Assessment Test

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1. Restrictions occurring in the small orifices of pneumatic control system components can be caused by:


2. Over tightening of the valve stem packing to a pneumatically controlled final control element will cause:


3. The probable cause of erratic operation of a pneumatically controlled steam pressure reducing valve is:


4. With regards to fluid flow control, an advantage of pneumatic control systems over electrical control system is:


5. In a pneumatic automation system, a unit producing a signal to govern the position of the controller of the measured variable, relative to the value of the measured variable, is said to have:


6. In an automation system, increasing or decreasing the loading pressure by a set amount is known as:


7. If you turn the hand wheel clockwise of a spring-loaded, internal pilot reducing valve, you will:


8. Which of the following statements concerning the operation of steam pressure reducing valves is correct?


9. Which of the following is operated from the main engine room console on an automated ship?


10. Main engine room console alarms are to be of the self monitoring type, meaning that an open circuit to a particular alarm circuit will:


11. Information on the data-logger can be helpful in determining the long term probability of machinery failure if you:


12. If both the high level and low level alarms come on for the same address of a centralized control console, the most likely problem is a/an:


13. Ultraviolet light sensing flame scanners installed on an automated main propulsion boiler are designed so they:


14. Accidental flooding of the engine room bilges by the bilge main is prevented by:


15. If one of the bilge system manifold valves does not properly seat, the:


16. Which of the following actions should be taken first if one bilge wells of the multiple suction bilge system is unable to be pumped out?


17. Bilge lines which led through tanks without using a pipe tunnel must be:


18. An independent bilge suction is required for:


19. Which of the following statements describes one of the functions of the ballasting system?


20. A vessel over 100 gross tons serving in coastwise trade and wishing to deballast its fuel tanks to a port facility must have a _________


21. The term arrival ballast refers to ________


22. A segregated ballast system is a system where ________


23. A new ocean going ship of 2000 gross tons having an inoperative oily water separator may dispose of its bilge slops by ______


24. When the oily water separator is in operation and processing clear bilge water, what should be the internal water level?


25. When operating the oily-water separator, why is it necessary to prevent detergents mixing with the bilge water?


26. Under what condition would the oily-water separator fail to effectively process a mixture of oily-water?


27. The compound gauge indicates a slight vacuum while the oily-water separator is in the oil discharge mode. The separator is ________.


28. A pneumatic pressure tank is installed in a sanitary system to _________


29. The flame screens installed on the sewage system tank vents prevent explosions by ________


30. The process of grinding, shredding, or reducing the size of sewage particles is known as ________


31. In sewage treatment, the term maceration refers to the process of _________


32. Sewage treatment systems aboard U.S. inspected vessels must be approved by the __________.


33. Prior to entering a shipboard compartment containing spilled sewage, you should test the atmosphere in the compartment. For which of the following reasons should you be testing g the atmosphere?


34. An inadequate reciprocating bilge pump discharge is most often caused by ________


35. Why are removable sleeves installed in a centrifugal pump shafts?


36. Excessive leakage and premature failure of valve packing is the result of _________


37. What is the primary function of a centrifugal pump volute?


38. What type of pumps are generally used for small to medium discharge rate?


39. In the Oil Record Hook, a comprehensive list of operational items are grouped into operational sections. Each section is codified by a/an _________


40. When making entries in the Oil Record Book, all quantities should be ________


41. Each completed pages of Oil Record Book must be signed by the _____


42. If an incorrect entry were made in the Oil Record Book, you should ________


43. A vessel's stability normally increases when tanks are ballasted because the vessel's :


44. At all angles of inclination, the true measure of a vessel's stability is the:


45. The horizontal fore and aft movement of a vessel is called:


46. The angular movement of a vessel about a horizontal line drawn from its bow to its stern is:


47. If a ship is supported on the crest of a wave amidships, the vessel is subjected to:


48. Your ship has run aground and it is necessary to determine whether or not a compartment has flooded. Therefore, you should:


