Assessment Test

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1. As defined in the Rules, the term "vessel" includes_.


2. Under the Rules, the term


3. Which vessel would be required to show a white light from a lantern exhibited in sufficient time to prevent collision?


4. Which statement is TRUE regarding equipment for bell & gong signals?


5. Navigation lights must be displayed in all weathers from sunset to sunrise. They also_.


6. A vessel may exhibit lights other than those prescribed by the Rules as long as the additional lights_.


7. A vessel 30 meters in length and aground would display a day-shape consisting of_.


8. A pilot vessel on pilotage duty shall show identity lights_.


9. Barges being towed at night_.


10. A vessel aground would show the same day- shape as a_.


11. Which day-shape would a vessel aground show during daylight?


12. At night, power-driven vessels less than 12 meters in length may, instead of the underway lights for vessels under 50 meters, show which lights?


13. Which statement is TRUE concerning a vessel of 75 meters in length, at anchor?


14. You are on a 25-meter vessel at anchor. What lights are you required to show?


15. Which lights shall a 200-meter vessel exhibit when at anchor?


16. A vessel is carrying three lights in a vertical line. The highest and lowest of these are red and the middle light is white. Which statement is always TRUE?


17. Lighting requirements in inland waters are different from those in international waters for_.


18. If you anchor your 25-meter vessel in a harbor, what light(s) must you show?


19. A vessel engaged in fishing, and at anchor, shall show_.


20. You are heading due east (090°) and observe a vessel's red sidelight on your port beam. The vessel may be heading_.


21. Your tug is underway at night and NOT towing. What light(s) should your vessel show aft to other vessels coming up from astern?


22. Which vessel may show identifying lights when not actually engaged in her occupation?


23. Which statement is TRUE concerning a 75- meter power-driven vessel underway at night?


24. A partly submerged vessel or object being towed, which is not readily noticeable, shall show_.


25. A vessel showing a yellow light over a white light at night is a vessel_.


26. What day-shape must be shown on a partly submerged vessel which is being towed?


27. At night, you are towing a partly submerged vessel, 20 meters in length and 4 meters in breadth. What lights must you display on the towed vessel?


28. What light(s), if any, would you show at night if your vessel was broken down and being towed astern by another vessel?


29. Which statement is TRUE when you are towing more than one barge astern at night?


30. What light(s) must sailboats twenty meters in length show when underway at night?


31. A 22-meter sailing vessel when also being propelled by machinery shall show during daylight hours a_.


32. Which vessel may combine her sidelights and stern light in one lantern on the fore and aft centerline of the vessel?


33. Which vessel may exhibit identifying lights when not actually engaged in her occupation?


34. A vessel will NOT show sidelights when


35. A vessel showing a rigid replica of the International Code flag "A" is engaged in_.


36. Which vessel must show forward and after masthead lights when making way?


37. A vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver shall_.


38. You are approaching a vessel dredging during the day and see two balls in a vertical line on the port side of the dredge. These shapes mean that


39. Which vessel, when anchored at night, would NOT be required to show anchor lights?


40. At night, a power-driven vessel less than 7 meters in length, with a maximum speed which does not exceed 7 knots, MUST show when underway at least


41. If a towing vessel and her tow are severely restricted in their ability to deviate from their course, the towing vessel shall show lights in addition to her towing identification lights. These additional lights shall be shown if the tow is_.


42. To indicate that a vessel is constrained by her draft, a vessel may display, in a vertical line, __________ .


43. A power-driven vessel leaving a quay or wharf must sound what signal?


44. While underway and in sight of another vessel you put your engines on astern propulsion. Which statement concerning whistle signals is TRUE?


45. When vessels are in sight of one another, two short blasts from one of the vessels means_.


46. You are underway on the high seas in restricted visibility. You hear a fog signal of one prolonged and two short blasts. It could be any of the following EXCEPT a vessel_.


47. The "weather adjustment" control on an autopilot steering stand is used to __________.


48. A sailing vessel with the wind coming from 180° relative would be __________.


49. The "Mode" selector switch can be positioned and select all of the following EXCEPT __________.


50. While on duty as a look-out, which other duty may you perform?


51. What should look-outs report?


52. When relieving the helm, the new helmsman should know which of the following before assuming the watch?


53. While the Pilot is maneuvering the vessel to a dock, what is the PRIMARY responsibility of the watch officer?


54. You are on a large merchant vessel entering a U.S. port. There is a Pilot on board and he has the conn. Which statement is TRUE?


