HURRY !!! REGISTER NOW and start your LIFETIME “On-Line” Review where ever you are. After your review or after passing the examination, avail our distant coaching and tutorial in trouble-shooting including but not limited to machinery operation and maintenance.

Our website and email address <> is open 24 hours in order to cater the technical needs of every  bona-fide registered member. For those who are interested to chat on facebook, my Facebook Account is BIENVENIDO LORQUE.

Our LIFETIME “on-line” review including coaching and tutorial is the first ever in our country for only P12,000.00 for deck and engine OIC and P18,000.00 for deck and engine Management Level. Meaning, if register and pay today and you are taking OIC you need not to pay your review until you become a Master Mariner or Chief Engineer, respectively.

Just fill-up the registration form and click SUBMIT. Text or call me at 0939-822-2335, and 0918-304-3736 after the above-mentioned amount was deposited to:

Name of Bank : Metro Bank, UN Ave., Branch

Bank Acct No.  : 044-3-044-94944-0

Account Name : Bienvenido S. Lorque

in order that you ca be ACTIVATED and you can immediately start your “On-Line” review. As soon as you are activated, a generated password shall be sent to your email address and that will be your password to be used each time you open our website.

Thank You…

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