49. With damaged floating vessels, the most important consideration is the preservation of:


50. Wooden shoring is used in shipboard damage control to:


51. In an emergency, a hole in the hull below the waterline, not over three inches in diameter, can be temporarily sealed by:


52. The purpose of compressing the air within the cylinder of a diesel engine is to:


53. How are the pressure and temperature affected in a diesel engine cylinder during compression?


54. In a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine, after the completion of the power stroke, the piston will move:


55. In a single acting, two-stroke/cycle diesel engine, the power impulse in an individual cylinder occurs:


56. A disadvantage of a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine is ____________.


57. Persistent knocking of one cylinder of a diesel engine ceases when the fuel supply to that cylinder is secured. This problem may be a result of:


58. A diesel engine should not be operated at low loads for long periods of time because:


59. The average pressure exerted on a piston during each power stroke is termed:


60. Which of the following notations does the N represent in the formula shown below? HP equals PLAN over 33000


61. The pressure in an operating diesel engine cylinder continues to rise for a short period after the piston passes top dead center as a result of the:


62. What occurs in the combustion space of a diesel engine cylinder shortly after ignition and before the piston reaches TDC?


63. In a large, slow-speed, main propulsion diesel engine, which of the parts listed is under tension when the engine is running?


64. What function is provide by the crankcase ventilation system on some diesel engines?


65. In a modern internal combustion diesel engine, the load carrying part of the engine is referred to as the:


66. A safety cover differs from other access doors in that it is fitted with a:


67. In a diesel engine, blow-by is a result of combustion gases leaking into the crankcase past the:


68. An increase in diesel engine crankcase pressure generally indicates excessive:


69. In a diesel engine, blow-by:


70. The purpose of an oil mist detector in a main propulsion diesel engine is to warn of:


71. The direct cause of a crankcase explosion can be attributed to:


72. Which of the listed conditions is most likely to cause a crankcase explosion?


73. If a crankcase explosion occurs in a diesel engine, which of the listed actions should be taken?


74. If a diesel engine has been stopped because of piston seizure due to sever overheating, the crankcase:


75. If water is found in the crankcase of a diesel engine, the cause may be due to:


76. Main propulsion diesel engines having a bore exceeding 300 mm are to have at least:


77. Which of the following control actions, when combined with proportional


78. The mode of control, whereby the speed of motion of the final control element is linearly proportional to the deviation of the controlled variable from set point, is called:


79. Increasing the reset rate of a proportional-plus-reset controller:


80. The meat box temperature control circuit, as used in the ship service refrigeration system, is an example of:


81. The mode of control employed by an alarm circuit is:


82. The control mode in which the final control element is moved from one to two fixed positions to the other is known as:


83. The cylinder loading mechanism used on low pressure air compressors is an example of which mode of control?


84. The steady state difference between the control point and the value of the controlled variable, corresponding with the set point, is known as:


85. Offset is an inherent characteristic of which of the following types of control modes?


86. The quantity or condition which is measured and controlled is known as the:


87. A control action which produces a corrective signal relative to the speed at which the controlled variable is changing is known as:


88. A mode of control, whereby the position of the final control element in linearly proportional to the rate of change of the controlled variable, is called:


89. The amount of change of a controlled variable that is necessary to cause a specific change in the position of the final control element depends upon the:


90. Reset control is also referred to as:


91. The value of the controlled variable, which under any fixed set of conditions the automatic controller operates to maintain, is known as:


92. What is the value of the controlled variable that the automatic controller operates to maintain?


93. The ratio of output response to a specific change in the input is known as:


94. When the vessel's steering wheel on the navigation bridge is turned, the difference existing between the position of the wheel and that of the rudder is known as:


95. In an automation system, the effect of the control action sensed by a controller is known as:


96. Which of the listed devices would be installed at a control system air pressure reducing station?


97. The two most common gases used in pneumatic systems are:


98. The response line installed in a pneumatic proportional action controller functions to:


99. A closed loop pneumatic control system always operates with:


100. Any restriction in the instrument air piping of a pneumatic control system will:


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