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1. The medical conditions of a victim onboard where first aid is NOT effective to be applied by crew but need a professional medical services are: I- severe bleeding II- asphyxiation III- broken bones.


2. Who among the list is authorized and suppose to be knowledgeable to administer first aidon board?.


3. As provided in the 73/78 MARPOL conventions, what do you call the tank constructed adjacent tothe shell platings of tanker vessels?.


4. What tank is constructed onboard large tanker vessels designed to have longitudinal bulkheads asprovided in the 73/78 MARPOL?.


5. As provided in the 73/78 MARPOL conventions, the tank constructed in tankers designed to havelongitudinal bulkheads is called.


6. It is a liquid hydrocarbon mixture occurring naturally in the earth and suited to be transported on tanker vessels.


7. If a vessel is caught for serious violation of provisions of the 73/78 MARPOL Conventions, the Port State Control will be forced to I.detain the vessel IIarrest the master III-warn the master


8. Amendments of the STCW Convention shall be referred to what body of the Organization?.


9. Any amendment of the STCW Convention proposed by a party under Art.XII shall be submitted tothe


10. What are the required elements of a Ship Security Plan?.


11. Each ship shall carry on board a ship security plan approved by.


12. Ship Security Plan is not subject to inspection by:.


13. What are the possible sanctions against the vessel if there is a clear grounds that the ship is not incompliance with requirements of Chapter XI-2 or part A of the ISPS Code? I - May result to detention of the ship.II - Expulsion of the vessel from the portIII - Criminal case against the crew


14. Which of the following evidences are clear grounds that the ship does not comply therequirements of part A of the ISPS Code? I - Certificate is not valid or it has expired.II - Deficiencies exist in the security equipmentIII - Ship Security Officer is not knowledgeable


15. Which of the following deficiencies is/are NOT a violation of part A of ISPS Code?.


16. What are the procedures that must be employed in implementing the ship security plan?.


17. What are the proper procedures in first aid if direct pressure system in applied in controlling severebleeding of an injured crew? I - Place dressing over the wound II - Apply pressure directly to bleeding III - Replace heavily soaked dressing.


18. If there is a victim suffering from nose bleeding due to accident, the proper and safe procedures ofapplying first aid are.


19. Stern tube and strut bearings, line hardwood or rubber composition materials are lubricated with:.


20. If a piece is missing from one blade of a four-bladed propeller, it could result inI - accelerated stern bearing wear II - excessive shaft vibrations III - unusual noises.


21. What are the proper actions that a classification surveyor will do to a vessel found violating any ofthe provisions of the 73/78 MARPOL conventions? I -Detain the vessel II - Fine the vessel IIII - Report to administration.


22. If the buoyancy amidship will increase and the buoyancy at both ends will reduce, what willhappen to the ship?.


23. What is the overall vertical movement of the center of gravity of the ship in a seaway?.


24. What particular part of the vessel is greatly affected by panting movement?.


25. A dynamic effect of a ship moving among the waves has a rational motions namely rolling about a longitudinal axis, pitching, about a transverse axis and ______.


26. A ship among the waves has three linear motions namely heaving, swaying and _______.


27. When a ship is hogging, the pillars will be held in which kind of stress?.


28. The greatest stresses in the whole ship structure is the distribution of loads caused by what kind ofbending?.


29. When the ship is sagging due to the effect of heavy loads at the bottom of the ship, it will bring thepillars into.


30. Weight concentration which will cause a vessel's bottom to be subjected to tension stresses?.


31. Signs of racking stresses on a vessel generally appear at the.


32. The shear stresses on a ship's structure are usually greatest at.


33. Angular motion about the longitudinal axis of a vessel is known as.


34. The angular movement of a vessel about a horizontal line drawn from its stern is known as.


35. What will be the mean draft in meters of a perfect rectangular barge having an overall length of15.8 meters, breadth 7.2 meters and depth of 2.2 meters floating on pure fresh water with amean draft of 1.6 meters?


36. After loading operation, the vessel can be determined if it was overloaded or not through the useof its I - mean draft II - freeboard IIII - plimsoll mark.


