Assessment Test

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1. Which statement is true concerning the maintenance of solid silver contracts in relays and auxiliary control circuits?.


2. Which of the following will happen to the alternator frequency of the load is removed from a turbo generator, whose governor has a 3% speed droop?.


3. Which of the following procedures should be used to determine the load of three-phase, delta wound, AC generator?.


4. When the current flow through a power transmission line is doubled, the power loss______.


5. Which of the listed conditions describes the effect on intrinsic semiconductor operation as a result of a high temperature increase?.


6. What will happen if an induction motor were to be operated at 90% rated voltage?.


7. Which of the following conditions indicate a short circuited capacitor when checking its condition with an ohmmeter?.


8. Which of the listed transformer uses a single winding to produce voltage transformer?.


9. The total power used in a series circuit is ___________.


10. When measuring AC current flow, you must always connect the meter ____________.


11. A multimeter can be used to directly measure ____________.


12. The air gap provided in induction motors should be checked periodically with a feeler gauge to detect an unequal air gap and ___________.


13. Equalization of the power factors of two alternators operating in parallel is accomplished__.


14. How would the load be divided when two DC generators are operating in parallel?.


15. To limit the current flow through a DC voltmeter to as low a value as possible, the moving coil circuit is provided with a/an ____________.


16. To limit the current flow through a DC voltmeter to as low a value as possible, the moving coil circuit is provided with a/an ____________.


17. What will happen to the flow of current when the voltage remains constant and the resistance is increased in a series circuit?.


18. Which of the substances listed should be applied to battery terminals to help prevent corrosion?.


19. A device that is used to measure an unknown EMF by comparing it with a known EMF?.


20. External shunt sometimes used with ammeters in order to prevent ____.


21. An instrument to be used to locate a grounded field coil in a synchronous motor is _____.


22. An ammeter measures the ___.


23. What instrument is being used for testing an


24. A deviced used where two different metals are joined together at both ends, one end is at high temperature and the other at a lower temperature, and electric current will flow around the circuit?.


25. An instrument which protects electrical circuits against over heating is _____.


26. If the capacitor discolored due to excessive heat, what should be done?.


27. The basic principle of transformer is ________.


28. The cause if the pointer fails to return to zero when the megger is disconnected is _____.


29. A device most commonly utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction is ______.


30. It has the same function as the rectifier?.


31. The factor that determines the frequency of an alternator is.


32. A molded-case breaker against short circuits is protected by __________.


33. A device use to measure pressure and convert it to electrical signal ________.


34. The function of a step down transformer is to reduce the load of ___________.


35. Total voltage of a series circuit is the ____.


36. One of the characteristics of the mica is used in the commutators of DC machinery is __.


37. The most outstanding characteristics of a Zener diode that even its Zener current changes widely is _____________.


38. A substance to be used to shield sensitive equipment from static magnetic fields is ___.


39. The bipolar transistor if being used, what certain device will be quickly tested for opens or shorts?.


40. Excessive heat in an operating motor controller is the cause of _____________.


41. When the power is restored after a complete power failure, what will happen to the steering gear pump motor?.


42. A magnetic amplified depends on which of the following basic action?.


43. Basic actions of magnetic amplifier depend on the ____________.


44. The type of control does the meat box temperature control circuit belongs as used in the ship service refrigeration system is __________.


45. The type of control modes indicate that


46. The following circuit that tends to gain the highest voltage in the FET circuit arrangement is _________.


47. An auxiliary which is fitted with instantaneous overload relay is the _________.


48. The specific change in the final position of the final control element depends upon when the amount of change of a controlled variable necessary when it is in the _______.


49. An action that will eliminate manual repositioning of the set pointy for each load change to produce an automatic reset action when combined with proportional-position action is:.


50. The certain condition and quantity being measured and controlled is ___.


51. The Zener diode if regularly used it


52. The steady state difference between the control point and the value of the controlled variable corresponding with the set point is ______________________.


