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1. On board ship personnel should have knowledge and training on some of the aspects of ISPS Codelike.


2. The medicine chest and its contents as well as the medical equipment carried on board shall beproperly maintained and inspected at regular intervals, not exceeding.


3. What are the proper contents of mobile fire extinguishers so it can be ctively during fire fightingon board? I - Foam II - Powder IIII - Carbon dioxide.


4. The purpose of wooden shoring used in shipboard damage control?.


5. In order that fire can easily be extinguished while it is still small, the best systems that can detectearlier are through I - Foam II - Powder IIII - Carbon dioxide.


6. How can fire be transmitted from one location to another which must be controlled? I - Radiation II - Convection III - Inducement.


7. Which of the following is/are NOT effective method/s where fire on board can be extinguishedeffectively?.


8. In ships construction, structural hull members installed athwartship are.


9. How can heat from fire be reduced or eliminated in order that the fire will be extinguishedcompletely?.


10. How can oxygen be effectively controlled in order that fire onboard can possibly be extinguished?.


11. What are the materials being burned in a class B fire in order that proper extinguishers will beused? I - Acetone II - Paints III - Asphalt.


12. What are the effective extinguishers to be used in a burning magnesium material under class Dfire?.


13. What are the good characteristics of a water fog as a means of extinguishing system, compared to other kinds of fire extinguishers?.


14. Before fire can occur, which of the following compositions must be present before said fire start?.


15. In order that a crew will surely survive in case of fire on board, the principles to be understood andexecuted effectively are:.


16. What are the dangers or disadvantages of using water as extinguishing agent during fire-fightingonboard? I - Dangerous to electrical systems.II - Loss of vessel's stabilityIII - Water pressure not stable


17. If a fire occurs onboard, the dangers or disadvantages of using water as extinguishing agentcompared to other systems are I - dangerous to electrical wirings II - excess pressures on some parts III-l oss of ship's stability.


18. What are the dangers or disadvantages of using carbon dioxide as extinguishing agent in case offire onboard?.


19. What are the possible sources of engine room fire that should always be prevented as much aspossible?.


20. What is/are the possible cause/s or origin of fires that might occur in the galley which must be prevented?.


21. If a fire happened inside crew accommodations or cabins, the possible causes that must be prevented are I - clothes ironing II - overloaded electric outlets IIII - unauthorized cooking.


22. What are the kinds of cargoes if loaded inside cargo holds, fire will possibly originate?.


23. What kind of extinguishing agent is the most effective in putting out burning metals?.


24. What are the systems wherein cabins or accommodations can be contained effectively in case offire on board passenger vessels?.


25. What are the methods of detecting fire inside crew cabins or accommodations on board passengervessels?.


26. What are the important actions to be familiarized by crew upon boarding a vessel if said crew isassigned as a member of a fire patrol team? I - Location and operation of fixed extinguishers.II - Location and how to operate fire hoses and nozzlesIIII - Telephones and manually operated call points


27. If the provisions of international conferences and conventions are NOT observed properly, whichof the following is/are the effective system/s to be done by the administration to implement itonboard?.


28. If a vessel loaded fully inside a river with pure fresh water, the condition that will change if it goesout to navigate in the open sea with higher water density is:.


29. If a man says that all government employees are corrupt, what is he trying to show?.


30. Why is it important for officers and crew to have knowledge in human relations? I - Because one's relationship with another is something which affects all of us day in and day II - It is something that concerns everyone in all phases of shipboard activities.IIII - For oneself improvement


31. What are the keys to good human relations?.


32. Application for Safe Manning Certificate should be made by the shipowner to.


33. The compliments of a vessel decided by the Maritim e Office of Ship's Administration wherethe vessel is registered will be stated in which document?.


34. What are some of the effective guidelines in using communication for effective training?.


35. Which of the following is NOT an effective guideline in using communication for effective training?.


36. What are the basic rules in training communications? I - Know what to say.II - Get your idea acrossIIII - Trainees must know you


37. To be an effective trainor in training communications, a trainor must.


38. Every lifting appliance shall be certified by competent person before being taken into use for thefirst time to ensure that.