55. What lighting characteristic is required of an obstruction light on a mobile offshore drilling unit on the waters of the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf?


56. The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea contain the requirements for __________.


57. Under what condition are you allowed to depart from the rules of the road?


58. What would be considered a vessel under the International Rules of the Road?


59. For the purposes of the International Rules of the Road, a jack-up drilling rig under tow is considered to be a __________.


60. What is the international distress frequency for radiotelephones?


61. Which kind(s) of broadcasts are available through Safety NET?


62. Which satellite system promulgated Maritime Safety Information?


63. What correctly expresses the time of 1122 (ZD +6) on 6 April 1981, for use in an AMVER report?


64. Your voyage planning indicates you will arrive at a waypoint in longitude 149°16.3'W at 0947 ZT on 3 March 1988. How should this date be entered into an AMVER report?


65. What entry would NOT be shown on the V line of an AMVER report?


66. How should longitude 119°56.3'W be written when preparing an AMVER report?


67. How should longitude 116°24.3'W be written when preparing an AMVER report?


68. What is the report identifier code for an AMVER deviation report?


69. What is the report identifier code for the first AMVER report sent at the start of a voyage?


70. While underway in fog you hear a rapid ringing of a bell ahead. This bell indicates a __________.


71. When two vessels are in sight of one another, all of the following signals may be given EXCEPT __________.


72. For identification purposes at night, U.S. Navy submarines on the surface may display an intermittent flashing light of which color?


73. If a rowboat underway does NOT show the lights specified for a sailing vessel underway, it shall show which of the following?


74. Your vessel is at anchor in fog. The fog signal of another vessel, apparently underway, has been growing louder and the danger of collision appears to exist. In addition to your fog signal, what signal may be used to indicate your presence?


75. Which vessel when anchored at night, would not be required to show anchor lights?


76. In a dense fog you hear a whistle signal ahead of one prolonged blast followed by three short blasts. This signal indicates a __________ .


77. There are two classes of vessels which do not have to comply with the rule regarding traffic separation schemes, to the extent necessary to carry out their work. One of those is a vessel_.


78. You are the stand-on vessel in a crossing situation. If you think the give-way vessel is NOT taking sufficient action to avoid collision, you should sound


79. Your 18-meter vessel is propelled by sail and power. What action is required when the engine is stopped?


80. In a dense fog, you hear a whistle signal of one prolonged blast followed by three short blasts. This signal is sounded by a __________ .


81. Which vessel would show 3 day-shapes in a vertical line, the highest and lowest being balls and the middle shape being a diamond?


82. While underway and in sight of another vessel crossing less than .5 mile away, you put your engines full speed astern. Which statement concerning whistle signals is TRUE?


83. What is the fog signal for a vessel 75 meters in length, restricted in her ability to maneuver, at anchor?


84. Fog bell signals for vessels at anchor or aground shall be sounded at intervals of not more than_.


85. What would be a "special circumstance" under the Rules?


86. In complying with the Rules, of what must the mariner take due regard?


87. A vessel showing a green light over a white light in a vertical line above the level of the sidelights is_.


88. What is used to show the presence of a partly submerged object being towed?


89. Which craft is a


90. A vessel "restricted in her ability to maneuver" is one which_.


91. The term "power-driven vessel" refers to any vessel_.


92. A vessel being towed astern, where the length of the tow exceeds 200 meters, will exhibit_.


93. A vessel underway but not making way and fishing other than trawling will show which lights?


94. A vessel towing a barge astern would show, at the stern_.


95. At night, a power-driven vessel less than 12 meters in length may, instead of the normal navigation lights, show sidelights and one_.


96. What does the word "breadth" mean?


97. At night, a vessel which is less than 7 meters in length and anchored in an area where other vessels do not normally navigate is_.


98. The NAVIGATION RULES define a "vessel not under command" as a vessel which_.


99. Which vessel is to be regarded as a vessel "restricted in her ability to maneuver"?


100. What is a "vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver"?


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