Assessment Test

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1. Step point for a controller is ___________.


2. The rate of flow of an electric current is measured in ___________.


3. Main engine control console alarms are to be of the self monitoring type, meaning that an open circuit to a particular alarm circuit will __________.


4. Which type of control modes where


5. If a transformer is connected to a DC source, the transformer will overload at the _______.


6. A burned out LED should be indicated by __________.


7. When you find a low resistance in both the forward and reverse bias directions when testing a semiconductor diode using an ohmmeter, it means __________.


8. The transmitted output signal is received and corrective action is being initiated by______.


9. Which of the listed devices is used to measure pressure and convert it to an electrical signal?.


10. In a pneumatic automated combustion control system, biasing means a set amount of increase or decrease in the _________.


11. One of the two main difference between a bipolar transistor and a field effect transistor is that, in a bipolar transistor, input current is used to control output current while in a field effect transistor is used to control _________.


12. One of the outstanding characteristics of a Zener is that, even if its Zener current changes widely, its voltage _________.


13. When LEDs are made of gallium phosphate, the visible light produced is _________.


14. The monolithic IC is constructed basically in the same manner as a _________.


15. A rectifier is basically conducts current in how may directions?.


16. When placed in a magnetic field, which of the material listed will maintain the highest permeability?.


17. You have installed a Zene diode in parallel with a load.While measuring the voltage across the Zener diode, it is found that it does not change as the current although the load increases


18. The standard method of controlling the output voltage of a 440 volts, 60Hz, AC generator is accomplished by adjusting the ___________.


19. How could you determine the state of charge of a lead-acid battery?.


20. The Current Law states that, the current flowing away from a junction point in a circuit must _________.


21. What is the total current (1) if the three- resistor values 2, 4 and 8 are connected in parallel across supply of 42 volts?.


22. It is defined as the force between two parallel current carrying conductors which is the SI unit of electric current _________.


23. It represents the force that early experiments thought was used to maintain the current in a conductor ___________.


24. What is the unit in which potential difference is measured?.


25. It is a quantity used to represent the energy between two charge objects or part of the circuit __________.


26. A type of electromagnet device that has a movable iron core called plunger is __________.


27. Which of the listed conditions might contribute to very rapid wearing of a DC machine


28. A ground can be defined as an electrical connection between the wiring of a motor and its ________.


29. When troubleshooting a magnetic controller, it is found that the contacts are welded together and the most probable cause is __________.


30. The freezing point of the electrolyte in a fully charged lead-acid battery will be _________.


31. Which of the following temperatures represents the maximum allowable temperature for the electrolyte of the lead-acid battery?.


32. How would you repair a small electrical motor that has been submerged in a salt water?.


33. The proper way to apply plastic electrical tape to an electric cable splice is to __________.


34. The cross-sectional area of shipboard electrical cable is expressed in _________.


35. Fuses placed in series with a thermal trip type circuit breaker are used for __________.


36. The type control circuit where machine and its controls are removed from the line when there is power failure, and will not permit automatic restarting when power is restored, is called _________.


37. Why are electric cables formed of stranded wire?.


38. The source of emergency lighting and power on a cargo vessel should be obtained from the ___________.


39. What are the plates of a NiCad storage battery are made of?.


40. A proper storage battery maintenance should include which of the following _________.


41. What will happen if a lead-acid battery cell sustains a short circuit?.


42. Which of the following activities occurs during the charging process of a lead-acid storage battery?.


43. When do we consider a lead-acid battery to be fully charged?.


44. Why it is necessary to exercise caution during the charging of lead0acid storage battery?.


45. When a fluorescent lamp has reached the end of its useful life, it should be replaced immediately, or the resultant flushing may __________.


46. One of the generator or motor bearings is generally from the end housing in order to prevent __________.


47. Which of the following types of insulation will begin to deteriorate FIRST as a result of the heat generated in the conductor it surrounds?.


48. Which of the listed pairs of materials make the best insulators?.


49. When paralleling two AC generators, the frequency of the incoming machine immediately prior to closing its breaker should be _________.


