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To augment and enhance individual knowledge and skills through distant coaching, tutorial and review; giving the Filipino Marine Engineer Officers’ a highly organized technique and methods of competitive learning thus, upgrading individual knowledge and skills onboard their assigned vessels in an easy way; easing the burden of group room studies; confident, self-assured and ready for taking board examination and practical assessment; therefore, minimizing their time, effort and money in studying ashore while stepping the ladder of triumph to their extremely chosen profession.


To establish an entity of competitive and competent professional Marine Engineer Officers with continuous professional education through distant coaching, tutorial and review; ensuring clientele satisfaction manifested by individual’s maximum knowledge and skills in the practice of marine engineering profession with observance to general safety and protection of marine environment; likewise, with respect to, and strict adherence to the Code of Ethics of Marine Officers Profession, an entity could harvest the superior quality of camaraderie that exchange knowledge and ideas beneficial to the profession, corollary to the Standard Training, Certification and Watch-keeping for seafarers ( STCW ’78), as amended, duly implemented by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).