37. The most effective instrument in finding the density of brackish water is a/an.


38. The condition of the vessel during cargo operation that greatly affects the length of its rightinglever is the:.


39. What is the importance of having a high reserve buoyancy after loading if the ship will beaccidentally holed during navigation?.


40. The weight of the ship's hull, machineries, spare parts and boiler water measured immediatelyafter construction is called its.


41. What are the reason why the plimsoll mark is installed at the center sides of the vessel? I - To know the maximum draft that a ship can load in F.W II - to know the maximum draft in different locations IIII - to know the maximum allowable trim of the ship


42. What are the requirements to be met of a general cargo ship after loading in order to maintainproper stability during navigation? I - Ship's initial G.M not less than 15 cm II - Ship's draft to be maintained at assigned freeboard IIII - Cargo holds must maintain allowed slack if loaded with grain,


43. The displacement or tonnage of a vessel when floating on sea water exactly on her maximumsummer draft is called its.


44. It is the displacement or tonnage of a vessel if it is floating on sea water exactly on her maximumsummer draft.


45. The total weights of the ship's hull, machineries, spare parts, boiler water, fresh and ballastincluding the full weight that can be loaded is called its.


46. What do you call the total weights of the hull, machineries, spare parts, fresh and ballast waterincluding the full cargo that can be loaded?.


47. What do you call the volume of all enclosures of the cargo holds measured in cubic feet ?.


48. The total volume of all the enclosures inside the cargo holds measured after the construction of aship is called its.


49. The ratio between the underwater volume of a ship and that of a box shape barge having thesame length and breadth is called.


50. During loading operation, the upward force under the vessel that tends to push it up which isequal to the water displaced is called.


51. What are the initial and subsequent actions to be done by fire parties upon hearing the firealarm signal on board?.


52. The volume of the ship's hull between the water line and the freeboard deck is called.


53. After loading operation, what do you call the distance of the ship's water line and the free boarddeck?.


54. These are the reasons why the plimpsoll mark is installed at the center sides of the vessel I - to know the maximum draft that a ship can load in F.W II - to know the maximum draft in different locations IIII - to know the maximum allowable trim of the ship


55. As provided in the international load line convention, the requirements to be met in theconstruction of ship's watertight doors are I - constructed with steel II - install gaskets on door frames IIII - watertight on both sides.


56. If a bulk carrier was fully loaded and navigated on open sea, the condition that will be it enters in a river with a water density of exactly 1.000 is ______.


57. During cargo operations, the reasons why the center of buoyancy of the vessel frequentlychange are I - hogging happens II - Heeling occurs IIII - Change of draft.


58. What tends to move the vessel downward during loading operations?.


59. It is the ability of the vessel to return to its upright position after it was heeled to either side.


60. These are the conditions of the vessel's transverse metacentric height that will endanger the vesselif it will not be corrected immediately.I - Positive II - Zero IIII - Negative


61. What will probably happen to a general cargo vessel if it will be overloaded with rolled steelproducts with high G.M?


62. The reasons or causes why heeling of the vessel occurs during operation are I - fuel oils II - waves IIII - winds.


63. If a vessel navigates with a half loaded ballast tank, what condition or particular of the said tankthat affects the vertical height of the center of gravity above the keel?.


64. During loading of grains, the instrument or document effective in finding the ship's center offlotation is a.


65. What are the instruments or documents that can be used effectively in finding the moment tochange trim during loading operation? I - Tank calibration II - Hydrostatic curve IIII - Deadweight scale.


66. What are the necessary entries to be made in the oil record book after discharging water used incleaning fuel tanks as provided in the 73/78 MARPOL Conventions? I - Identity of fuel tanks.II - Ship's position at the start of dischargeIIII - Ship's speed during discharge


67. Under MARPOL 1997 Protocol- Annex VI of MARPOL- air pollution regulations, sulphur content offuel oil used on board ships in a designated Sox Emission Control Areas must not exceed.


68. Who among the entities is responsible in implementing the provisions of all international conferences and conventions?.


69. Who are the organizations that are responsible in formulating international conferences andconventions for the world maritime business? I - International Maritime Organization II - International Labor Organization IIII - International Labor Union.