39. When cargo works is not completed after the expiration of laytime, the charterer will pay the shipowner a certain amount called.


40. What do you call the landward side of the baseline of the territorial sea of a coastal state asprovided in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea?.


41. What are the controls that can be exercised by a coastal state within its contiguous zone towardsforeign vessels? I - Prevent infringements of its customs.II - Follow regulations within its territoryIIII - Prevent infringement of sanitary laws


42. What do you call the specific document identifying a chemical listing, its physical properties,health hazards, firefighting procedures, clean up methods, waste disposal, safe handling andstorage?.


43. As provided for in the U.NConvention on the Law of the Sea, the water or zone where a shipnavigates exercising a transit passage is called ________.


44. What law is to be followed in the apportionment of remunerations among shipowner and master for salvaging a vessel?.


45. Every company which complies with the requirements of the International Management Code willbe issued which of the following documents?.


46. The landward side of the baseline of a coastal state, as provided for in the U.NConvention on thelaw of the Sea is called ________.


47. This is the minimum gross tonnage of a general cargo vessel that must be surveyed and pass therequirements before the issuance of an international oil pollution prevention certificate asprovided in the 73/78 MARPOL:.


48. As provided in the 73/78 MARPOL conventions, the minimum gross tonnage of a tanker vessel thatmust carry an international oil pollution prevention certificate is.


49. Which of the following systems to be surveyed and passed of the equipment used in the discharge of engine room bilge before the issuance of an international oil pollution preventioncertificate? I - Oil discharge monitoring II - Oil circulating pump IIII - Sludge pump.


50. As provided in the 73/78 MARPOL conventions, what are to be passed of the vessel's bilgeseparator before the issuance of the International Oil Pollution Prevention certificate? I - Oil discharge monitoring system II - Operational control system IIII - Capacity of discharge.


51. As provided in the 73/78 MARPOL conventions, the maximum number of months that the intermediate survey of the IOPP certificate can be extended if said survey is done only once in its entire validity is.


52. What do you call the tank in tanker vessels constructed to collect drains or oily mixture used incargo tank cleaning as provided in the 73/78 MARPOL conventions?.


53. As provided in the 73/781VIARPOL conventions, the tank constructed in tanker intended to collectdrains or oily mixture used in cargo tank cleaning is called.


54. Merchant Shipping Convention, 1976 (Minimum Standards) applies to I - every seagoing ship engaged in the transport of cargo or passengers II - seagoing tugs IIII - every seagoing ship engaged in transporting oil cargoes in bulk.


55. Convention concerning Minimum Standards in Merchant Ships, 1976 does not apply to.


56. Convention concerning Minimum Standards in Merchant Ships 1976, was ratified by each memberstate and undertook which of the following.


57. In case of any serious marine casualty involving ships registered in its territory, the final report tomade public by.


58. If a ship calls in a Member country who ratified the (Minimum Standard in Merchant Ships)Convention and such country received complaint and evidence that the ship does not conformto standards, who will take measures to rectify the difficiencies?.


59. A formal ratifications of this Convention concerning Minimum Standards in Merchant Ships, 1976shall be communicated to.


60. Vessels stability can be adversely affected by ____.


61. In ship construction, the hull frame members extending athwartship are called.


62. The purpose in constructing a pipe tunnel aboard a vessel is to.


63. Vessel propellers are classified as being right hand or left hand, therefore, a right hand propeller turns clockwise when viewed from.


64. When the propeller blades are integral with the hub, the propeller is called a:.


65. The competent authority shall ensure that the contents of the medicine chest.


66. In the event of urgent necessity and when medicine prescribed by qualified medical personnel for seafarers is not available in the medicine chest.


67. Where can the seafarers derive some information how the contents of medicine chest are to be used?.


68. What is the minimum number of seafarers on board the ship where medical doctor is required if such vessel is making more than three (3) days on international voyage?.


