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1. The purpose of salinity indicating system is to __________.


2. A force that makes free electrons to move in a conductor as an electric current is called __________.


3. DC ammeter is connected in __________.


4. Which of the following maintain equal power factors on paralleled AC generators?


5. The device that prevents an action to occur until all other required conditions are met is called a/an __________.


6. The sign of a burned LED light emitting diode has __________.


7. Before measuring an unknown resistance with an ohmmeter, you should __________.


8. If the visual and audio alarms of the "high level" and "low level" alarms both comes on in the same address of a control console, it is probably __________.


9. While trouble shooting a circuit in an engine room central control console, a resistor is suspected of being faulty. Which of the following precautions must be observed if an ohmmeter is to be used to check its value?


10. Increasing the load on the secondary windings transformer will cause a/an __________.


11. The function of the capacitors on the output of the power supply on Engine room consoles is to __________.


12. Under which of the listed conditions can the engine room retake the throttle control from the bridge of an automated vessel?


13. An instrument use to conduct an in-circuit test of a transistors is __________.


14. It is a semiconductor that decreases its resistance while the temperature increases is known as __________.


15. An electric coupling excitation is reduced at slow speed in order to __________.


16. In DC generator, it has a commutator and brushes whose purpose is to __________.


17. The purpose of DC generator brushes is __________.


18. The three terminals that are called emitter, base, and collector applies to __________.


19. The common source of field excitation for synchronous motor is __________.


20. The shipboard electrical cable’s cross-sectional area is expressed in __________.


21. Series fuses with a thermal trip-type breaker is/are __________.


22. Synchronous motor maintains synchronism with the rotating field because the DC current applied to the rotor coils causes the rotor magnets to lock in with the rotating __________.


23. A cotton cloth coated with insulating varnish is known as __________.


24. A heated conductors as a result of resistance in a distribution circuit may cause a power loss and it is expressed as __________.


25. In order to prevent condensation of moisture, motor controllers are provided with ___________.


26. In order to maintain a constant output voltage in an AC generator, it should be installed with __________.


27. If the power supply is 220 volts and the current that flows in the line is 30 amperes, the resistance is __________.


28. What will be recommended fuse or fuse link to be used if the power supply is 220 volts and the line resistance is 3.7 ohms?


29. The cage rotor winding is placed on the rotor of a synchronous motor in order to __________.


30. A precision measuring instrument utilizing the principle of changes in resistance is called __________.


31. In 12 volts lead-acid battery the number of cell is __________.


32. Which of the following controlled the frequency output of an operating alternator?


33. The detrimental effect on cargo pump motors when it is not running for a period of time is __________.


34. Which of the following part is found in wound-rotor induction motor that it can not be found on a squirrel cage motor?


35. Which of the following is placed in the rotor circuit of a wound-rotor induction motor to provide speed control?


36. The variables in digital systems are fixed quantities, and the variables in analog systems are continuous quantities, this statement refers to __________.


37. By using electromagnet on a molded-case circuit breaker this may protect against __________.


38. Instantaneous overload relay is usually fitted on motors of the __________.


39. AC generator with an output of 440 volts and 60 hertz frequency is controlled by the __________.


40. The main difference between a relay and a contactor is __________.


41. Which of the following device utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction?


42. Which of the following statements is a Coast Guard Regulation (46 CFR) concerning emergency generator diesel engines?


43. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require emergency diesel engine starting systems to have sufficient capacity to provide power for at least __________.


44. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), require that the emergency generator fuel tank on an ocean going cargo vessel of 1600 GT or more must be capable of supplying fuel to a fully loaded engine for a time period of at least __________.


45. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), require automatic shutdown of an emergency diesel generator if the __________.


46. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), require storage batteries for emergency lighting and power systems be tested at least once each __________.


47. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require a continuous trickle charge to be supplied from the ship's service power system for batteries supplying power to the __________.


48. In accordance with Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), the minimum number of consecutive cranking cycles an emergency diesel generator starting system must be capable of providing is __________.


49. In accordance with Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), each diesel engine driven generator prime mover must have an over-speed device, independent of the normal operating governor, and adjusted so that the speed cannot exceed the maximum rated speed by more than __________.


50. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require the minimum number of ships service generators for ocean vessels to be __________.


51. According to Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) the capacity of a general emergency alarm system feeder fuse must be at least __________.


52. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require the temporary emergency electrical power source onboard a tank vessel, over 1600 gross tons, and on a coastwise voyage to be able to supply power to each __________.


53. According to Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), which of the following statements is the only method allowed to ease the starting of emergency diesel generator engines?


