Assessment Test

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1. When paralleling two alternators using three synchronizing lamps, the flickering of all three lamps becomes progressively slower and slower. This means the:


2. When paralleling two alternators the synchronizing lamps grow dim and are totally darkened as the synchroscope pointer approaches the 0-position. This indicates the:


3. The unit Hertz is equivalent to:


4. The unit of electrical resistance is ___________.


5. The unit of electrical power is _______.


6. Low Voltage Release (LVR) protection used in some shipboard motor starters and other control equipment will have which of the following characteristics?


7. It is a manual means if a controlled system fails to operate?


8. In modern standby system ship propulsion plants were longer in being automated compared to shore power plants:


9. What is used in silencing of an audio alarm after the engineer has determined the malfunction?


10. In an electrical or pneumatic signal whose strength is determined by the set point and feedback?


11. What part that upon receiving a control signal can carry out the necessary operations of a control system is:


12. What scheme in which the value of a process is compared against a desired value and corrective action taken to correct the deviation without the use of human help:


13. In automated system that will permit the operator to use a valve or control in case of a failure of the system in is use, is:


14. It is the ability of a material to allow electrons to flow:


15. What electronic part that allows electrons to flow in one direction but is highly resistant to current flow in the opposite direction:


16. In photo electric cell in an automated oil burner that is energized by light energy from a fire:


17. These are components and parts that physically make up a computer:


18. What are electrical parts that make a high energy spark to jump across a gap in order to light off a burner:


19. It is an electrical part consisting of a coil that when energized will open or close one or more contactors:


20. It is a pneumatic part that sense pressure, temperature and level and convert them into a pneumatic equivalent for display, evaluation and control:


21. It is a function of voltage regulators used in AC generators?


22. Not a part of a squirrel cage motor?


23. The indication of low system power factor in an alternating current electrical system:


24. What the outcome if a three-phase induction motor is operated under a light load and it develops an open in one of its supply lines?


25. What is the result if an accidental ground in a shipboard electrical system is NOT repaired on time?


26. It is a step in removing a generator from parallel operation.


27. When current carrying conductor making an electrical contact with a wiring metal conduit will ________.


28. What do you called a device that most commonly utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction?


29. It is a part used to measure pressure and convert it to an electrical signal.


30. Regulations states that talking and calling circuits of a sound powered telephone system be __________.


31. It is a transformer that accepts low input voltage then delivers a high output voltage.


32. What is used adjust the frequency of an AC generator?


33. It is a part used in protecting short circuits in a molded-case circuit breaker.


34. What is the trouble if a single-phase induction motor fails to start?


35. In a simple series circuit employing two resistors, the largest voltage drop will occur across the resistor that has _________.


36. The defect if a DC motor runs hot is due to __________.


37. The trouble of rapid wearing of a DC machine's commutator bars.


38. What will be the outcome to the resistance if the length and cross sectional area of a wire are bath tripled?


39. What should be check if an electric motor fails to start?


40. It is a sign of shorted armature coil in a DC motor.


41. Retentively is power a metal has retained _____.


42. In a parallel circuit, which of the following is the same throughout the circuit?


43. When using ohms law, V divided by R would solve for____.


44. When using ohms law, V divided by I would solve for _____.


45. AC & DC generators are similar in the sense that they are____.


46. When a battery charging panel is being used, the batteries will discharge if:


47. When troubleshooting a lead-acid storage battery, a weak or dead cell is best detected by


48. The standard procedure for maintaining the charge in an emergency diesel starting battery is to trickle charge the battery.


