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1. As required by Pollution Prevention Regulations (33 CFR), which of the following represents an emergency procedure used to stop or prevent the flow of oil aboard tank vessel of 250 gross tons or greater?


2. In common practice, where can you find the procedures for reporting when the oil was discharge into the water?


3. The cubic inch (or liter) displacement of a cylinder is determined by the diameter of the piston and the __________.


4. Which of the listed characteristics is typical of a strip chart graphic recorder?


5. One complete turn of a micrometer screw will move the spindle __________.


6. The contaminated drain system normally receives drains that may be exposed to _________.


7. Flange are not allowed from the suction valve to an emergency fire pump if the piping is coming from the engine room, flanges were replaced by __________.


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9. Percentage contraction of Nickel Steel is:


10. What is a measure of the internal resistance of the fluid to the movement of the plate?


11. Copper, cast iron percentage elongation in 2 degrees length is:


12. Tube retarders in scotch boilers are used to _____.


13. What factors shorten the life of valve springs?


14. The push or pull excited on a body?


15. Diesel engine will lose power if fuel occurs too early because the ____.


16. Lubricating oil is thickened by adding a soap or clay such as ____.


17. In chemical notation a small suffix is used with the letter to indicate the number of ____.


18. In general, on what does the position of the center of buoyancy depends?


19. What is the term used to express the ignition quality of a fuel oil?


20. What is the composition of the pure hydrocarbon?


21. What is the distance from the centroidal axis of an area at which the entire area could be concentrated?


22. The property of the body which resist changes in it state of rest or uniform motion in a straight called ___.


23. A term used to denote the storage of the work in producing strain within a material which is called____.


24. Which of the following describes the purpose of a striker or double plate?


25. The conical steel or composition cone installed on a propeller known as a fairwater cone, provides which of the following benefits?


26. If a salinity alarm system indicates 2.5 grains per gallon at the main condensate pump discharge, your


27. What type of sensor is normally used with the automatic recirculating valve in the main condensate line?


28. When a lube oil purifier has been cleaned, but a small amount of sludge remains in one spot of the bowl side, the __________.


29. The normal characteristics and properties of lube oil will begin to break down if contaminated with water and __________.


30. On watch aboard ship, which of the following conditions will not prevent a general service shipboard pump from achieving its maximum suction lift?


31. An increase in clearance between reaction blade tips and the turbine casing will result in __________.


32. In accordance with Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), which of the following statements is true concerning safety valve construction and/or operation used on propulsion boilers?


33. Lube oil coolers are necessary in most engine lubricating systems because __________.


34. An excess pressure governor is a special type of control device which would normally be found on a __________.


35. The disk stack and tubular shaft used in a lube oil centrifugal purifier, is forced to rotate at bowl speed by __________.


36. The most common cause of abnormal fireside burning of the boiler superheater tubes can indirectly be the result of _________.


37. One function of a steam drum desuperheater installed in a high pressure boiler would be to __________.


38. Which of the following statements describes the effects that dissolved oxygen has on boiler internal surfaces with changes in temperature and pressure?


39. Reduction gears for main propulsion turbines are lubricated by __________.


40. The boiler main feed pump aboard ship can operate with high temperature water without becoming vapor bound because the __________.


41. If the maximum steam generating capacity of a boiler is increased Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require that the safety valves' __________.


42. The degree of fuel oil atomization is dependent upon the __________.


43. Sodium sulfite is added to boiler water to chemically react with any __________.


44. The most important consideration to take into account when water washing the firesides of a water tube boiler is __________.


45. Thin sheets of mica are installed in boiler gage glasses to __________.


46. The internal feed pipe in a D-type marine boiler provides __________.


47. Which of the listed parts of a Kingsbury thrust bearing tilts to permit the formation of a wedge shaped film of oil?


48. Which of the conditions will occur first if the steam flow to the main engine, when at full power, is suddenly stopped?


49. What is the primary function of the water screen tubes in a D type marine boiler?


50. If the bowl of a centrifugal purifier is improperly reassembled with O-ring seals that have become hard and flat, the centrifuge __________.


51. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR Part 56) permit copper pipe to be used for steam service subjected to a maximum pressure and temperature of __________.


52. Which of the listed procedures should be followed when raising vacuum on the main propulsion plant prior to getting underway?


53. Why are convergent-divergent nozzles used in highpressure turbine applications?


54. While underway, the boiler water level in a steaming boiler begins dropping rapidly and cannot be kept at the normal level by standard practices. As the engineer on watch, your next action should be to __________.


