Assessment Test

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1. What term indicates the line drawn at the top of the flat plate keel?


2. What term indicates the length measured along the summer load line from the intersection of that load line with the foreside of the stem and the intersection of that load line with the aft side of the rudder post?


3. What term indicates a curvature of the decks in a longitudinal direction?


4. What term indicates the midships portion of a vessel that has a constant cross section?


5. In nautical terminology a "dog" is a __________.


6. The Sheer Plan __________.


7. Which statement(s) is(are) TRUE?


8. Which statement concerning solid floors is TRUE?


9. The usual depth of a beam bracket is __________.


10. The strength of a deck will be increased by adding __________.


11. The pillar shape that gives the greatest strength for the least weight is the __________.


12. The maximum length allowed between main, transverse bulkheads on a vessel is referred to as the __________.


13. In ship construction, keel scantlings should be the greatest __________.


14. Keel scantlings of any vessel are greatest amidships because __________.


15. Why are most break bulk vessels built with the transverse framing system rather than the longitudinal system?


16. In vessel construction, the garboard strake is __________.


17. The joint formed when two steel shell plates are placed longitudinally side to side is called a __________.


18. To reduce the number of strakes at the bow, two strakes are tapered and joined at their ends by a single plate. This plate is known as a __________.


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