70. Which of the following international conventions or conferences did NOT contribute to theadoption of the International Safety Management (ISM) code?.


71. What is/are the effective system/s wherein the provisions of international conventions andconferences can be enforced onboard ?.


72. What are the laws that must be followed by vessels plying international routes in order to avoid being penalized by port authorities? I - Administration laws II- International conventions III- National laws.


73. Which of the following crew members on board should be knowledgeable and familiar to execute provisions of international conferences and conventions? I- Master II- Chief officer III-Chief engineer.


74. Which of the following is considered as force majeure that may be encountered or happen tothe vessel?.


75. As provided in international laws, what do you call the accidentally introduction of a substance byships to estuaries which results as harm to living resources or hazard to human health?.


76. What do you call the deliberate disposal of waste, pollutants or man-made structures to the sea?.


77. What are the statute law/s that is/are to be fully implemented onboard?.


78. For the safety of a coastal state, the rules and regulations that must be observed and followed byforeign vessels making innocent passage are.


79. When a vessel makes an innocent passage, her obligations to the coastal state as provided in theinternational convention on the law of the sea is/ are.


80. What is/are the condition/s where the coastal state can suspend temporarily an innocentpassage by a ship within its territorial limits? I - Reason of security II - Exercise of weapons III - Reason of discrimination.


81. As provided in the U.NConvention on the Law of the Sea, these are the criminal jurisdictions ofa coastal state onboard a foreign ship navigating within its territorial waters: I - Crime consequence extend coastal state II - Crime disturbs peace of state III - Labor disputes


82. As provided in the U.NConvention on the Law of the Sea, the maximum miles of thecontiguous zone of a coastal state measuring outward from its baseline is _________.


83. As provided in the U.NConvention on the Law of the Sea, the part of a coastal state thatcomprises the sea beds and submarine areas that extend beyond its territorial sea is called ________.


84. Where are the locations where penal proceedings can be conducted in the event of a collision onthe high seas? I - State of ships registry II - Citizenship of crew involved III - Nearest location of accident.


85. As provided in the 1966 International Load Line Convention, which are the reasons why theload line certificate of a vessel can be cancelled I - alteration on the hull II - two years without survey III - Excessive overdue jobs.


86. Passage made by the vessel in a coastal state intended for loading or discharging is called.


87. What do you call the water of a coastal state where a vessel can navigate exercising a transitpassage?.


88. Which of the following is NOT the safe and effective method to do in rescuing a drowning man-overboard crew?.


89. An applicant for certification as Chief Engineer officer under Regulation III/2, must have served atotal of 36 months of approved sea service (mandatory) while acting as Second Engineerofficer for at least.


90. During sea survival, the body heat can give off or get into the body through I - evaporation II - radiation IIII - convection.


91. In a fire incident wherein your vessel is on drydock, which of the following is NOT the initialcondition response?.


92. To save your life during sea survival, the basic knowledge and competence that you should knowvery well are: I - use of life saving apparatus II - know how to swim IIII - know basic first aid.


93. What are the effective measures or methods where fire on board can be extinguished effectively? I - Cooling II - Smothering IIII - Starving.


94. What are the procedures of removing fuels out of fire on board in order that it can be extinguishedimmediately? I - Shutting fuel supply II - Jettisoning IIII - Relocation of objects.


95. What are the factors that affect the chance of a crew to be saved during sea survival? I - Crew's conduct.II - Protective clothing wornIIII - Responsive to instructions


96. It is this sole entity that is authorized to render sanction to a vessel that committed a violation ofthe 73/78 MARPOL conventions.


97. To whom will the master reports an incident where the provisions of the 73/78 MARPOLconventions were violated?.


98. These are the entities that must be informed immediately if a vessel accidentally dischargedharmful substances during navigation I - Ship administration II - Cargo shipper IIII - Nearest state of incident.


99. As provided in the 73/78 MARPOL conventions, these are the important contents of information tobe sent by a vessel if it discharges accidentally harmful substances I - Ship's position II - Time/date of discharge IIII - Kind of product.


100. These are considered as oil pollutants provided under annex I of the 73/78 MARPOL conventions I - Asphalt solutions II - Graphite grease IIII - Turbine luboil.


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