53. To produce voltage transformation, a single winding uses what transformer?.


54. The range of value if the controller with floating action has a controlled variable where the range of values produces no motion of the final control element is called ___________.


55. What mode of control that you can find in the cylinder unloading mechanism used in a low pressure air compressor?.


56. The range of values through which the input can be varied without initiating an output response is called _________________.


57. The control action that produces a corrective signal relative to the length of time the controlled variable has been away from the set point is called _____________.


58. The controlled action that produces a corrective signal relative to the speed at which the controlled variable is changing is _______________.


59. The following indicates the drawback of proportional-position action is __________.


60. Shipboard general alarm system receives its main power source from where?.


61. The difference existing between the position of the wheel and that of the rudder when the vessel


62. An equipment that can be operated in the main engine room console in an automated vessel is ___________.


63. The signal that derives from a controlled function and returned to the initiating point is called ________.


64. Another term for reset control is called ____.


65. An advantage of pneumatic control system over electrical control system in relation to fluid control flow is ____________.


66. The erratic operation of a pneumatic controlled steam pressure valve may be attributed to ___________.


67. The purpose of the information from the data-logger in determining the long term probability of machinery failure is to _________________.


68. Increasing or decreasing the loading pressure by a set amount in an automation system is called __________.


69. When the main engine room control console alarms are to be of the self monitoring type, what will happen to an open circuit of a particular alarm circuit?.


70. The permanent record of plant operating condition that can be printed by a device is a __.


71. It prevents the diesel driven emergency generator from being paralleled with the ship service generators is called an _____________.


72. The control mode where the position of the final control element has the lineal relationship with the position or value of the controlled variable is called ____.


73. We place the emergency generator to __________ upon failure of the main power supply:.


74. The following range of values through which the input can be carried without initiating an output response is called _____________.


75. The ideal in-service temperature of a running electric motor bearing is ______.


76. The unit


77. One horsepower is equal to _________.


78. Protection against prolonged overload periods in a molded-case circuit breaker is provided by __________.


79. A good rectifier is _____.


80. When the insulation values of a 440 volt feeder system drops below alarm level, what component is opened to pinpoint to the operator location of the fault in the system?.


81. The ideal frequency of an incoming generator synchroscope pointer for closing the ACB is__.


82. There is no brilliant change in synchro lamps when the synchroscope pointer is in the phase of _______.


83. When the synchroscope pointer rotates in a fast direction (clockwise).It indicates the governor control switch of incoming generator shall be set to ___


84. When the synchroscope pointer rotates in fast direction (clockwise) it indicates that the governor frequency of incoming generator is _________.


85. The function of no fuse breakers is to isolate the defective circuit from the system so as to protect it from _____.


86. To protect the fuse from getting damaged during removal from a fuse, it is detached with aid of a __________.


87. The equipment below that is not fitted to the generator trouble detecting system is an____.


88. When the non essential load has been removed from the feeder system but the service generator remains overload, this device automatically activates the ____.


89. When the feeder system has no ground fault, what does the pointer of the insulation resistance indicator show?.


90. The most common source of excitation for synchronous motors is a/an ______.


91. Which of the following statements best described the material known as varnish cambric?.


92. Local action in a nickel-cadmium battery is offset by ____________.


93. Which type of AC single phase motor will also operate on direct current?.


94. What is the maximum allowable primary current of a 2 KVA step down transformer with a four to one ratio if connected across a 440 volt line?.


95. Which of the solid wire size mentioned below has the smallest physical cross- sectional area?.


96. In a series circuit, which value will remain consent at all places of the circuit?.


97. The multiple prefix


98. When using a megohmmeter to test insulation, good insulation will be indicated by ______.


99. When the megohmmeter is used to test the insulation, the gradual rise of the pointer reading as a result of continued cranking is caused by the __________.


100. Most conducting materials such as copper, aluminum, iron, nickel and tungsten _________.


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