Assessment Test

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1. A poorly cleaned lube oil purifier bowl may result in __________.


2. Low stack gas temperatures due to light boiler loads should be avoided in order to reduce the __________.


3. You can secure the fuel supply to the boilers from outside the fire room by __________.


4. The end products of reactions occurring when boiler water is chemically treated, remain in the boiler and increase the need for __________.


5. While raising steam on a cold boiler, the air cock is to be closed after __________.


6. A main condenser utilizing a scoop for the circulation of seawater must be constructed as a __________.


7. Under normal firing rates, a reduction of the steam outlet temperature from an uncontrolled super- heater could be caused by __________.


8. Low stack gas temperature should be avoided to reduce __________.


9. All fuel oil service pumps are equipped with a __________.


10. One of the purposes of chemically treating boiler water is to __________.


11. Why is it important to maintain good vacuum in a main turbine unit while operating astern?


12. Which of the following is not the purpose of the boiler drum air cock?


13. Which of the following statements concerning the operation of a lube oil purifier is correct?


14. In order to maintain the required lube oil temperature leaving a lube oil cooler, where an automatic bypass valve is not provided, which of the following operations is correct?


15. Excessive soot deposits on the heating surfaces of a boiler uncontrolled inter-deck super-heater would be indicated by __________.


16. Lube oil is preheated before centrifuging in order to __________.


17. Which of the following represents the proper color of the flame end farthest from the boiler burner during normal operations?


18. The relief valve on the discharge side of the fuel oil service pump may discharge directly to the suction side of the pump, or to the __________.


19. Except one on the following, what is the purpose of chemically treating boiler water?


20. Which of the following would contribute to the formation of an oil and water emulsion, in addition to acid formation?


21. The first step in breaking vacuum on a main turbine unit should be to __________.


22. Which of the following is the best reason for opening the air cock when draining a water-tube boiler?


23. The peeling of boiler refractory associated with slagging, is caused by the __________.


24. The purpose of the cam-actuated steam valve used in a boiler soot blower system, is to __________.


25. A cause of high super-heater outlet temperature is __________.


26. Which color burner flame would indicate too much excess air?


27. The relief valve on the discharge side of the fuel oil service pump may discharge directly to the settler, or to the __________.


28. An increase in the concentration of total dissolved solids in boiler water can result from __________.


29. A centrifuge will satisfactorily remove which of the listed substances from lube oil?


30. In order to raise vacuum on the main turbine unit, you should __________.


31. A nozzle reaction safety valve will lift at a pressure lower than required if the __________.


32. Longitudinal expansion of a boiler water drum is allowed for at the boiler __________.


33. Slag buildup on boiler furnace refractory is undesirable because it causes __________.


34. A boiler is to be secured in port. After the burners have been secured, the forced draft fan and air registers should be secured __________.


35. The major reason dissolved gases are removed from boiler feed water is because they may cause __________.


36. Water-tube boiler screen tubes protect which of the listed components from high furnace temperatures?


37. Except one of the following, if the boiler uptake periscope appears completely dark, this could indicate __________.


38. Any abnormal condition or emergency occurring in the fire room must be immediately reported to the __________.


39. What boiler water chemistry is necessary to ensure the precipitation of hard scale forming calcium?


40. Prior to lighting a burner in a cold boiler, you should __________.


41. The jacking gear on main propulsion turbines can be used to __________.


42. Water is best removed from lubricating oil by__________.


43. Excessive water loss from the main feed system can be caused by __________.


44. With the steam control valve wide open during normal operation, the rate of steam flow from the auxiliary exhaust steam line to the DC heater is actually a function of __________.


45. To safely reduce a high water level in a steaming boiler, you should __________.


46. The primary difference between sludge and scale deposits in boiler tubes is __________.


47. If the gage glass water level remains constant in a steaming boiler while maneuvering, the most probable cause is a __________.


48. The jacking gear is used in preparation for starting a marine turbine and reduction gear unit to __________.


49. Severe priming in a boiler can cause damage to the __________.


50. In accordance with Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), the maximum allowable working pressure of a water-tube boiler must be stamped on the __________.


51. Which of the following represents one of the most important considerations in the design and location of the boiler internal feed pipe?