69. The maximum hours of work of a seafarer on board shall not exceed in any 24-hour period.


70. What is the minimum hours of rest in any 24-hour period that seafarers are entitled under the ILO Convention (No.180)?


71. How many hours minimum is a properly applied bondage be replaced as a means of an effective first aid?.


72. What are the medical conditions wherein first aid is NOT effective to be administered by the crew except by professional medical practitioner only? I - severe bleeding II - asphyxiation IIII - broken bones.


73. Which of the following is NOT the general symptom of poisoning? I - Headache II - Eyes sunken IIII - Changes in mental behavior.


74. What is the average heart compression per minute that a single rescuer must do to an unconscious person in order to give proper interruption of lung inflation?.


75. In order to conduct artificial respiration to a victim who became unconscious, the right procedure is to clear airways immediately and I - place in face up position on hard/plain object II - put a hand beneath the neck and forehead IIII - cover the body with adequate clothing.


76. What are the proper actions to be rendered as first aid to an unconscious victim without pulse beats? I - Hearth compression II - Artificial respiration IIII - Oxygen pumping.


77. What part of a victim's body can a first-aider determine if said victim's brain is receiving adequate blood and oxygen during the conduct of chest compression?.


78. What are the effective and safe apparatus that must be worn by a crew if assigned to rescue a victim inside an enclosed space such as double bottom tank? I - Breathing apparatus II - Approved lights III - Appropriate working shoes.


79. What are the parts of a victim's body, where his pulse beats can be felt safe and effective?.


80. What are the conditions of an injured victim.where shock must be applied with utmost care as first aid in order to prevent possible death`!


81. What is the main reason why an injured crew must be positioned in a lying down position if possible while waiting for a proper medical practitioner?.


82. After an accident, the conditions to be observed or be known of the victim before rendering a safe first aid are.


83. What are the conditions of an accident victim that are considered immediate threat to his life? I - Breathing obstructed II - Heart beats stopped IIII - Broken spine.


84. If first aid is not rendered immediately to an accident victim, the causes of a possible death are.


85. What are the indications that we can observe from an unconscious victim that the applied artificial respiration and heart compression are working effectively?.


86. How many hours minimum is a properly applied bondage be replaced as a means of an effective first aid?.


87. What parts of the body will be destroyed or affected if a tourniquet is too tight or too narrow in its application or attachment?.


88. What are the products that a combination tanker can safely and efficiently carry as provided in the 73/78 MARPOL conventions?.


89. Which of the following is NOT part of the procedures to be employed in implementing the shipsecurity plan?.


90. In order to effectively implement the security levels on the port, the Ship Security Officer shallcoordinate with I - Company Security Officer (CSO) II - Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) IIII - Local Government Security Officer.


91. When terrorists or pirates attack a merchant ship, which of the following weapons are used whichcan give considerable damage? I - Light/ heavy machine guns II - Recoiled Propelled Grenade (RPG) IIII - Hand guns.


92. Which of the following weapons is NOT commonly used by terrorists or pirates in attackingMerchant Ships?.


93. In case of terrorist attacked on the ships underwater explosion could cause serious damages due to the following effects: I - Jet thrust of bubbles II - Shock wave through bubbles III - Hull vibration


94. Terrorist attacking a ship in a harbor by placing a minor explosive at the sea bottom will.


95. What are the suspicious patterns of behaviors of persons posing potential security risk? I - Unknown persons photographing the vessel or facility.II - Unknown persons attempting to gain access to vessel or facilityIIII - Unidentified shipowner's representative


96. Who among the following persons is NOT considered as potential security risk to a vessel or facilityif ignored?.


97. What are the possible means of access that must be concerned in the Ship Security Arrangement (SSA).?


98. Access to the ship covered by Ship Security Arrangement that requires constant surveillance while in port.


99. Under Security Level 1, aside from checking personal identity of all persons seeking to board thevessel, what other documents or reasons should be checked? I - Boarding Permit II - Work orders or passenger ticket (passenger vessel) IIII - Letter of Endorsement from local authority.


100. In case the vessel is hijacked or the hijackers were already on board and in control, the crewshould.


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