54. When there is a fire in a large electric motor, normally the very first step is to __________.


55. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR Part 97.15) require storage batteries to be tested for a specified period of time to demonstrate their ability to properly supply the required emergency load. This test must be performed every __________.


56. In accordance with Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), a steering gear feeder circuit from the emergency switchboard or alternate power supply must have the capacity for continuous operation of the rudder 15° side to side in not more than 60 seconds for __________.


57. When supplying emergency lighting loads, the storage battery initial voltage must not exceed the standard system voltage by more than __________.


58. According to Coast Guard Regulation (46 CFR) for emergency power and lighting systems, which of the listed items is the only permissible starting aid for the emergency diesel generator engine?


59. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require that each alternating current generator arranged for parallel operation shall be provided with __________.


60. An emergency generator, driven by an internal combustion engine, shall be tested under load for a minimum of 2 hours at least once every __________.


61. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR 199) require that each lifesaving appliance, including lifeboat equipment, must be inspected at least once every __________.


62. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require instrument and control wiring in a switchboard to be of what minimum size?


63. Which of the following statements is a requirement of Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) concerning emergency diesel generator engines?


64. In accordance with Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR Part 112), each battery operated relay-controlled lantern used for emergency lighting, must __________.


65. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), require that an indicating light at the propulsion control station will operate if overloading or overheating occurs in a __________.


66. Which of the following statements of Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR Part 111.15) concerning battery installations is correct?


67. From the standpoint of safety, you should never allow salt water to enter a lead-acid storage battery or come in contact with sulfuric acid because __________.


68. The shipboard general alarm system must receive its main source of power from _________.


69. The emergency electrical power source on tank vessels over 500 GT on an international voyage, should be capable of continuous operation under emergency load for __________.


70. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) state that a continuous trickle charge, supplied from the ship's service power system, is required for batteries supplying power to the __________.


71. Upon failure of the normal power supply, the emergency generator is placed on the line by the __________.


72. The division of the reactive KVA load between paralleled AC generators is initiated by the __________.


73. Three factors responsible for the change in voltage as load is applied to an AC generator are: 1) the drop in resistance in the armature circuit, 2) the change in flux, and 3) the __________.


74. Diesel generators #1 and #2 are operating in parallel at near full load capacity. Diesel generator #1 suddenly trips out mechanically due to low lube oil pressure. The reverse power relay functions properly and trips generator #1 electrically off the board. Which of the following actions should you carry out first?


75. The most practical method used for resurfacing a ship's main propulsion motor commutator is to __________.


76. When using a megohmmeter to determine which shunt field coil is grounded in a DC machine, you must __________.


77. Improper brush pressure, improper brush seating and reversed inter-pole polarity caused sparked at the __________.


78. An alternator switchboard has a synchroscope and synchronizing lamps. If the synchroscope is broken, which of the steps listed is the most essential before an alternator can be paralleled with the bus?


79. Which of the following statements is true concerning the operation of two alternators in parallel?


80. A loss of field excitation to an AC generator while operating in parallel will cause it to __________.


81. Which of the following problems will occur if the circuit breaker of the incoming alternator is closed and it is 180° out of phase with the loaded alternator when paralleling?


82. If the excitation of an alternator operating in parallel is decreased below normal, its __________.


83. A four pole turbo generator is used in conjunction with a 160 pole propulsion motor. If the generator is turning at 3,200 RPM, what is the current speed of the propeller?


84. The function of the autotransformers used with the starters of large AC motors is to __________.


85. What would you do if you hear a load buzzing noise coming from a magnetic controller of a motor?


86. What is the result if dirt and grease are allowed to accumulate between the commutator segments of a motor?


87. What is a sign ofshorted armature coil in a DC motor?


88. What should you check first if an electric motor fails to start?


89. What is the cause if a DC motor runs faster than designed speed with all other conditions being normal?


90. Which of the listed conditions might contribute to very rapid wearing of a DC machine’s commutator bars?


91. What has to be done if one alternator trip out mechanically when two paralleled alternators are operating at near rated load?


92. Which is not on the following conditions can lead to the failure of a resistor?


93. If all the ground detection lamps burn with equal brilliance, whether the test button is depressed or released, then __________.


94. If field excitation is suddenly lost to an alternator operating in parallel, that alternator will __________.


95. Which of the conditions listed will indicate the need to clean the insulation on the windings of an electric motor?


96. The purpose of taking air gap readings on electrical generation equipment is to __________.


97. In troubleshooting, which of the following has to be checked when an AC or a DC motor fails to start?


98. To check if air gap readings for an electrical generating machine have changed significantly from the last reading, you should check __________.


99. If deck machinery is expected to be idle for an extended period of time you, should __________.


100. What statement is true concerning a modem automated ship?


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