49. Which of the problems listed will occur if a lead-acid battery is allowed to remain in a discharged condition for a long period of time? ,


50. When a battery is continuously exposed to low temperature, the best procedure to keep it from freezing is to:


51. A slow,continual loss of electrolyte level from one cell of a storage battery could be due to:


52. Proper storage battery maintenance includes:


53. Which of the substances listed, should be applied to battery terminals to help prevent corrosion?


54. When the electrolyte level of a lead-acid storage battery has decreased due to normal evaporation, the level should be reestablished by using:


55. While checking the electrolyte level in a 12 volts lead-acid storage battery you discover that 2 cells are low. You should:


56. Batteries used for diesel engine starting should be ___________.


57. A storage battery for an emergency lighting and power system must have the capacity to:


58. Mercury filled thermometers should never be used to determine the temperature of the battery electrolyte because accidental breakage of the thermometer can cause:


59. Maintenance of alkaline batteries should include:


60. Which of the substances can be used to shield sensitive equipment from static magnetic field?


61. To determine the state of charge of a nickel-cadmium battery, you should ____________________.


62. A nickel-cadmium battery is receiving a normal charge and gasses freely. The charging current should:


63. First aid treatment for battery acid or alkali burns, especially in the eyes, includes:


64. Nickel-cadmium storage batteries are superior to lead-acid batteries because they:


65. In AC circuit, the inductive reactance of a coil varies with the:


66. Voltage multiplied by resistance is equal to:


67. The existing resistance of a conductor is dependent upon its length, cross-sectional area:


68. The inductance of a coil is measured in:


69. Conductor resistance may be indirectly measured by using a/an :


70. A conductor with a cross-sectional area of one circular mil would have a diameter of:


71. In Ohm's law which of the following would solve for amperage?


72. When used for taking resistance measurements, a volt-ohm-millimeter is powered by:


73. When using a multimeter for resistance measurements, it should be calibrated by clipping the loose ends of the leads together and:


74. You are paralleling two alternators. The synchronizing lamps grow dim and are totally darkened as the synchroscope pointer approaches 0: This indicates that the:


75. You are calibrating a multimeter using internal batteries to supply the power for resistance measurements. However, you are unable to adjust the pointer to zero using the adjustment knob. Therefore, you should:


76. Before using a multimeter all-purpose electric measuring instrument(multimeter) utilizing internal batteries to supply power for resistance measurements, you should first:


77. Which of the following devices will prevent a DC generator becoming motorized?


78. A galvanometer is an instrument used to measure


79. In a three-phase electrical system, three ground detecting lamps are provided. One lamp goes dark and the others increase in brightness. When the test button is pushed all lamps have equal illumination. You should conclude that:


80. A multimeter may be damage by taking a ____________.


81. If your multimeter gives a reading in ohms when testing each end of each conductor of a three-conductor cable, this indicates:


82. With both ends of a three conductor cable disconnected and arranged without the conductors touching each other, an ohmmeter reading of zero ohms between the of one conductor would indicate ____________.


83. Before using a volt-ohmmeter to measure resistance readings, you should;


84. Before using an all-purpose electric measuring instrument (multi-meter) utilizing Internal batteries to supply power for resistance measurements, you should first:


85. If the approximate voltage to be measured in a circuit is not known, you should:


86. Prior to using an analog type ohmmeter, the leads are purposely short. Which of the following actions should be taken if, when adjusting to zero the indicating; needle cannot be returned to zero on the scale?


87. The basis meter movement respond to the flow of current through its coil. Therefore, this meter movement may be used as a/an:


88. Most of AC voltmeter are calibrated to indicate:


89. An ammeter reads slightly above zero when its leads are disconnected, this is a result of:


90. Which of the instruments listed should always be connected in series with a circuit?


91. When testing a capacitor with an analog type ohmmeter, a good capacitor will be indicated when:


92. An internal resistance is placed in series with the meter movement of which of the following instruments?


93. In which if the situations listed will a megommeter give the most accurate readings:


94. The true power indicated by a wattmeter depends on the current flow through the load, the magnitude of the potential across the load, and the:


95. A wattmeter is used to determine _________.


96. Which of the listed conditions could indicate the need for cleaning electrical insulation?


97. In preparing to take insulation resistance readings on a main generator, the windings should be grounded for about 15 minutes prior to the test to


98. An alternator is being paralleled with one on the line. At the instant the circuit breaker is closed, the frequency of the incoming alternator will normally.


99. When a megohmmeter is used to test the insulation of a large motor, the intial dip of the pointer toward zero is caused by?


100. When using a megohmmeter to test insulation, good insulation will be indicated by:


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