50. A current carrying conductor makes an accidental contact with a wiring conduit and it is indicated by ___________.


51. The greatest single cause of electrical failure is __________.


52. A mehogmeter can be used to test for ___________.


53. On a switchboard, if all these ground detection lamps remain burning at half intensity when the test buttons is depressed, which of the listed condition is indicated?.


54. To determine if a stator coil is grounded, you should use a/an __________.


55. The frequency of an AC generator is adjusted by means of the __________.


56. The direction of rotation of a DC motor can be changed by reversing the ___________.


57. If an AC generator experience voltage failure, the cause may be ________.


58. To test the feeder system for grounding, the three earth lamps will be activated when this switch is used ____________.


59. After each overhaul of electric motors, it shall be started ____________.


60. What device is used to measure the RPM of an AC generator?.


61. When the synchroscope pointer rotates in a fast direction (clockwise), it indicates that the governor frequency of incoming generator is __________.


62. Which of the following statements regarding maintenance of silver coated contacts and auxiliary control circuits is correct?.


63. What will happen to the other lamps if one of the four lamps connected in parallel in a single circuits burns out?.


64. To correct for reversed residual magnetism in a self-excited DC generator, you must_____.


65. A three-phase, squirrel-cage induction motor will run hot due to ___________.


66. Which instruments listed could be used to locate a grounded field coil in a synchronous motor?.


67. U.S Coast Guard Regulation (46 CFR) require emergency diesel engine starting systems to have sufficient capacity to provide power for at least __________


68. U.S Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require that the emergency diesel generator engine shut down when __________


69. A switchboard for an AC electrical distribution system, will be provided with which of the following components?.


70. A switch for an AC electrical system requires the use of which of the following devices?.


71. A bus disconnect link is used to isolate ___________.


72. On AC vessels, which of the following statements represents the most difficult problem involved in obtaining a DC potential suitable for use by a computer components?.


73. The group of force lines from the North Poe to the South Pole of the magnet is called____.


74. The unit of magnetic flux is a Weber (Wb) and one Wb is equal to _________.


75. The difference between an electric circuit and magnetic circuit is that in electric circuit, current flows, whereas in magnetic circuit, magnetic flux _________.


76. What do you call the magnetic conductivity of iron as compared to that of air?.


77. In the Left Hand Rule, the first and middle fingers of the left hand is at right angles to one another, the first finger pointing in the ___________.


78. In the Left Hand Rule, the thumb, the first and middle fingers of the left hand at right angles to each other, the thumb points at the ________.


79. What do you call a circulatory currents induced in the metal by changing magnetic field which produces an undesirable by product heat in the iron?.


80. What determines the speed of a squirrel cage induction motor?.


81. Which of the following electrical properties will be the same with respect to each components in a series circuit?.


82. Which of the following components are used to convert alternating current produced in the generator windings to direct current?.


83. What is the purpose of the main switchboard circuit breaker


84. When a megohmmeter is used to test the insulation of a large motor, the initial dip of a pointer toward


85. Which of the listed transformer uses a single winding to produce voltage transformation?.


86. The air gap in an induction motor should be periodically checked with feeler gauge to prevent possible ____________.


87. If the pointer of the synchroscope is rotating in the slow direction when you are preparing to parallel two alternators, the ___________.


88. A delayed-action fuse is most frequently used in which of the listed circuits?.


89. When using an ohmmeter to test a semiconductor diode, you find a low resistance in both the forward and reverse bias directions which indicates that the diode has a/an ___________.


90. The third color band on a resistor is used to indicate the ___________.


91. Heat sinks are frequently used with ____________.


92. The purpose of heat sink, as frequently used with the transistors, is to __________.


93. When a solid-state component of an electric circuit is mounted to a metallic mass, the general purpose of that mass is to __________.


94. A semiconductor is as material with a _________.


95. The normal FIRST step in troubleshooting a transistor circuit card is to ___________.


96. Electrostatic forces in high voltage circuits indicating instruments to give ___________.


97. Incandescent lamp and neon lamps do not possess longer life expectancy as compared to a semi conductor device that produces light called ___________.


98. When a transistor has very and almost equal forward and reverse resistance between its emitter and base leads, the device is ___________.


99. How does the close loop pneumatic control system operates?.


100. Faults in pneumatic control system are mostly due to ____________.


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