90. Which of the ff.statements regarding maintenance of silver coated contact and auxiliary control circuit is correct?


91. What will happen to other lamps if one of the four lamps connected in parallel in the single burns out?.


92. When the synchroscope point rotates in a fast direction (clockwise), it indicates the governor frequency of incoming generator is:.


93. The most common type of AC service generator found aboardship is the stationary:.


94. Which of the following materials is a good electrical insulator?.


95. In an induction motor, rotor currents are circulated in the rotor by:.


96. It is not recommended to change or renew a burned out indicating lamp on the control console during maneuvering because:.


97. Modern handheld digital tachometers operate by counting light pulses return to the unit by?.


98. The output voltage of a three-phase alternative is regulated by the:.


99. Which of the ff faults cannot be eliminated except by turning or grinding a commutator with a rigidly supported tolls?.


100. On a large generators, space heaters are used to:.


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