55. The components in a Kingsbury thrust bearing assembly that are responsible for transmitting an equal thrust load to all the shoes are called the __________.


56. When water is removed from lube oil passing through a centrifugal purifier, the water removed will __________.


57. Most main reduction gear units employ double helical cut gears, rather than single helical cut gears, because double helical cut gears __________.


58. If a lube oil pump fails to build up discharge pressure when first started, the cause could be the __________.


59. Which of the parts listed for a reaction turbine serve the same function as the nozzles of an impulse turbine?


60. Lower boiler efficiency results from carrying too much excess air because __________.


61. Carryover in a marine boiler can be caused by __________.


62. If the salinity indicator periodically registers high salinity in the main hotwell, the cause may be __________.


63. When raising steam on an idle boiler and the steam pressure has risen to about 5 pounds more than the pressure of the boiler already on the line, you can __________.


64. Which type of energy conversion is associated with an operating steam boiler?


65. An indication of a moderate leak existing in a desuperheater is __________.


66. What is the cause of


67. Which of the following statements would best describe the purpose of operating the hand lube oil pump on an auxiliary turbo-generating unit?


68. Expansion and contraction of a propulsion turbine casing due to changes in operating temperature, are normally compensated by __________.


69. Which of the conditions listed would cause the stern tube lube oil head tank level to decrease?


70. In order to maintain the effectiveness of the lube oil centrifuge to remove water, the engineer in charge should __________.


71. An intermediate chamber is used in conjunction with labyrinth packing on main turbine shaft glands to provide a __________.


72. While underway at sea, one of three available centrifugal salt water service pumps is in operation with a sea water temperature of 50


73. Which of the following statements is true concerning the centrifuging of lubricating oil?


74. Which of the following statements concerning the design of balanced throttle valves is correct?


75. When securing a main propulsion turbine equipped with carbon packing glands, the vacuum should always be broken before securing the gland seal steam because __________.


76. In addition to the direction of steam flow, which of the descriptions listed may not be used to classify turbines?


77. Rotor axial thrust developed in a reaction turbine is the result of a steam pressure drop across __________.


78. Which of the following statements defines the term


79. What should be done when foreign matter is found in a lube oil strainer?


80. Which of the following occurs in a single stage of a simple impulse turbine?


81. The astern element of a main propulsion turbine is usually designed as a/an __________.


82. In a cross-compounded turbine propulsion plant, steam enters the __________.


83. An impulse-reaction turbine is characterized by which of the following arrangements?


84. Large temperature and pressure drops which occur in the first stage of a combination impulse and reaction turbine are caused by steam passing through __________.


85. The main boiler feed pump discharge is controlled by the admission of steam to the auxiliary turbine. The admission of steam is normally regulated by a __________.


86. When vapor is in contact with and remains at the same temperature as the boiling liquid from which it was generated, the vapor and liquid are said to be in a/an __________.


87. During unsafe firing conditions in a large automatic auxiliary boiler, various control actuators are interlocked with the burner circuit to prevent start-up, in addition to safety shutdown. These controls are referred to as __________.


88. If it becomes necessary to cutout an individual cylinder of a large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine, the fuel to that cylinder should be secured and its __________.


89. A loud clicking noise occurring from within the valve compartment of an operating diesel engine would indicate __________.


90. The speed of the turbocharger for a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine driving a generator at constant speed depends on the __________.


91. The intake ports of a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine are opened and closed by the action of the __________.


92. Pipe thread taps are __________.


93. A roughened checkered surface is machined by a lathe on round stock using a __________.


94. In the event that


95. Pollution Prevention Regulations (33 CFR) requires an emergency means for stopping the flow of oil during oil transfer operations and this emergency means must be operated from __________.


96. When loading or discharging oil in bulk at a dock, which of the following signal must be displayed according to Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR)?


97. During re-testing of CO2 cylinders in a fixed CO2 fire fighting system in accordance with regulations, all flexible connections between cylinders and distribution piping must be tested at __________.


98. In general, it is not advisable to drive a wedge into a crack that may occur or occurring at the hull as wedges __________.


99. Which of the following signaling device is required to be displayed when bunkering or loading fuel oil during day light?


100. Pollution Prevention Regulations (33 CFR) required tank vessels to have a means of emergency shut down and this device ___________.


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