52. Zincs are installed in the main and auxiliary condenser water boxes to __________.


53. The possibility of a flareback in a boiler will be reduced if you __________.


54. Boiler stack gas temperature could be higher than normal if __________.


55. Which ring dam arrangement should be used for centrifugal purification?


56. Scale prevention in boiler water is accomplished by adding treatment chemicals to __________.


57. When a boiler has been secured and is being initially cooled, the water level showing in the steam drum gage glass should be __________.


58. If steam is admitted to the main propulsion turbine with the jacking gear engaged, which of the following problems can occur?


59. In a boiler, water flows downward in tubes furthest from the fires and flows upward in tubes nearest the fires because __________.


60. Air trapped within the main condenser shell is detrimental because it will __________.


61. When an oil purification centrifuge loses a portion of its seal, the oil can then be discharged through the heavy phase discharge port. This is partly a result of greater __________.


62. In a steaming boiler, higher than normal stack gas temperature can be caused by __________.


63. After restoring the normal water level in a boiler following a high water casualty, you should __________.


64. The most effective way to eliminate sludge from the water drum of a boiler is to __________.


65. The water seal in a centrifuge, operating at normal speed, prevents the lube oil from discharging from the water outlet. Another function of the seal is to __________.


66. The axial position of a turbine rotor is normally adjusted by varying the thickness of the __________.


67. Which of the actions listed should be carried out immediately after securing the fires in one boiler of a two boiler ship?


68. If the fires to a steaming boiler have been accidentally extinguished, you should not relight any burner until __________.


69. During the operation of a lube oil centrifuge, a thin emulsion interface occurs between the lube oil and seal. The position of this interface is determined by the __________.


70. Which of the condensers listed is cooled by sea water?


71. Which of the following statements is true concerning lube oil coolers?


72. A higher than normal stack gas temperature could indicate __________.


73. The original bridge gage reading for a reduction gear bearing was measured as .008 inches. A year later, the bridge gage reading for the same bearing is .010 inches. This indicates __________.


74. The steam drum air cock is normally opened when cooling down a boiler to __________.


75. In order to obtain the best performance with a lube oil purifier, the lube oil inlet temperature should __________.


76. Chamfers, located at the parting edges of horizontal split sleeve type bearings, are used to facilitate oil storage and distribution. They are machined __________.


77. After the steam leaves the low pressure turbine, it enters the __________.


78. To allow for water drum expansion and contraction, most main propulsion boilers are fitted with __________.


79. If the stack temperature is higher than normal, this could indicate __________.


80. In a marine boiler, maximum heat transfer rates can be obtained by __________.


81. The jacking gear must be engaged as quickly as possible when securing the main turbines in order to __________.


82. After a boiler has been taken off the line and is cooling, the air cock is opened to __________.


83. Which of the following conditions is true concerning the boiler water drum foundations?


84. The maximum lube oil temperature leaving the lube oil cooler of a main steam turbine propulsion system should __________.


85. Proper vacuum must be maintained in the main condenser to __________.


86. Which of the types of super-heaters listed has the flattest superheat temperature curve?


87. Before lighting any burner in a cold boiler you should always __________.


88. The main propulsion turbine should be operated with the __________.


89. The internal feed pipe in a D-type marine boiler __________.


90. Burning fuel with entrained saltwater, will cause a glassy slag formation on furnace refractory. This slag will __________.


91. While underway, vacuum in the main condenser is primarily caused by the __________.


92. The dirty oil inlet on centrifugal lube oil purifiers is located at the __________.


93. Boiler stack gas temperatures will be higher than normal when __________.


94. What is the quickest way to shutoff the boiler fuel oil supply from inside the fire room?


95. To avoid acid corrosion of the economizer tubes when blowing tubes __________.


96. Maintaining low pressure in a condensing turbine exhaust trunk __________.


97. The maximum, safe, upper limit temperature of lubricating oil discharged from the purifiers is __________.


98. Which of the following methods is used to securely fasten the Babbitt lining of a reduction gear bearing to its shell?


99. In a "D" type marine boiler, operating under constant load, which of the following conditions could cause the superheated steam temperature to rise above normal?


100. In which of the following types of condensers would you find the cooling water passing through tubes with the turbo generator exhaust steam directed around the outside of the tubes?


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